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Sonic the Hedgehog: Universal Crisis is a new installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series made by Master Productions Incorporated for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The game features returning characters from the series and new ones, and main story to the game is that Sonic and friends travel through many universes to defeat Dr. Eggman and his army from taking over and becming the new evil ruler. A multiplayer mode is in the game and Nintendo Network are also aviable. Sonic the Hedgehog: Universal Crisis is going to be released in April - June 2013.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Universal Crisis has full voice acting and full orchestrated music. An album to the music is released whenever pre-ordering the game, but is released in stores 3 months after the game's release date. The Chaos Emeralds are collected in the seven different galaxies and there are 6 planets in each galaxy, but there are 3 galaxies in each universe. The game is a action/adventure and platformer and the rest of the Sonic gang except for Tails have to be rescued first in order to be playable.


Sonic was running along the paths of Green Hill as his sidekick Tails was flying along with him and the two decided to rest near a tree and have a campfire. When Sonic and Tails were making Chilli Dogs, Tails hears an explosion so he decides to investigate. As soon Tails went to investigate he later tried to look for his friends, but they were all missing so Tails dahsed through Green Hill until he found Dr. Eggman and his robotic army invading Green Hill. Dr. Eggman have captured Sonic's friends and released all of his army to defeat Sonic, Tails decides to sneak up on Eggman to find out his secret and Eggman's secret was that he will raise his army to attack the universe to make it his. Eggman lets his army to many galaxies and planets where Sonic's friends are held at. Tails was later seen by one of the Badniks and was chased off by Tails and as Sonic was eating his Chili Dog he saw Tails flying and screaming so Sonic and Tails go near a cave so the Badniks won't find the two. Tails later tells Sonic Eggman's plan and how he captured his friends. After hearing about Eggman's universal plan, Sonic gets shaped up and ready as he is going on another adventure.

As Sonic and Tails were on their adventure they come across a stranger from another planet named Pete the Platypus. Pete is actually from a distant polluted and dangerous planet named Kapler-69-4c, the main reason why Pete is at Mobius is because George the Great who is the evil ruler of Kapler 69-4c has planned to gather all of his minions and attack Mobius making George the ruler of Mobius. After telling the story on why Pete was here and George's mission, Sonic and Tails agree and so Pete decides to join up with Sonic and Tails to save the Galaxy and their friends.




Image Character Description
SDSonic Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive and is on a journey to save the galaxy. Sonic is a balanced character and the fastest. Sonic can perform many tricks and attacks such as the drift and Homing attack.
Tails Tails Tails is an intelligant Fox who has two tails and is on an amazing adventure across the galaxy. Tails can use his two fails for flying to high heights which is helpful at times. Tails can also use some of his gadgets he made to help him attack enemies.
238px-ASR Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles is a strong Echidna with spikes on his gloves which are on his knuckles. Knuckles is on a new adventure across the galaxy and can use his punching ability to attack enemies and destroy walls.
170px-Silver02 Silver Silver the Hedgehog is from the future and joins Sonic and his friends on a journey across the galaxy. Silver can use many attacks such as his psychokinesis powers to attack enemies and destroy obstacles.
AmyRose Amy Amy is a Hedgehog and is on a new journey to save the galaxy from Eggman's army. Amy isn't the strongest character in the game, but she can use her Piko Piko Hammer to attack enemies.
208px-Blaze06 Blaze Blaze is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds and decides to go on the journey with Sonic and his friends to save the galaxy. Blaze can perform many abilities such as her drift and boost. Blaze can also perform attacks such as her Homing attack and Fire Claw.
Cream2 Cream Cream is a Rabbit who also is the owner of Cheese the Chao and is on a great quest to save the galaxy with her friends. Cream can use her ears for flying and can use Cheese as a weapon for attacking enemies.
BigtehCat Big Big is a heavy Cat who is on a new adventure to save the galaxy with his friends. Big is the slowest character and he can't perform high jumps, but he can punch well.
Vector Vector Vector is Crocodile and is the leader of Team Chaotix. Vector goes on a new adventure through the galxy to defeat Eggman. Vector can perform many attacks and can perform parkour.
Shadowth espio Espio Espio the Chameoleon is a member of Team Chaotix. Like Knuckles, Espio is a strong character and can run at fast speeds. He's goes on a adventure across the galaxy to defeat Eggman's army. Many of Espios attacks are very helpful at times.
Charmy Bee Charmy Charmy Bee is another member of Team Chaotix. Charmy travels across the galaxy on his new adventure with Sonic and the rest of his friends. Charmy may look small, but he can pack a punch and can fly at great heights.
N/A Pete Pete is a Platypus who is found by Sonic and Tails after crash landing on Green Hill. Pete's main enemy, George the Great has traveled to Mobius and teams up with Eggman to destroy the galaxy. Pete decides to team up with Sonic and friends and go on a new adventure through the galaxy.


