The Sonic for Super Smash Bros. Epic Battle is here. For the original character, see here.

Sonic stars in the new smash game, Super Smash Bros. Epic Battle. He is the main character from his series, Sonic the Hedgehog, and made it in as an unlockable veteran character.


This is Sonic's Moveset.

A Neutral

This attack is called a Homing Attack. Sonic jumps into the air, and a lock-on curser appears on the closest character to him. He will then zoom over, through the air, still in his ball form, to where the lock-on curser is.

A Over

This attack is called a Spin Dash. Sonic curls up into a ball, and spins into the direction he's facing.

A Up

This attack is called a Spring Jump. Sonic bounces on a Spring, and goes flying into the air. He can hurt any opponents in his way on the way up, but is vulnerable on the way down. Note that this attack cannot be used again until you are on the ground again.

A Down

Sonic's down attack was replaced. His new down attack (called Sonic Tornado) has sonic run around the closest opponent, creating a miniature tornado. After running for about 5 Seconds, Sonic will stop running, the tornado will stop, and the victim will go flying.

Final Smash

Sonic's Final Smash is called Super Sonic. Sonic pulls out the 7 Chaos Emeralds, and turns into his super form. He can fly anywhere on screen as fast as possible for about 25 Seconds, giving damage to anyone or anything in his path.

Secret Smash

Sonic's Secret Smash is called Werehog Unleashed. The day turns to night, and Sonic turns into the Werehog. Sonic can then perform all the attacks you can in Sonic Unleashed 1 & 2, although it is unknown what controls is for which attack.After about 25 Seconds, the sun comes back up, and Sonic returns to normal.


  • Neutral: Does a front flip, and crosses his arms.
  • Over: He runs in place and yells "You're too slow!"
  • Up: Sonic pulls out a ring, flips it, and catches it. Then, puts it away.
  • Down: Break dances and says "Come on, step it up!"


Unlike other smash games, characters have more than one entrence.

  • Sonic dashes on to the stage, then stops and does his neutral taunt.
  • Sonic jumps in, curled up in a ball.
  • The Tornado 1 flies by, and Sonic jumps off.

Kirby Hat

Kirby will get a blue cap with Sonic's Spikes & Ears. His feet will also look a little bit more like Sonic's shoes.

How to Unlock

  • Play 300 vs Matches.
  • Find him on Story Mode.
  • Unlock City Escape, Windy Hill, or Green Hill Zone.
  • Play as annother 3rd Party Character 10 Times.

Other info

  • Sonic is an Unlockable Character.
  • When Sonic uses his Secret Smash, Chip/Light Gaia comes out, and flies by Sonic's side until it is over.

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