The scene starts with a female hedgehog walking around the city at night carefully while holding a baby until she's ambushed by a group of people with red and white uniforms who take her baby.

Woman: G-Gah!

Man in Uniform: Now now....We won't do anything to the baby....IF you cooperate...Hehehe.

Woman: *gulp*

Man in Uniform: Now, all you have to do is--

The group is interrupted by a blur.

Man in Uniform: W-What was that!?

The blur keeps dashing around the group until knocking them out and rescuing the woman and the baby.

Man in Uniform: Who in the world are you!?!

Sonic: The name's Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!

Man in Uniform: Grrrr...We're taking you down!

The group starts attacking Sonic but he starts dodging the attacks and fights back, knocking them all unconscious.

Sonic: See ya!

Sonic then dashes away and starts narrating about how he's a Freedom Fighter and his two friends Tails and Knuckles before finally reaching their hideout.

Sonic: How's everything going, Tails?

Tails: Everything seems alright so far.

Sonic: Great. I just rescued a woman and her baby from some of Eggman's goons.

Knuckles: There hasn't been that many attacks recently, and when there are, they're mostly smaller-scale.

Tails gets out his laptop and starts writing something before being interrupted by a new message, which he reads before closing his laptop and standing up.

Tails: Guys, we need to go to Lixxia Village, quick.

Sonic: Why?

Tails: Robotnik.

Sonic: That's all I needed to hear! Let's go!

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles ride on the Tornado and land on Lixxia Village and 'start walking around town until being ambushed by robots, which they manage to defeat quickly.

Sonic: Okay, who send those robots!

???: That would be me.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles look up to see a duo of two pronghorns, one of which has been highly cyberized.

Sonic: Okay....and who are you?

Clover: My name is Clover the Pronghorn, and this here is my younger sister, Cassia.

Sonic: And i'm assuming this is the location you were assigned to destroy, right?

Clover: Close, but not quite. We're not destroying this place until finding the Chaos Emerald.

Sonic: Chaos what?

Cassia: Oh come on! How can you NOT know about the emeralds!?! They're these incredible power sources filled with "Chaos Energy"!

Clover: Which our master wants in order to complete his goal of taking over this land.

Sonic: Okay, first of all, thanks for the explanation! Second of all, you're not getting those emeralds if it's for evil purposes!

Clover: What a stubborn little hedgehog. You take care of him Cassia, i'll return to the more important matter: The emeralds.

Sonic: Not if we stop you first!

Sonic starts fighting Cassia while Knuckles and Tails chase after Clover.

Sonic: Not too bad for a robot!

Cassia: I'm more than a simple robot, y'know?

Cassia dashes away from Sonic using jet boosters.

Sonic: Wow, that's pretty fast!

Cassia stops and uses the momentum to charge at Sonic once more, who also charges at her, in the end both sides clash until Sonic finally knocks out Cassia.

Sonic: ...Not as fast as me though!

It then cuts to Tails and Knuckles who are still chasing Clover while she rides in a hoverboard.

Tails: It's no use! That hoverboard is way too fast! 

Knuckles: Don't worry, I think I have an idea....but you're not gonna like it!

Tails: W-Why am I not gonna like--

Knuckles picks up Tails and goes into throwing position.

Knuckles: Because it involves me throwing you!

Tails: W-WHA--

Knuckles throws Tails at Clover and knocks her out of her hoverboard.

Clover: I don't have time for this! 

Clover runs inside of a cave and comes back out with a drill machine.

Clover: After i'm done with you, i'm getting that emerald.

Knuckles: Not if we can help it! Right, Tails?

Tails is shown hiding behind some boxes.

Knuckles: *sigh* seriously?

Clover starts attacking Knuckles who tries to fight back but it proves ineffective until Sonic appears and teams up with Knuckles to take down the machine.

Sonic: That's it, Clover! You're down!

Clover: Nggh...I still have one more move up my sleeve.

Clover activates a self-destruct mode.

Clover: Come on Cassia! Let's get out of here, we'll get the emerald later!

Cassia comes in and takes Clover away with her jet boosters.

Sonic: Well this isn't good....What do we do now?

Tails: I have an idea! I just need some time!

Knuckles: As long as it doesn't blow up, it's fine by me!

Tails starts rewiring the machine and activates it once again, making it start drilling the ground at high speeds before going inside the cave and blowing up there, destroying the other mining robots.

Sonic: Nice move, Tails!

Tails: No problem!

Knuckles: Now let's get out of this place, i'm tired!

The Freedom Fighters walk back home and the scene changes to the middle of the sky where Cassia is holding Clover mid-air while she speaks with a hologram of Robotnik.

Robotnik: You failed!?

Clover: That hedgehog and his two friends proved to be way too strong for us.

Robotnik: Grrr...It doesn't matter, just don't fail again...We've come way too far for a stupid little hedgehog to come up and ruin it all!

Episode ends.

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