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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a 2016 American live action comedy-action movie based on the bestselling video game series. It will be produced by Sony and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Michael Bay. It was rated PG-13 for mild language and coarse violence.

In 2014, plans for a Sonic movie was announced at E3. In 2015, more details were revealed. SEGA said it was to have a more realistic nature, even making the Tornado a modern day fighting plane. They also redesigned Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to look more realistic.

It will be released August 7, 2016, and hopefully a huge hit. People hopefully might say "It's the best Michael Bay movie since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

It featured the voices of Roger Craig Smith, Travis Willingham, Cindy Robinson, and many others.


Darkness is coming. When New York's greatest inventor, Dr. Robotnik goes rogue, the city has gone to chaos. With a giant robot army and a armada of airships, he is determined to take over the world. Only one can stop him... The mysterious Blue Blur. Sonic, his friends, and a human boy named Freemen, must find all seven Chaos Emeralds before the evil Eggman.


  • Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog (Voice)
  • CJ Adams as Miles "Tails" Prower (Voice)
  • Travis Willingham as Knuckles the Echidna (Voice)
  • Shia Labeouf as Freemen Jones
  • Cindy Robinson as Sarah Ackely 
  • Clancy Brown as Dr. Ivo Robotnik "Eggman"


The movie starts by showing thousands of years into the past. Earth used to be full of intelligent walking animals called Mobians. When Earth got into a huge war with an advanced alien race known as the Xena, the Xena spilt Earth into two different dimensions. One is just regular old Earth, while the other is the magical world of Möbius.

Throughout time, Mobians and other creatures and objects have leaked into our dimension, but they are found and captured by G.U.N. to prevent anyone from knowing. 

It is now the year 2005, and G.U.N. has been secretly kidnapping Mobians so nobody discovers them. Mobians that have leaked into our dimension are forced into hiding. When G.U.N. captures a blue hedgehog, the hedgehog manages to escape out of the secret base. Destroying thousand of G.U.N. robots along the way.

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The hedgehog escapes into the city

The hedgehog escapes into the city, and hides in a dark alleyway and makes home under a hole. He cries as he remembers his parents.

Years later, in 2014, New York is getting to be a dangerous place full of murderers, gangs, and theives. When a house is set on fire by a killer, the fire department comes and gets the family out. The mother asks if there was a baby girl in there, but the fire fighter says they couldn't find a baby. The mother starts crying.

All of a sudden, there is a blue flash and it goes in the burning building. The flash was the blue hedgehog. He runs through the building looking for the baby. When he hears a cry, he runs up the stairs, past flamming falling down walls. He finds the baby and quickly gets her out. When he comes out, he hands the baby to the woman, the woman then cries and yells thank you to the hedgehog. The hedgehog then speeds away, a man looks at the hedgehog speeding away, and is determined to find him.

It then shows the news report as the news anchor reports that a mysterious hedgehog has been saving innocent people throughout New York. The hedgehog is labeled as the "Blue Blur." The news reporter says that if anyone sees this hedgehog, to thank him.

Later, at Robotnik Industries, Robotnik is trying to find a way to cure cancer. He has created a machine that can possibly drain cancer out of a person. He has discovered that somehow, a rotten egg's essensce can power the machine. He decides to experiment on himself. He hooks himself up to the machine.

He presses the button, and it starts to work. But, a malfunction occurs and the rotten egg fuses with Robotnik. He starts to scream as he mutates. His grey mustasche grows and turns brown. His eyes goes black and his pupils go red. He then gets fatter. He then laughs evily.

The boy from the other night is with his friends talking, walking through the city. His name is Freemen. When they're not looking, he sneaks off into an alley to find the blue hedgehog. He starts to shake as he yells hello. He then sees a blue flash, and turns, but nothing there. Another, nothing there. He then turns around to leave, but standing before him is a six feet tall blue hedgehog. The same one that saved his family.

