Sonic the Hedgehog A
Sonic the Hedgehog Alpha Logo
Developer(s) Legend/Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) WII U / LHC
Release Date(s)
2D/3D Platforming
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action and Adventure
Media Included Wii U optical Disk, Legend Hyper Computer Disk
Sonic The Hedgehog Alpha (Or Sonic Alpha in Japan and Europe) is a 2D/3D Platforming game Created by Legend in corroperation with Sonic Team and Published by Sega. The game is the first official Sonic Game created by Legend and Sonic Team working togeather. The game is set to be realesed in 2015/16 and will be one of the Games in the Sonic 4 series. The game also has an Exspantion pack Sonic The Hedgehog Beta. 

The game follows Sonic shortly after the events of Sonic 4 Episode 2 as Sonic sets out yet again to stop the insidious Dr. Robotnik from taking over his homeplanet of Mobius. Follow Sonic as he goes Way past fast to stop The Satanic Dr. Robotnik!


Our High speed hero sits under a tree while looking at the coast of a beach when all of asuden. A bird flies up to Sonic the Hedgehogs ear. The bird tells the Blue Blur that Dr. Robotnik has kidnaped Tails and Knuckles and has robotosized Half of Mobius. Causing Major damedge to the Planet. Sonic then Zooms to the Rescue through Green Hill to save the World from Dr. Robotnik! 





Sonic the Hedgehog

Our Way past fast Hero! Who sets out to save his homeworld of Mobius from the Insidious Dr. Ivo Robotnik! Sonic is The Fastest Thing Alive! And can run Faster than you can imagine! Godspeed Sonic the Hedgehog! 

Dr. Eggman (SMBZ)


With an I.Q of 300, This roten Egg means bad news for Mobius. He's sneeky, clever, and has kidnaped our High Speed Heroes friends! But he always looses when Sonic the Hedgehog and Company are around! 


Miles "Tails" Prowler 

The Little Brother figure for our Blue Blur! He is the Hedgehogs sidekick and loyal best friend. He is just as clever as Eggman and built the Airplane the X-Tournado! 

He uses his Two tails to fly Higher than High! Soar Onward Tails! 


Knuckles the Echidna 

This Mean looking Echidna is Knuckles The Echidna! The Rival and friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. He was chosen to be part of Team Sonic for the day! And he Has a mean Uppercut so Watch Out!


These are some of Dr. Robotniks Meanist creations that wish to destroy the Blue Hedgehog! 

Character  Biography 
100px-0 Slicer
This Badnik has a Mean Slice! So watch out Sonic! 
100px-1 Moto Bug
This is the First Robot The Speedy Hedgehog has ever incountered. He is easy to defeat, just Spin Jump on there heads! 
100px-1 Shellcracker
This Badnik has a mean pinch! So use a spindash to stop em'! 
100px-2 Neutron
This character Dissaperes and re-aperes to catch Our Hero Off-Guard!. So asoon as ya seem em quickly jump on em'!
100px-3 Bubbles

This is an Underwater Foe for Sonic. Because of Rob"But"nicks spending Cuts, not all of them have pokie spikes. But Our Hero must be caucious of the Red ones

100px-4 Chopper
This fish loves hedgehogs who walk across bridges! So when they jump out from under a bridge. Look Out and Spin Jump em'! 
100px-7 Batbot
This batty Bot is a chaser and will chase sonic with a deadly Light beam to fry our Hero! Out run em' Sonic! 
100px-8 Burrobot
This Burbot is a dangerous One under Ground! They will jump out from Under the Ground! So like the Chopper. Jump on em'!
This is a pesky Fly. But its sting will K.O Sonic if he doesnt have any Rings! So watch out Sonic! 
100px-S4 Orbinaut Sprite
This Robot is protected by those mean looking spike balls that will hurt Sonic! So watch carfully so that you can K.O Em'! 
This is the Egg Pawn! A powerful Enemie for eggman. But Sonic can cut through em'! 

Animal Friends 

These are some innocent mobians and friends of the Blue Hero! 

Character  Biography 
Cucky (Chirps) 2
This is a Chick on the Planet Mobius. Very Small


These are Items that can Be found to Help our Blue Speedy Hero on his quest! Check em' Out they are nice!


Name Mid-Boss Stage Boss
Green Hill Palace Metal Sonic Metal Overlord
Casino Night Carnival Shadow The Hedgehog Metal Shadow
Mushroom Hill Bridge Silver The Hedgehog Uncle Metal Silver
Emerald Coast Whale Blaze The Cat Mr. Blaze 
Radical Highway Car Rouge The Bat Rouge The Metal Bat
Water Palace Slide E-123 Omega Mr. E-1234 Omega
Tropical Resort Fun Park E-102 Gamma E-10256 Omega
Doomsday Zone Dr. Eggman Eggman Nega

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