Sonic night Of Darkness

Sonic the Hedgehog; Night of Darkness is a action adventure game where you play as Sonic and his friends. It will be released on the Nintendo Wii.


One day sonic was eating chilli dogs with tails when they saw a robot walk up to them. the robot had a message from Eggman. Eggman told them to go to mecha village at night time so they agreed. when they got there, there was a room. they went in and found eggman with many lazer cannons hooked up to a sparkly dark jewel. just when Eggman fires the lazer he changes direction to the sun and destroys the light. the jewel gains extra power in the night time so it blows Sonic and Tails to different places across the world.


  • Sonic: A laid back, cool hedgehog that always saves the world.
  • Tails: Sonic's best friend thats a inventor and can fly.
  • knuckles: A real tough fighter that protects the master emerald.
  • Amy: A girl who is obsessed with sonic uses her mallet when angry.
  • Shadow: A mysterious, shady hedgehog who lost his memory.
  • Rouge: A sneaky stealer who collects beautiful jewels.
  • Omega: A robot who was supposed to side against Shadow but now works with him.
  • Cream: A cute rabbit girl who has a chao called cheese.
  • Silver: A hedgehog from the future and is rivals with sonic.
  • Blaze: A purple cat who posseses the Sol Emeralds.
  • Espio: A chameleon who is a ninja on team Chaotix.
  • Charmy: A charming little bee on team Chaotix
  • Vector: A greedy crocodile on team Chaotix wanting money.
  • Big: A big cat who is determined to save his pet Froggy.
  • Metal Sonic: A evil robotic version of Sonic.
  • Eggman: A evil mastermind behind all the evil in the world.


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