Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic, the fastest thing alive!
Current Age 16
Date of Birth June 23, 1991
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Living Town Christmas Island
Vulnerable to Water
First Appearance Sonic Rush Saga
Current Status(es) Healthy
Fur Color Blue
Attire Current
  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with a white strap, cuffs and a gold buckle
  • White gloves with sock-like cuffs
Skin Tan
Likes Running
His friends
Natural Scenery
Break Dancing
Playing Guitar
Saving the day
Showing off
Being funny
Dislikes Doctor Eggman
Doctor Eggman Nega
Evil robots
Friends in danger
Deep water
Being insulted
Having to go slow
Slow Things
People who doubt him
Main Ability/ies Superspeed
Acrobatic Skills and Reflexes
Hand-to-hand combat skills
Alias(es) Blue Blur
Big Blue (by Rouge)
Fastest Thing Alive
Pesky Rodent
Voice Actor(s) Roger Craig Smith

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the main protagonist in the Sonic Rush Saga anime. He is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with the a need for speed who is always ready for an encounter with his arch-nemesis Dr. Eggman as well as anything else that tries to get in his way.


Sonic lives on a planet in a parallel universe called Mobius, which is a place of adventure and fantasy. He's lived there for as long as he could remember, always foiling Dr. Eggman's plans to take over his world. However, despite being one of the most know heroes on Mobius, he's treated normally like any other citizen.

In the Anime

Sonic has been living a normal life with his friends, stopping Eggman and saving the world. But recently, the old enemy hasn't been seen at all, and no reports have been filed about any break, so now the Sonic gang get some time off. This all changes when a Sol Emerald falls from the sky, and Doctor Eggman Nega tries to capture it. Not giving up the sol emerald, Blaze and Marine appear and take down claw, much to his surprise. After giving the eggmobile one final blow, Eggman Nega is launched into the sky. Everyone has a reunion, and since then, Sonic has enjoyed the arrival of his old friends.


Sonic is a habitual daredevil who has a taste for adventure. He is usually honest, caring, but most of the time cocky. He looks out for his friends, and makes sure that they are safe no mater what. However, he tends to act on instinct, and tries not to rely on his friends to much because he wants to protect them.

Sonic can also be laid back, not minding a break for his everyday heroic actions. He loves peace on Mobotropolis, and enjoys it when Eggman doesn't try to pull an evil scheme behind his back. But even though he does get time away from his hero job, he still has a hard time expressing any sort of romantic interest towards girls, getting shy or embarrassed when the thought of being romantically interested in someone is brought up.

Powers and Abilities

Sonic's greatest ability is his running speed, now allowing him to nearly run past Mach 2 speed, or the speed of light. He can make a Sonic Boom without effort, and his highest speed in the anime is recorded as 525 m/s running forwards and backwards. Sonic's speed is not only noticed in running, but also his thinking and even eating. He tends to be reckless with this, however.


Miles "Tails" Power

Tails is Sonic's best friend and sidekick. They share a brotherly relationship, one always looking out for each other no matter what the situation is. They are extremely close and will do anything for each other.

Sonic and Tails have been with each other since they were little, both taking interest in each other's abilities. With Sonic's superspeed and Tails' extreme intelligence, you can never find best friends better than them

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is another close friend of Sonic's, and a friendly rival. Despite them being best friends, Sonic's cockiness and Knuckles' short tempered always seems to get them in some sort of fight or argument, but it always turns out good in the end.

Amy Rose

Sonic and Amy have been close friends since they were little kids, and Amy has always had a crush on Sonic since. At first, Amy was a very obsessive, fan-girlish type of female, much the Sonic's dismay. But as the years past buy, Amy has grown into a nice, young girl and great friend in Sonic's eyes. He is very impressed in her hammer skills as well as acrobatic skills, and is always there to help when she's in trouble

Blaze the Cat

Despite living in parallel dimensions almost their entire lives, Sonic and Blaze have always been close friends since the beginning. When they first met, Sonic took interest in Blaze's pyrokinetic ability and running speed, as well as her determined, heroic nature. The two have never forgotten about each other since they were separated in their last adventure, and have hoped that they could see each other again one day.

In Sonic Rush Saga, Sonic and Blaze care about each other a lot, always having each other's backs in combat and willing to do anything to help each other. Their relationship throughout the series increases as they become closer than they were before, always seeming to joke around or do training together. There are times when they even have to face their greatest fears to help one another. Despite this, Sonic has only hinted feelings for Blaze, but claims to not have any sort of romantic feelings for anyone.


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