Sonic the Hedgehog (SSBD)
The Fastest Thing Alive
Full Name Sonic the Hedgehog
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Location None, always moving
Current Status Alive
Class Player Character
Sonic's Crew, Super Smash Bros.
First Appearance Sonic the Hedgehog
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros.: Doomsday

Born on the peaceful Christmas Island, Sonic has always been prone to wanderlust, using his natural speed to travel across Mobius. Sonic also possessed a strong sense of morals, so when he found the mad Doctor Robotnik (later to be known as Eggman), converting the residents of South Island into robotic soldiers for a planned takeover of Mobius, Sonic thwarted the Doctor's schemes. It was just a passing good deed for Sonic, but for Robotnik, it was an act of war.

Robotnik would return, adding the death of Sonic to his list of priorities. Soon, Sonic found himself embroiled in many other adventures, usually involving stopping another of Robotnik's plots. Soon, however, another player would emerge: while assaulting Robotnik's gigantic battleship, the Death Egg, over West Side Island, Sonic befriended the young fox Miles Prower, better known as Tails. Tails was a valuable ally to Sonic in many of his travels, and the two became as close as brothers.

Over the years, Sonic continued his life of a traveling hero, meeting new allies like Knuckles, stoic guardian of the mysterious Master Emerald; Amy Rose, an obsessed fan; and the mercenary team known as the Chaotix. He also made many other enemies besides Eggman, like Metal Sonic, a robot created by Eggman that would later turn rogue; Chaos, an ancient monstrosity that Eggman would try and fail to control; and Shadow, an artificially-created hedgehog who later became an ally.

Although not a native of the megaverse that Master and Crazy Hand preside over, Sonic and several of his friends and enemies were recruited to oppose Doctor Doom and his Acts of Vengeance, being seen as a crucial advantage to the team.


Sonic's main power is his ability to run at astonishing speeds, easily surpassing the speed of sound (768 mph.). He is able to run equally well backwards as well as forwards, and seems to be able to turn and adjust direction with little difficulty. He is able to run both up and down sheer surfaces, as well as on the surface of water. He is also able to create powerful whirlwinds by running in circles. Sonic's reaction time also runs at super speed, making him almost impossible to catch off guard.

Sonic is also able to curl up into a ball, and is able to move equally fast in this position as actually running. While in ball-form, Sonic's quills are extremely durable, and can slice through metal like a buzzsaw. Somehow, he is able to see perfectly fine in this position, and remains aware of the world around him.

By harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can become “Super Sonic”, a vastly more powerful form with enhanced strength and durability, the ability to project energy blasts, and even teleportation. He can also fly at even faster speeds than normal, approaching the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). However, the power necessary for this form rarely lasts long, and he feels tired and drained after changing back. Fortunately, very few things possess the power necessary to change him back involuntarily.

Finally, in addition to his natural abilities, Sonic is a master martial artist, perfecting his own, unique fighting style that involves dance-like kicks and sweeps, all moving at super speed. He also has extensive knowledge of extreme sports, such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and sky-diving. However, he is afflicted with an extreme fear of water, meaning he is a poor swimmer.

Battle Moves

Spin Dash

Homing Attack

Blue Whirlwind

Blue Buzzsaw

Smash Move

Super Sonic


Character Selected

"Let's hit the road!"

"Ready to fly!"

"Sonic's the name, speed's my game!"

"Saving the world at sonic speed!"

Entering Battle

"Don't blink, chumps!"

"There isn't anything that can slow me down!"

"Just another road block!"

"You ready to party?"

Healing Ally

"Be there in a flash!"

"Don't worry, I got ya!"

"Miss me?"

"This is why you have teammates!"

Smash Move

"Now I'll show ya!"

Low Health

"Well, that sucked..."

"I need you over here!"

"They sure hit hard, don't they?"

"Blue guy needs help, badly!"

Battle Lost

"Ugh, that was horrible..."

"Can't believe we lost..."

"This isn't good for my image..."

"Looks like that one goes to Doom..."

Battle Won

"I guess that's why Eggman builds his own lackeys!"

"Hey, Doom! Fast enough for ya?"

"I barely broke a sweat!"

"Do you think that's a new record?"

Super Sonic Quotes

Entering Battle

"This one will be over before you draw another breath!"

"Oh, it's on now!"

"Super hedgehog, coming through!"

"I'm not going to lie, this will hurt."

Healing Ally

"I guess everyone wants to see the big, yellow hedgehog."

"You're in good hands now."

"Hold that thought, my friends need me."

"Sorry if I can't share the Chaos powers. This'll have to do."

Low Health

"The Chaos powers are fading!"

"I may be super, but I'm not invincible!"

"I need some rings to keep me going!"

"This won't last forever!"

Battle Lost

"Aw, man, I thought that would do it..."

"Well, at least we can say we tried."

"It never lasts long enough..."

"Just when I thought we'd won..."

Battle Won

"Honestly, did you think you were going to win?"

"We were in a fight? Huh, barely noticed."

"Now that's what I call super!"

"Ah, Chaos powers, what would I do without you?"