Sonic the Hedgehog is a film about the story of Sonic the Hedgehog (hence the title) and was produced by Golden Ring Studios. It is scheduled to air sometime in late 2014.


Sonic, a newborn hedgehog, is shocked when his family suddenly disappears. The only thing that is left in his house was a golden ring, that had been passed through his family for generations. He puts on the ring, and finds out why it was so special: It gave him super speed. Dr. Robotnik, a scientist, sees Sonic's talent and decides to adopt the hedgehog to see what makes him so fast. However, when he tries to experiment on him, a magical emerald comes out of Sonic's body. Sonic then wakes up, and though not knowing about it at all, says it is the Chaos Emerald. Robotnik tries to snatch the Chaos Emerald, but Sonic hits the emerald, and it shatters into seven pieces, and they are scattered across the universe. Robotnik then gets mad at the hedgehog, and sends him back to the orphanage. Sonic does not like him, and decides to call him "Eggman." There is a new arrival at the orphanage the next day, named Miles Prower, who has a ring similar to Sonic's that can make him fly. Sonic immediately likes the fox, and nicknames him Tails. Tails tells Sonic that robots killed his parents, and the robots had something on their backs that said PROPERTY OF ROBOTNIK INC. Sonic then promises that he will get revenge on Robotnik, and creates a team with his other friends at the orphanage, Sally and Big, called the Freedom Fighters. They plan to escape the orphanage, and they do with Sonic's speed. They create a secret base, and look for new recruits. An echidna with another ring that gives him spiky fists accepts the invite, and soon reveals that he guards special emeralds, and is the last one of his tribe to survive a robot attack. While the echidna is telling his story, Sally notices that a bunny is being turned into a robot. Knuckles defeats all the other robots while Sonic saves the bunny, who is half-robot. She tells him to call her Rabbot, and joins the Freedom Fighters. Sonic then decides during the night to defeat Eggman himself, and runs away with the Chaos Emeralds. Once he reaches Eggman's base, Sonic realizes that there are three groups guarding him, one looks like a robotic echidna tribe, the second looks like a metal fox group, and the last looks like a group of mechanic hedgehogs. Sonic now knows that the only way to defeat Eggman is to kill the robots, which he realizes are Knuckles' tribe, Tails' family, and his parents. Sonic decides to go back and get Tails so he can fly over the robots. He runs back to the secret base, and finds out that they recruited a new chameleon named Espio. He has a ring that allows him to blend in with air, and they also gave him the ability to teleport. Sonic also notices that Tails was kidnapped, so he asks Espio to teleport him to Eggman. He sees Tails being roboticized, and Sonic saves him. He then sees a robotic hedgehog that isn't part of his family, and kicks it, hitting a button that turns the robot off and the hedgehog inside comes out, revealing her name is Amy. However, the robot becomes self-aware and tries to destroy Sonic and Amy. The robot grabs a hammer, the only weapon available, and attempts to hit Amy, who grabs a hammer with a ring around it. The hammer becomes gigantic, and she hits the robot. The robot then becomes bigger and red, and reveals its name is E123-Omega. The robot flies away, but before he does it, he gets one of Sonic's hairs. Eggman then comes out in a giant robot that looks like him. Tails is now fully robot, and tries to destroy Sonic. He punches the button that released Amy, but the robot does not become self-aware this time. However, do to Tails' robot upgrade, he now has an extra tail. He flies Sonic to the top of the robot, and Sonic jumps on top of the robot's head. The robot then breaks, and Eggman walks out of it, and reveals that he built another robot 48 times the size of the original, and he then walks into it. Sonic then grabs the Chaos Emeralds and they fly around him, and make him turn yellow and able to fly. They have a fight, and at the end, Sonic dives head first into the robot's fist while he is about to punch him. Eggman is angry, and then runs away. Sonic then tries to locate Eggman with a device called the Egg-locator 3000, but Eggman broke it during the fight, and Sonic decides to wait until Eggman attacks again to defeat him once and for all.


  • Jason Griffith as Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic's father
  • Conner Bringas as Tails the Fox
  • Scott Drier as Knuckles the Echidna and leader of the Echidna tribe
  • Jennifer Douillard as Amy Rose and E123-Omega's first form
  • Deem Bristow as Dr. Robotnik and E123-Omega's last form
  • John St. John as Big the Cat
  • Kathleen Delaney as Sally Acorn
  • Tim Allen as Espio the Chameleon
  • Christine Cavanaugh as Bunnie Rabbot and Sonic's mother

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