He screams, but the hedgehog covers his mouth and laughs. He tells him to calm down dude. Freemen starts panting. The Hedgehog then says. "Nothing unusual, just a six-feet tall, fast as lightning talking blue hedgehog. That's me." Freemen starts to calm down.

Freemen then says he just wanted to say thank you for saving his niece. Sonic says it was no problem, and leaves. Freemen is still shocked by what just happened, he runs back to his apartment.

Later that night, robots start to invade New York. Fire is everywhere as robots pick up cars and throw them. All of a sudden, the hedgehog comes and starts to fight them. He destroys dozens of them and saves citizens. He then gets out a ring and uses it to dash into the robots.

All of a sudden, Robotnik flies down in his Egg Mobile. Robotnik laughs as he sees a Hedgehog trying to beat him. He then fires lasers at the hedgehog, but he dodges it. All of a sudden, an blue fighter plane flies towards them and fires missiles at Robotnik. The Egg Mobile has a force field, and it deflects the middle back at the plane. The plane falls down in flames.

The hedgehog gets angry and starts fighting the Egg Mobile, breaking the force field. The hedgehog then shoots his spikes out and they poke into the Egg Mobile. It knocks over Robotnik. The Hedgehog goes up to Robotnik. "Its over, Eggman!" The hedgehog says to him. Robotnik says he likes that name, and the Egg Mobile flies up. Eggman then presses a button and all of the sudden, a giant fleet of ships appear in the sky.

Eggman laughs and says he will collect all seven Chaos Emeralds to robotitize the entire planet. A claw then comes out of the biggest ship, grabs the Egg Mobile, and pulls him up. 

The Hedgehog then watches as the fleet teleports away. He then runs to the plane crash and opens the cockpit. He sees a yellow fox inside and helps him out.

The Hedgehog asks if he's okay, and the fox says yes. The fox then says his name is Miles Prower. The hedgehog says that's too long, and he will call him Tails. Tails then asks the hedgehogs name.

The Hedgehog is shocked for a minute, and starts to look a little sad. He then says he doesn't remember his name. Tails then says he will call him Sonic. Sonic says he knows a place they can stay.

The next morning, Freemen wakes up and gets dressed and takes a shower. When he is about to brush his teeth, he notices his toothbrush is missing. He looks around the house, and sees Sonic and Tails sitting in the kitchen.

He yells at them asking what they were doing, and Sonic replies that Freemen owes him for saving his baby niece. Sonic says he and Tails needed a place to stay. Freemen says fine, but asks where his toothbrush is. Sonic then pulls out a dirty yellow toothbrush and says he borrowed it, but it didn't work well. Freemen is disgusted and throws away the toothbrush.

Freemen starts to get ready for work, but sees Tails has used his work clothes to build a new machine. Freemen asks what is he doing, and Tails says he can make an invention out of anything. To which Freemen replies he thinks he will take a day off.

Freemen asks what are they, and Tails explains everything. Sonic tells Freemen about Eggman's plans. All of a sudden, Sarah walks in, Freemen's girlfriend. When she sees Sonic and Tails, she panics. But Freemen explains it to her. Tails states that they need to find the Egg Fleet, so he goes to repair the Tornado.

Freemen asks Sarah if she can watch the two Mobians. Sarah says yes so Freemen goes to work. Sonic starts pulling stuff out of cabinets and asking Sarah what they are. She does this over and over.

Freemen goes to work, but sees G.U.N. forces everywhere. They are talking about the hedgehog. When Freemen walks up, the soldiers surrond him and ask him if he knows anything about a blue hedgehog. Freemen gulps and nervously says no. The G.U.N. soldiers say they need the hedgehogs help to defeat the e vil Robotnik. Freemen says no and manages to get into work.

When Freemen gets home, he sees Sarah, Sonic, and Tails watching the news. The news states that there have been five Robotnik attacks around the world already. She then yells where is the Blue Blur now.

When Freemen sits down, Tails tells him he has fixed the Tornado, and has discovered an entire flying island that has leaked in from Mobius. Tails says they must go there because there is a Chaos Emerald detection there. Tails says that Eggman wants the Emeralds, and that they need to get all seven before he does. Freemen says he doesn't want to go to a flying island, but Sarah talks him into it.