Image Character Description
Bean Bean Bean is taft Duck who helps out Sonic and his friends. He helps out by following them by following them and throwing bomb at enemies which is a real help sometimes whenever a hoard of enemies arrive.
Bark Bark Bark is a slow but strong polar bear who lifts heavy obstacles out of the way.
Mighty Mighty Mighty is a powerful helper who breaks open doors and can get through tight spaces with punches. He can also wipe out more than 3 obstacles at a time.
126px-Yuji uekawa tikal 32 Tikal Tikal is a female echidna with the ability to teleport enemies completely away and create a clearer path.
Sonicchannel emerl Emerl Emerl is a robot superweapon programmed to attack and destroy whole rows of enemies.


Image Character Description


Shadow is a Hedgehog and is a clone of Sonic made by Dr. Eggman. Shadow serves as a villain and can perform many attacks such as his Homing attack. After Shadow is defeated in a battle he decides to betray Eggman's army and become a hero.
Metal sonic 4 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is the robot version of Sonic created by Dr. Eggman. Metal Sonic serves as a villain and works for Eggman and his army. Metal Sonic can perform many attacks such as his Homing attack, rockets, and more.
SilverSonic Silver Sonic Silver Sonic is another robotic clone of Sonic made by Dr. Eggman. Silver Sonic's attacks are very similar to Metal Sonic, but Silver Sonic causes more damage with his attacks.
Jetfreeriders Jet Jet is a Hawk who loves to compete against others and win. He challenges players in a race on one of the planets in the second galaxy and the same with his friends, Wave and Storm. Jet and his two friends are bosses later in the game.
Wave 6 Wave Wave is a Swallow and is apart of Jet's group. Jet also challenges Sonic and his friends in a race in one of the galaxies. She is later fought with Jet and Storm in a boss battle.
StormFR Storm Storm is a Albatross who is apart of Jet's group as well. Storm also challenges Sonic and his friends in a race later in the game. He is later fought with Wave and Storm too in a boss battle.
Black Oak Black Oak Black Oak is an enemy and is apart of the Black Arms race. Black Oaks can cause damage and can attack by using it's sharp claws to attack.
Black Warrior Black Warrior Black Warriors is an enemy and apart of the Black Arms race. Black Warriors are similar to Black Oaks, but much more powerful. Black Warrior can perform attacks such as it's sharp claws and fist.
Black Hawk Black Hawk Black Hawk is an enemy and is apart of the Black Arms race. Black Hawks are flying enemies and can attack by swooping into players and causing damage,
GUN Robot G.U.N Robot G.U.N Robots are robots from the G.U.N Corporation and have sent their robots to stop Eggman and his army, but due to malfunctioning all G.U.N robots are after Sonic and his friends. G.U.N robots attack by shooting ammo from their arms which are guns.
Chaos Chaos TBA







  • Eggman Nega makes a second appearence after years of absence.
  • The Black Arms alien race makes another appearence.
  • The Chao Garden once again makes an appearence.
  • New characters and villians such as Pete the Platypus and Captain Metalbeard appear.
  • Devil Doom is said to appear.