Sonic the Hedgehog is the one of the major protagonists in Sonic Spar.


Sonic is a blue hedgehog with red shoes and red scar.


Sonic keeps his Sonic Boom personality.

In Story Mode

In Story Mode of Sonic Spar, Sonic after defeating Eggman in Death Egg after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog: Jewels of Infinity, finds himself blown away from the explosion and lands in Emerald Beach. He goes to find Tails, his best friend, but is stopped by Eggman's robots. He realized that Eggman wasn't dead after the explosion. Sonic beats all the robots in combat and finds Tails. After saving Tails, he meets up with Eggman, who is going to Casino Night. When the two reach there, they find Knuckles the Echidna battling Fang the Sniper. Fang beats the echidna with ease. When Sonic meets up with Fang, he battles him. Sonic wins and gets Knuckles to join their mission to save Mobius from the clutches of Eggman.


Attack 1 - Sonic punches the opponent.

Attack 2 - Sonic slaps the opponent.

Attack 3 - Sonic roundhouse kicks the opponent.

Backwards Attack - Sonic upper kicks the opponent.

Side Attack - Sonic side kicks the opponent.

Down Attack - Sonic rolls on the ground.

Up Attack - Sonic kicks the opponent to the air.

Grab 1 - Sonic grabs and kicks the opponent away.

Grab 2 - Sonic grabs and throws the opponent to the other side.

Special Move:

Spindash - With the Energy Ring, Sonic simply spindashes the opponent, making them trip.
Sonic Wind - With the Chaos Emerald, Sonic simply does a Sonic Wind which blows the opponent away.

Finisher Move: Sonic Boom - Sonic kicks the opponent to the air and uses his Sonic Wind move to blow them away.