Sonic the Hedgehog 5 (Lone Planet)
Sir. Wright (tbc)'s logo.
Developer(s) Logo LPP
Publisher(s) SEGA logo
Platform(s) Xbox-one-logo
PS4 Logo
Release Date(s)
NA: 06/23/2016
EU: 06/23/2016
JP: 06/26/2016
1 Player, 2 Player VS, Sound Test
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Predecessor Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Successor Sonic & Chill
Media Included DLC (Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Store)
Sonic the Hedgehog 5 is a 2.5D platformer in the Sonic series to be released in 2016 to coincide with Sonic's 25th anniversary. It will be released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 (but only as downloadable content for Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Store).

The game takes place in the Classic Sonic Era, and it is the first half of Sonic 5, the second half being Sonic & Chill.


Dr. Robotnik has discovered a strange land deep within the code of his computer -- the Hex Planet. The mad doc, seeking opportunity, sets up a disastrous scheme to find whatever is containing the binary code and use it to power robots that will help him construct a mass-roboticizer. Then, he will transform the world into his own mechanized megapolis!

Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have reunited once again to stop Robotnik. Little do they realize, however, that he has convinced a mysterious new character to help him with his new plan...

Playable Characters

Image Name First Appearance Description
Sonic z classic sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) And once again, the classic Sonic we know and love has returned! Having never explored a computerized land before, he's eager to venture further around his world. He is the fastest character here, and can perform such abilities as the Super Peel-Out.
120px-500px-sonic-generations--retro-tails---flying Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) Tails has been Sonic's sidekick for a very long time, and now we'll be rewinding to an event of their early times. Tails can obviously spin his double tails around to fly or swim.
Knuckles 47 Knuckles the Echidna Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994) While rather gullible, Knuckles is known for being the guardian of the Master Emerald, and is dedicated to protecting it from falling into the wrong hands. Because of the spikes on his fists, he can climb walls and rock formations easily. Knuckles can additionally glide as well.
Classicamy3d Amy Rose Sonic CD (1993) Amy is almost certainly obsessed with Sonic, and is constantly asking him to take her on a date or marry her. So, I guess she was indeed willing to go with him and his friends on their mission. Amy is rather slow, and can't do a Spin Jump or Spin Dash, but she can perform hammer attacks.


Image Name First Appearance Description
Sonic z robotnik
Dr. Robotnik Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) The mad scientist with a lust for control, Robotnik has constructed several machines to take over the planet, only to be stopped by Sonic later. Now, he has plans to go cyber after discovering the Hex Planet.
Question mark
Chill the Cyberwolf Now Chill is the guardian of the Hex Planet in the same way that Knuckles is the Floating Island's guardian. He tends to take things much too seriously, which is why he is tricked by Robotnik into assisting him.


Zone # Zone Name Description No. of Acts Theme Strategy
1 Sunrise Hill A simple savannah just by the beach, jam-packed with loops and corkscrews. This stage echoes past first stages of Sonic games, such as Angel Island and Emerald Hill Zone. 2 Plains/Beach Nothing too difficult. All you have to do is reach the end of the level.
2 Rocky Temple A series of ancient ruins with an intricate maze in each. Features elements from the Marble Garden Zone and Sleeping Egg. 2 Ruins You'll need to solve a few rather ancient puzzles to make it through the stage.
3 Cyan Seas The underwater palace of the Hex Planet, inspired by Hydrocity, Aquatic Ruin, and Labyrinth Zone. You'll drown if you stay underwater too long -- breathe in some air bubbles to prevent this. 2 Water The first water-based stage in the game. Some platforming skills will be necessary.
4 Neptunium Factory A huge radiation stabilizer pumping with dangerous liquids. Watch out for the radioactive waste, as one touch will cause you to lose a life. 2 Power Plant This stage revolves around speed; you'll have to be quick to escape the radioactive waste.
5 Moonlit City Just imagine the stars in the night sky... and the rush of adrenaline! This zone is one of the speediest in the entire game, and sends you plummeting through highways, around office buildings, and up skyscrapers, not to mention right through a garbage pit! 3 Downtown While jumping across the various skyscrapers, timing is everything. 3
6 Crystal Glacier Slippery slopes, frozen caverns, huge avalanches -- this stage has it all. When dashing across the ice, you might need to jump in place to maintain friction. 3 Ice Like Neptunium Factory, this stage is speed-based during the avalanche sequences. There are some underwater sections as well.
7 Cavern Chase It's underground mayhem as Robotnik searches for code. Watch out for the stalactites that will drop down any minute, as well as boulders that can crush you if you're not fast enough! 3 Cave Platforming and puzzle skills are necessary here.
8 Mecha Fortress Robotnik has had his drones construct a temporary hideaway to plan out and prepare for more binary-finding. There are traps galore here, from circular saws to hidden doors, and from spike pits to laser barriers. 4 Mechanical Problem-solving, platforming, and speed are required in the first, second, and third acts, respectively. The fourth act sends you on a subway ride to Robotnik's lab.


In this mode, up to four players can race each other on one of three pre-designed stages, or build a custom racetrack using parts they've earned in the game.

Completing a zone in the main game unlocks all of the parts found in said zone. Starposts and Special Rings can be also be used to initiate minigames during the race.

Zone Name Description
Emerald Forest Race with a friend through the woodlands as you go up trees and leap from branch to branch.
Neon Fort Don't let the dazzling lights and spectacular fireworks distract you while you attempt to outrun your friend through a series of nuts and bolts.
Robo Ruin As you rush through this old factory, avoid coming into contact with the liquid metal or getting smashed by the pistons.


See here for the Sonic 5 & Chill soundtrack.


Name Description
Ring Your character will need at least one of these if you want to survive. If you have rings when an enemy hits you, you will stay alive, lose all of them. Otherwise, you'll lose a life.

Collecting 100 rings gives you an extra life, and having enough when you pass a Starpost will allow you to access a Bonus Stage.

Blue Ring Jumping into one of these rings takes you through a chain of rings to another location that otherwise cannot be reached.
Spring They give you a speed/jump boost where you need one, and could face any direction. Yellow ones are usually weaker, while red ones push you forward at extreme speeds.
Starpost Serves as a checkpoint. If you lose a life, you'll respawn at the last Starpost you passed (as long as you have at least one more life). Plus, you can enter a certain Bonus Stage depending on how many rings you have.
Sign/Capsule At the end of each normal act, you'll pass a sign. You can receive a random reward for passing it.
  • Your character's face gives you nothing special, sadly.
  • Charmy Bee gives you 20 extra rings.
  • Mighty the Armadillo applies a random shield to your character.
  • Espio the Chameleon rewards you with an extra life.

Capsules show up at the end of each boss battle, and jumping on top of it will release the animals inside.

Giant Ring They are hidden in each act. Finding one will take you to the Special Stage, where you can earn a Chaos Emerald.


  • The logo includes Modern Sonic, although the game itself features Classic Sonic.

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