Sonic (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Sonic the Hedgehog
Official Debut Rad Mobile (1991)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Super Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog is a starting character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified and comes from his game series of the same name. He is no longer the sole fighter of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He gets new voice clips, which are done by Junichi Kanemaru in Japanese and Roger Craig Smith in English.


Sonic recieves a little more tweaks to his moves to gain some combo options, but he mostly remains the same as his past Smash appearances. He does great with hit-and-run tatics, but he can go on the offensive with his new found combo potential.

Special Moves
Neutral Special Homing Attack Spins upward, then launches himself, homing in on a foe.
Side Special Light Speed Dash Dashes in a path as if rings were in front of him. Sonic hits the foes he faces.
Up Special Spring Jump Bounces off of a spring to gain higher elevation.
Down Special Spin Charge Spins Sonic and and dashes forward and can be controlled left, right, and can hop.
Final Smash Super Sonic
Custom Special Moves 1
Neutral Special Sonic Wind Sends out a small wind wave.
Side Special Boost Sonic runs very fast, charging at foes.
Up Special Tails' Flight Tails appears to carry Sonic up. Minor damage if foes hit Tails' spinning tails. Sonic can jump off.
Down Special Bounce Sonic sends himself downward and on contact with the ground bounces upward. Can cancel before the bounce. Only bounces once.
Custom Special Moves 2
Neutral Special Black Wisp: Bomb Turns into a bomb and explodes on on the spot
Side Special Shield Dash Uses a flame shield and dashes forward
Up Special Chaos Control: Warp Uses a Chaos Emerald to warp in any direction.
Down Special Spin Dash Can hold to charge. Sonic hops before dashing and dashing hits once until direction change.

Ground Attacks:

Jab: Does a punch, press for another, and press again for a kick. 

Side Tilt: Does a horse kick.

Up Tilt:  Sonic kicks twice in the air.

Down Tilt: Sonic does a sweep kick.

Side Smash: Sonic does a wind-up punch

Up Smash: Jumps up and spins

Down Smash: Does a spilt kick. The back foot does more damage.

Dash Attack: Spins and ends it as if he slides feet first.

Get Up (On back): Kicks forward and back and stands up.

Get Up (On face): Spins in place.

Get Up (Trip): Spin kicks as to trip someone.

Air Attacks:

Neutral: Sonic performs his "Instant Shield" techinque found in Sonic 3

Forward Air: rotates his body forward, dealing multiple hits that launch foes forward.

Back Air: Performs a back kick.

Down Air: Sonic peforms an axe kick from Sonic Battle. The heel is the sweetspot that can spike or meteor.

Up Air: Brings his feet out and brings them back together dealing two hits.


Pummel: Attacks with his knee.

Forward: Kicks the foe upward

Back: Spins and foot launches a foe backwards.

Down: Spins on the downed opponent, launching them forward.

Up: Sonic tosses his foe onto the hardened quils on his back, launching them upward.


Crawl: No

Wall Jump/Cling: Jump only

Tether: No

Standing Still: Sonic slightly "bounces" as his arms are at his side. 

Idle 1: Sonic looks at the screen, looking not so patiently. Taken from his classic games.

Idle 2: Sonic snaps fingers on one hand and points facing forward with both hands.

Entry: Spin Dashes onto the stage and gives a thumbs up.

Special Animations:

Up Taunt: Sonic performs a front flip, but stays silent as he poses.

Side Taunt: Sonic runs in place and says "Can't ya keep up?"

Down Taunt: Sonic break dances and says "C'mon!"

Victory Animation: Runs off the screen and back on, saying "Better luck next time."

Victory Animation 2: Does his Act Clear pose from Sonic 3 and says "Not that easy." If Eggman loses the match, Sonic says "Game's over, Eggman!"

Victory Animation 3: Break dances and then poses saying "Let's do this again some time."

Special Team Victory (Dr. Eggman): Crosses his arms in disgust while Dr. Eggman tries to signal a high-five.

Special Team Victory (Mario): Sonic holds a Chaos Emerald while Mario holds a power star, both high and triumphant.

Special Team Victory (Mega Man): Both Sonic and Mega Man give a thumbs up.

Trophy Info


Sonic the Hedgehog is a blue hedgehog who who enjoys traveling and going fast, really fast. Sonic is a friend to the environment and cannot sit still. He also has a genius, two-tail sporting friend called Miles "Tails" Prower. Overall, this cool, blue dude will rush in to save the day when trouble comes knocking. There's no doubt that Sonic is the fastest character, here. Fun Fact: Sonic is actually faster than his namesake.

Sonic (Alt):

Sonic likes to curl up into a ball often. His Homing Attack will give a fast launch to hit his foes, but is a bit predictable before he launches. His Light Speed Dash is a great charging attack, but also can serve as a way to get on the stage. Spring Jump can get Sonic to higher elevation, but he, himself, can't hurt anyone when he does. Spin Charge is a quick move and can be great for combos or making a great escape from trouble.

Super Sonic:

When this cool, blue dude gets all seven Chaos Emeralds, he absorbs their power and goes into a yellow, super form. Sonic in his super form is dangerous and invincible. He can only charge at his foes, but the faster he goes doing this, the harder this charge will hit. Sonic can hurt enemies in this form, but it won't last long. Make use of the Chaos power while it lasts.

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Default Blue Sonic as he typically appears
Palette Red Has a red tint to Sonic with the white on his shoes now green
Palette Black Sonic's a darker blue and has rings on his wrists
Palette Purple Has a purple tint and and the glove cuffs are black.
Palette White Has a white tint and the shoes are black and green
Palette Yellow Has a yellow tint and the glove cuffs are missing
Palette Green Has a green tint and the glove cuff and boots are primarily black with yellow
Alt Blue Sonic gains his Sonic Riders gear (without the board)
X-over Green Cosplays as Link

Special Attrib.

  • Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against Sonic in Phoenix's Final Smash is Sonic fleeing from the G.U.N truck in Sonic Adventure 2 and a ring capsule.
  • Kirby regains Sonic ears and quills and regains Homing Attack as a Copy Ability.
  • Sonic gains a new remix of Sonic 3's Act Clear music.


  • True to the trophy description, Sonic is the fastest character in the game, overall.
  • Sonic recieves new voice lines due to Roger Craig Smith recording lines for Wonder Blue during Wonder Encounter with Sonic. Wonder Blue's dialogue in English refers to sounding alike and also being blue while the Japanese dialogue refers to only his color.
  • Sonic's special victory animations with Mario and Mega Man happened due to Sonic crossing over with both; Mario in games and Mega Man in comics.
  • His palettes refer to his friends and rivals.

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