The episode starts with Tails typing something into his laptop while Knuckles and Sonic play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Tails: Hm....There's something wrong with my laptop....

Sonic: Really? What's wrong?

Tails: I dunno...It's just not working properly....

The laptop starts glitching out and shaking.

Knuckles: Wow! I don't know much about computers but i'm pretty sure that is bad.

The screen in Tail's laptop starts changing to Eggman's emblem.

Tails: I should've expected that...

Knuckles: What the heck is happening to the TV!?

Tails: Huh!?

The TV is also shaking and shows Eggman's emblem.

Tails: Okay, this is bad. We need to deal with this!

Sonic: Um....Tails, I know you're the smart one and all....but this is cyberspace crap, it's not like you have invented a machine to travel inside the cyberspace, right Tails?

Tails starts rubbing his hands together like a generic evil genius and starts laughing maniacally.

Sonic: ....T-Tails?

A thunder strikes and the scene transitions into a laboratory.


Sonic and Knuckles: Y-Yes, master!

Sonic and Knuckles do as they're told and a chamber opens up in the center of the room with something that resembles a lift inside, with electricity and sparks flying out of it until it starts lighting up.

Tails: HAHAHAHAH!! IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIIIIVEEE!! .....Now let's get in.

The trio goes inside and the lift starts going down incredibly fast, after a bit it starts zapping the trio with electricity and 1s and 0s start forming around them until landing on a solid surface.

Sonic: Ugh....That was a nightmare...At least we're here, right?

Tails: Yeah, now let's stop that virus! Though considering how large the cyberspace is...It might be anywhere! And it's just expanding and expanding....At this rate it might take AGES for us to find the core! And that's ignoring all of the firewalls and protection programs all across the web which would make it even harder for us to--

Sonic: Tails, it's right there.

Tails looks to where Sonic is pointing and finds an enormous red sphere with many "vines" growing from it that has Robotnik's emblem in it.

Tails: ...Dammit. Okay, all we have to do is just upload this program I made--

Knuckles: Where do you get the time to make all this stuff!?

Tails: Shush! All we need to do is upload this program inside the very core of that sphere and everything will be okay.

Sonic: Okay, let's burst in! Come on Knuckles!

Knuckles: Oh yeah!

Sonic turns into a ball and Knuckles throws him against the sphere, which makes a small hole in it but knocks out Sonic with an electrical current that starts an alarm.

Knuckles: Whoops.

A group of Robotnik's robots appear and start attacking the gang while Tails jumps inside the holde made by Sonic and lands inside the core, where he wakes up inside a big white space with a red square hovering in the middle.

Tails: Eureka!

Tails starts running towards the square in the center only to be stopped by an invisible barrier.

???: Don't try any strange tricks! They won't work on me!

Tails: Who!?

NICOLE: Program Nicole! I was made to be smarter than any AI in this world, so none of your tricks will fool me!

Tails: Wait....An AI that is capable of strategically controlling a virus and thinking on it's own...You must be made with a modified version of a hyper-quantum engine!

NICOLE: Wow, that's correct! You're very smart....but not like it matters since you'll be gone soon enough.

Tails: Then you should have your own an extent...If so, then why are you doing something like this!

NICOLE: What do you mean?

Tails: You're on the wrong side! If you keep doing this to more technology, Robotnik will gain control over all cyber-space and after that he'll have the power to slowly take over Mobius!

NICOLE: Well....N-No! You're just playing tricks on me!

NICOLE creates a wall that tries to push Tails into a pit, but he fights back and tries to push as well.

Tails: Come on Nicole! You're made with one of rarest and most intelligent engines in the planet so far! Just think about this situation for a moment!

NICOLE: I-I...Nggghh.....I don't...

NICOLE stops the wall.

NICOLE: I don't know...

Tails: Just join us, the Freedom Fighters! Just download yourself into this communication device and we'll be able to take you out to the real world!

NICOLE: S-Seriously? ...In that case...Just do it!

Nicole downloads herself into Tails' watch and uploads the virus as the white space starts breaking apart and he wakes up outside of his laboratory.

Sonic: Wow....Are you okay, Tails?

Tails stands up and scratches his head before grinning.

Tails: Hm....Yeah I guess...Let's just say we got a new hire...

Tails activates NICOLE in her hologram form, who greets Sonic and Knuckles and waves at them.

Sonic and Knuckles: Wooow...

Sonic: Y'know....She might be useful...What's your name?

NICOLE: Just call me Nicole!

Sonic: Well guys, looks like we have a new Freedom Fighter!

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