Tails takes them to the roof of the building where the Tornado is sitting. He tells them to buckle up, and he takes off. Sonic hops onto the wing to fly. They fly over the city and Sarah is amazed at the sight of the city. They then get over the ocean, to which Tails says the island is over the Atlantic Ocean. 

All of a sudden, a giant cannon is shot at the Tornado, but Tails manages to dodge it. Right in front of them is the MASSIVE Egg Fleet, along with the biggest ship, the Egg Carrier. Sonic says they can't let Eggman find Angel Island. Tails presses a button and the Tornado goes invisible, and they fly away from the Egg Fleet.

They fly and later see Angel Island. The four friends are amazed at the sight. Tails says they'd better be careful as Angel Island if full of dangerous Möbius creatures. The Tornado lands in a jungle on Angel Island. Tails gets out his Emerald detector and heads toward the source. Finally, they get to the middle of Angel Island, and there is a huge altar with the Master Emerald and one Chaos Emerald. Sonic runs toward it, but a red echidna jumps out and punches him.

The echidna says his name is Knuckles, and he is the guardian of the Master Emerald. He blames Sonic and friends for trying to steal the Master Emerald, but Sonic says they just want the Chaos Emerald, but Knuckles doesn't believe him, and gets into a fist fight with Sonic.

When Sonic and Knuckles are fighting, the Egg Fleet appears in the sky, and the Egg Mobile flies out. Eggman laughs as a claw comes out of the Egg Carrier, and snatches the Master Emerald. He laughs as he says this can help power his robotification machine. He says he will use some humans as test subjects. He then sees Sarah and says she's the perfect fit, and grabs her as she screams. He then flies away.

Sonic and Knuckles try to stop him, but he gets into the Egg Carrier too fast. The Egg Carrier then teleports away.

Knuckles says he will team up with Sonic Tails and Freemen, but only to get back the Master Emerald. Tails says that he will need to design a cannon strong enough to destroy the Egg Carrier. He says that two Chaos Emeralds should be strong enough to power it, but Eggman took the other Chaos Emerald. So Tails flies them back to the city.

They fly back to Freemen's house, and Tails goes back in to work on the cannon. Freemen is sad because Sarah was kidnapped, and Sonic tells Freemen that they'll rescue her.

Freemen hears a knock and opens the door. Outside is Commander Abraham Tower of G.U.N. and a bunch of G.U.N. soldiers and robots. Abraham Tower tells Freemen he knows he has the Blue Blur, because they saw the Tornado in the sky. He says they need the hedgehogs help to defeat this global threat.

All of a sudden, Sonic rushes in and says yes he will help, but only for a life time supply of chilli dogs. Commander Tower sighs and agree. Tails and Knuckles come up and Tails says the cannon is finished,all he needs is two Chaos Emeralds. Commander Tower says that if Tails and Knuckles help with their brains and brawns, they will give them a Chaos Emerald for the cannon.

The next day, the Tornado and the G.U.N. jets take off into the sky. They fly over the Atlantic Ocean and see the Egg Fleet. Tails tells Sonic that he needs to go in and save Sarah, the Master Emerald, and the Chaos Emerald so he can destroy the Egg Carrier. The Egg Carrier starts firing cannons at the ships and Egg Fighter Ships start attacking.

Several G.U.N. ships are shot down, but many are still fightintheTails flys the Tornado under the Egg Carrier to take out the cannons. Tails tells Sonic he needs to land onto the main deck to get to the To notification Chamber.

Inside the Egg Carrier, Eggman has Sarah tied up. She yells at him to let her go, but Eggman says she is the perfect test subject for robotification. He looks out and sees the jets and Tornado trying to land, so he presses a button and the Egg Carrier transforms to where the Main Deck can't be landed on. He then laughs and says off to New York to capture more people.

