Sonic the Hedgehog Babel
Developer(s) BIZUKO
Publisher(s) SEGA logo
Platform(s) Xbox-one-logo
PS4 Logo
Release Date(s)
NA: 06/23/2016
EU: 06/23/2016
JP: 06/26/2016
1 Player, 2 Player VS, Sound Test
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Predecessor --
Successor Sonic & Shadow
Media Included DLC (Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Store)
Sonic the Hedgehog Babel is a 2.5D platformer in the Sonic series to be released in 2018 tIt will be released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 (but only as downloadable content for Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Store).

The game was promoted and treated as a reboot to the franchise but is moreso a seperate universe much like Sonic Boom.


The world of Mobius is in crisis. The evil Dr. Robotnik and his Egg Empire are slowly but surely taking over and industrializing the wildlife thanks to his endless army of Badniks, lead by the E-100 Series of robots.

One day however, a mysterious hedgehog and fox duo began striking back against the metal forces, taking back zones thanks to the former's supernatural speed and the latter's tech. Due to the threat these two pose Robotnik began pouring all of his resources into finding a way to counter them. When E-102 uncovered a cache of his grandfather's technology, locked away in a decrepit stronghold of his, and finds an artifically made alien-hedgehog hybrid. He may have just found his answer...


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Stages
TBA Sonic the Hedgehog A brash and cocky hedgehog gifted with super-speed, Sonic is a renegade who has devoted himself to taking out the Egg Empire, one Badnik at a time. Sonic's stages are the closest to regular Sonic gameplay, simply get from one end of the Zone to the other, destroying badniks and collecting rings and power-ups along the way. His special stages are reminiscnt of Sonic CD and Sonic Mania with the blue blur having to race around a psuedo-3D enviroment to get the Emerald.
TBA Tails the Fox A Fox with one extra tail, Miles Prower was an outcast in his village both due to his strange mutation and physical fraility. When Sonic battled a badnik armada led by E-102 he tagged along with him, wanting to make a difference in the world. Tails stages are similar to Sonic's but slower-paced and more open-ended. Players use Tails' gadgets to solve logic puzzles to make it to the end. His special stages are based off of Sonic 3's "Blue Spheres" stages with Tails having to turn all of the blue spheres red without touching any red ones.
TBA E-000 Shadow E-000 "Shadow" is an artificial fusion of alien DNA of unknown origin and Hedgehog found by E-102 in Gerald Robotnik's Babel Fortress. He is rather similar to Sonic but without any of the moral fibre or regard for others. He's a bit socially inept due to his, we'll say "disrupted" upbringing. Shadow is unlocked after beating the game with all 7 chaos emeralds and plays through Sonic's stages. He is slower but can use 10 rings to activate "Chaos Control" which allows him to teleport short distances. This new ability can allow him to enter new areas of zones for hidden bosses and power-ups.


Image Name Description
TBA Dr. Robotnik A brilliant yet twisted scientist. Despite his eccentric and clumsy nature Ivo Robotnik is a very real threat thanks to his legion of badniks, his E-100 Units and his own modular EggMech which has a variety of weapons and forms for his use.
TBA E-000 Shadow A bioweapon attuned to the mysterious energies surrounding the chaos emeralds, Shadow is a deadly opponent, especially when outfitted with Robotnik's machinery.


Zone # Zone/Floor Name Description No. of Acts Theme TBA TBA
1 Toxic Tempest Zone A desert thats under progress of being industralized. It is mostly a sandy wasteland with large toxin plants in the middle to break it up. 2 Desert/Poison
2 Marble Crater Zone Originally a large monument built for the rulers of an old civilisation, it was used as testing for one of Robotnik's superweapons and is now reduced to mostly rubble. 2 Ruins
3 Tower Base Zone The bottom of Gerald Robotnik's massive structure, the Babel Fortress. The Egg Empire have stationed a few badnik squadrons at the bottom in order to keep guard while Robotnik's elite units make their way to the top. 2 Castle

Bullet Paradise Floor

On the first floor of the Babel Fortress is where the trigger-happy E-104 Epsilon and his gun-toting Badniks have set up shop. Once Epsilon is defeated you can use his STINGER missle launcher to destroy the barrier guarding the elevator to the next floor. 2 Machinery/Military
5 Star Wall Floor The first thing the high-flying E-103 Delta did when he arrived at his area was remove almost all of the floors since him and his badniks could fly anyway. Once Delta is defeated Sonic takes his Jetpack and what little fuel there is to fly to the next area. 3 Night Skies
6 Metal Powerhouse Floor A generator for the weapon at the top of the Fortress guarded by the hulking defense unit E-105 Zeta. Once Zeta is defeated Sonic hops off his head and aims toward the final floor of the Fortress... 3 Machines/Electricity
7 Dark Point Zone ...But is grabbed by Shadow and teleported back to Marble Crater Zone, which has been used by Shadow since their last encounter there to test and hone his powers and is noticable much more destroyed. The two duke it out in a one on one fight. 1 Ruins
8 Cosmic Plant Zone After using Shadow's Chaos Emerald to Chaos Control back to the top of the Babel Fortress, Robotnik throws everything he has left to prevent Sonic from stopping his weapon from firing. 4 Mechanical
9 Final Frontier Zone Robotnik and Shadow are defeated, the Babel's ARK Cannon was destroyed and the E-100 units are all destroyed. The end, right? Well if you collected all 7 of the chaos emeralds then the chaos radiation will activate the Babel Fortress's true function. The tower morphs into some form of lizard and Sonic must use the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and battles the mighty BabelHazard as they both fly through the skies. 1 Space


  • Although the last 3 zones all lack special stages. Dark Point Zone is the only Zone where beating the level rewards the player with a chaos emerald as opposed to having them beat a special stage. This was done for story purposes and also to entice players who may have missed the other special stages to go back and try and get them all.

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