Sonic the Hedgehog 4: How it Started is a film on how Sonic 4 began. Features Episodes 1, 2 and Metal in the parts. The movie was in theaters April 23, 2012 and on DVD September 5, 2012


  • Sonic/Super Sonic/Hyper Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Metal Sonic
  • Silver Sonic
  • EggRobo
  • Mecha Sonic


The movies starts with Sonic finding out that his animal friends are disappearing. As Sonic soon finds out that Dr. Eggman is using them to make his robot army. So Sonic sets off to save them! Sonic traveled though the lands of the South Island. Along the way, Sonic finds 6 of 7 of the Chaos Emeralds that can stop Eggman's evil plan. Sonic and Eggman finally have the final deul in the Final Zone. As Sonic wins and Eggman defeated, he returns to Green Hill to once again be with his friends.

Not that long after, Sonic noticed that his animal buddies start going missing again by Eggman. This time he's trying to get power for his ultimate creation, the Death Egg. This time, Sonic gets help from a two-tailed fox named Miles Prower. Or Tails is what Sonic called him. Tails' wish is to run as fast as Sonic one day. They search out for Eggman and the 7th Chaos Emerald. Once finding out Eggman was heading to his fortress in the sky, Tails brought out his Tornado to chase Eggman into the fortress. Sonic caught up with Eggman as he escapes into space. Sonic later meets up with Silver Sonic, a metal version of Sonic. As our hero stopped Silver Sonic, he finally battled Eggman in his giant mech. After Sonic won, he escaped from the Death Egg as it explodes! Tails caught sight of the explosion and goes off in his Tornado to help Sonic. As Sonic fell to Earth, Tails caught him and the two flew of After weeks, Sonic and Tails saw a floating island named, Angel Island. Sonic decides to check it out. So, he turns super and flies over to the island. But than, something came under him! It was Knuckles. He is the guardian of the island. Was controlled by Eggman into thinking Sonic and Tails were here to seal the island's jewel, the Master Emerald. As with that, he steals the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic! Sonic and Tails catches up to Eggman. They were shocked to hear that he is repairing the Death Egg. Sonic reaches his base called the Launch Base. Eggman pulls out his his big guns as his new creation comes out. As Big Arm came down on Sonic, our hero sights the Chaos Emeralds fling back to him. He turns into Super Sonic once more. After Eggman is defeated, the Death Egg came crashing to the ground!

A while later, Sonic finds out that Eggman has stolen the Little Planet and the Time Stones. This time Sonic goes it alone. As he goes though the past, present, and future, he soon has a race against Metal Sonic. After that, Metal Sonic is defeated and Sonic moved on to stop Eggman. On the other hand, Metal Sonic was soon revived by Eggman to go after Sonic on Earth. Meanwhile, Sonic and Eggman battled in Metallic Madness. After Eggman was beaten, Sonic saves Amy and they freed the Little Planet.

Meanwhile, Metal Sonic makes it to Earth and gets repowered in the Mad Gear Factory. He wanted revenge on Sonic for foiling Eggman's plans. So he created the EggRobo to go after Knuckles. In Mushroom Hill, Knuckles was resting near the mushroom when a bomb striked! However, Knuckles survived the explosion and meets up with the EggRobo. Meanwhile in another part of Mushroom Hill, Sonic and Tails were exploring the mushrooms too. They and Knuckles finally meet in the Hidden Palace. As Sonic and Knuckles battle, Eggman sneaks in and takes the Master Emerald! Knuckles noticed and went off after him. But however, Eggman zaps him and the 3 fell though the floor. Knuckles gets up and smacks though a door leading to a pathway to a sky palace. As the heroes came upon it, the Death Egg starts to rise from out of the clouds. Later on, Sonic and Tails encounter with Mecha Sonic. After an epic battle Sonic and Tails ran up the tower and jumped into the Death Egg before it reached space. Meanwhile, Knuckles also encounters Mecha Sonic. After a big duel, Mecha Sonic powers up on a fake Master Emerald and turns super! After an even more big duel, Mecha Sonic falls to his defeat. Meanwhile, Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to turn super to go after Eggman. After a duel with the spaceship, the Master Emerald drops and Super Sonic gets close to it. Just as Super Sonic was about to grab it, Eggman came back with his mech. Sonic was soon beaten around, lost his super ability and dies. But, as it all seems lost, the Master Emerald blasts some of it's power onto Sonic. Sonic than gets up and transforms into Hyper Sonic! After a giant rematch, Eggman was defeated and Sonic got back the Master Emerald. As the adventure is coming to an end, Sonic lands on the Tornado and returns the Master Emerald back to Angel Island. As Sonic and Tails fly away, Eggman knew he would have his revenge.

Sonic was back to his roots as Eggman started to take his animal friends again. Sonic goes though the areas to stop Eggman. Finally, Sonic reaches Mad Gear Factory. Eggman was waiting for Sonic anyway. As Sonic pass by, Eggman zaps Sonic with negative energy! Sonic's actions started to change as he turns evil! Just than, Tails flies in. Eggman and Sonic battled Tails in an unfair 1 vs 2. After the battle, Sonic snaps out of his evilness and he and Tails chased Eggman in E.G.G. Station. After a row of machines, Eggman jumps into his giant mech. Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to turn super and defeat Eggman. Sonic and Tails returned to Earth in the Tornado as Metal Sonic flew into Splash Hill looking for Sonic. As he saw the two fling off, Metal Sonic grabs Tails' rocket that he made for Sonic and he blasts off to get them!after dr.eggman was defeated all of sonic's animal friends were back to normal and they all went back home.

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