Tails tells Sonic that Sonic has to get inside himself without landing, as the Main Deck is gone. The Egg Fleet then starts to fly away, so Tails and the G.U.N. jets start to chase it.

The Egg Carrier goes over New York and throws down pods and starts capturing people in New York. The entire city is being captured and is in flames, the pods also capture hiding Mobians.

The Tornado stops to above the Egg Carrier, and Sonic and Knuckles dive out onto it. Sonic tells Knuckles to start fighting robots, and he will go inside. Sonic breaks inside and spys on where the robotification is taking place, Eggman places the Master Emerald in a chamber and says that these humans and Mobians will be the perfect test subject before he uses it to robotize the entire world. 

Sonic jumps out and shoots spikes out at Eggman. Eggman turns around and sees Sonic, and orders his robots to attack. Sonic starts fighting the robots and kicking, dashing, and jumping at them. Sonic presses the transform button, and the Egg Carrier transforms back to normal. The Tornado land on the Egg Carrier, and Tails and Knuckles come in.

Sonic and Knuckles start fighting Eggman, while Tails trys to get the Master Emerald and Chaos Emerald. Robots start attacking Tails, and Tails brings out an arm cannon, and fires at the robots.

Eggman flies the Egg Carrier to Tokoyo to capture people, but Sonic dashs at him and sets him off course. The Egg Fleet flies out over the Atlantic Ocean. Tails gets the Chaos Emerald, but Eggman presses a button and Sonic Tails and Knuckles are trapped in cages. Eggman laughs and says that Mobians power combined with the Master Emerald can create the ultimate robotification.

Freemen sees the three Mobians trapped. Eggman then presses a button and power starts to drain from Sonic Tails and Knuckles. Freemen jumps in and starts punching Eggman. He picks up a gun from the robot and fires it at the machine, but it doesn't do anything.

The power from Tails starts to go higher than Sonic and Knuckles combined, and it starts to go higher and higher, then it explodes, breaks the machine, and blacks out the lights.

Eggman is surprised, and the power from the machine hits him. He then falls off the platform. Sonic breaks all the cages and G.U.N. jets come in to help the people out. Sonic goes to Tails and asks Tails what that was all about, to which Tails says he doesn't know.

Tails gets the Chaos Emerald, and loads the Master Emerald onto the Tornado. Sonic is about to go out with them, but all of a sudden, a giant robot with evil claws comes out from the pit, it is robotized Eggman. Eggman grabs Sonic and Sonic starts fighting robot Eggman. Tails trys to help, but Sonic tells Tails to leave him, and destroy the ship.

Tails relunctlantly starts the Tornado, Eggman then grabs it. Tails trys to escape, but can't. Sonic then dashs up Eggman and the Tornado escapes.

Tails puts the Chaos Emeralds into the cannon and aims at the Egg Carrier. Tails tries to stop, but must destroy the Egg Carrier. He fires the cannon at the ships main engine, and a big explosion happens, the ship then crashes into the ocean. The Tornado and G.U.N. jets fly off back to New York.

When they land, Commander Abraham congraduates them for their bravery. But then, guns are pointed at Freemen, Sarah, Tails, and Knuckles. Abraham then kidnapps the two Mobians. Freemen screams for him to stop, but Commander Tower says the Mobians must be put away.

Helicopters fly off with the Mobians, and Freemen and Sarah start to cry.

Later, back at the ocean, a metal claw rises out of the ocean.

Game Adaption

A game adaption was released August 1, 2016 titled: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Blue Blur. It was rated E-10 for fantasy violence and animated blood.


When Michael Bay first started with thi movie, he had planned to make four movies. The nex one will come out sometime in 2018, and will be called Sonic the Hedgehog: Project Shadow.


Sonic the Hedgehog

He is a super-fast 18 year old hedgehog

He is 6 feet tall and weighs 400 lbs

Knuckles the Echidna

He is a powerful 20 year old echidna

He is 6 and a half feet tall and 650 lbs

Miles "Tails" Prower 

He is a smart 12 year old fox

He is 5 feet tall and weighs 340 lbsa



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