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Sonic the Hedgehog: Full Edition
The Title Screen
Developer(s) SEGA
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Downloadable on 3DS
Release Date(s)
June 23, 2016
Genre(s) Platforming
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
 Sonic the Hedgehog: Full Edition is a downloadable game for the 3DS.  It is made to celebrate the twenty-five years of Sonic, similar to how Mario got a remake of Super Mario Bros. on his birthday.  The game keeps everything in the game, but adds new stages and challenges, plus new modes!


Classic Mode

This mode plays like the original game!  There are seven zones, all item boxes are from the original game, and you also cannot spindash unless you turn it on in "Classic Options".  Tails can be played by holding "B" and start and Knuckles can be played by holding "X" and start.  You may play with two players in this mode, as Sonic and Tails.  Hold "Y" and start to start up the mode with the duo.

Extra Mode

Extra mode adds two new zones (and bosses), adds the Sonic 3 monitors, and adds cutscenes.  Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles can be selected from the character select, and you have to play as any one of them through the whole game.  Bosses have added techniques and some bonuses are added.  A seventh emerald is added to this mode, and if you get all of the emeralds, you can turn into your super form.

Time Attack Mode

In this mode, you can race on any course, as long as you've completed it in Classic Mode.  Beat the clock and set up world records!

Versus Mode

You and another player must race each other on a course, and make it to the end before the other!  As bosses cannot be fought, Final Zone is not playable.

Challenge Mode

You can do challenges here!  There are five challenges in every mode.  After you do a mission you get a Sonic Token.  These can unlock stuff in the Galery and add to the sound test, plus more!


Button 1 Button 2 Function
Controlpad - Move
WiiU A Button - Jump/Confirm
WiiU A Button Controlpad (down) Spindash (extras)
WiiU A Button WiiU A Button Use Shield Function/Fly/Glide
WiiU B Button - Cancel
16px-Wiimote Plus - Pause/Unpause


Character Image Description Unique Abilities In Original Game?
Sonic Sonicthehedgehog The blue blur is back in his old days!  With no time to waste, he's going to save all of the animals!  Can he stop Dr. Robotnik again?
  • Roll
  • Spindash (can be set in options)
Tails Tails 2 (1) The best bud of Sonic is back!  In extra mode, anyway.  He can fly, but there isn't much else to him.
  • Fly
Knuckles Knuckles 1 The knucklehead returns to the battle, but in extra mode.  He can glide and climb walls, and he can break certain types of walls.
  • Glide/Climb
  • Wall Breaker
Metal Sonic Metal sonic chaos Metal Sonic is only seen in Missions Mode, where in the second mission of the second act of a zone you must beat him to the end! *Race Character* No
Dr. Robotnik EggmanS3 Dr Robotnik is back to enslave and roboticize all of the animals!  Will he succeed (for once)? *Boss* Yes


Zone Description Theme Order in Original Order in Extra Is it in Original Game?
Green Hill The first, most famous zone of the series!  The top part of the stage is beautiful and rather simple, but closer to the bottom you can fall off and spike pits are more common.  Waterfalls can be seen roaring in the background, and there are some in the stage itself! Hills 1 1 Yes
Marble Marble zone is kind of out of place, because it comes right after a peaceful zone!  Temples and lava are everywhere!  The stages are actually rather short, but you go up and down quite a lot. Dark 2 5 Yes
Spring Yard Who could forget what started up the casino theme?  Springs, bumpers, and some tough enemies will hinder some of your progress, but some actually may enjoy the bouncy madness. Casino 3 2 Yes
Bone Desert A new level!  The Bone Desert is the speediest zone in the game.  You can run through several loop-de-loops and spin in the underground tubes! Desert - 3 No
Labyrinth The frusturating Labyrinth Zone makes a comeback!  Water covers up a vast amount of the stage and there are little rings to save your life.  This is probably the hardest zone in the game... Aqua/Maze 4 6 Yes
Star Light Star Light!  This is the speediest zone in the game, aside from the extra "Bone Desert".  The top is all about loop-de-loops, but the bottom requires precise and careful movement. City 5 4 Yes
Vile Mountain Vile Mountain is very dangerous!  Lava is everywhere and many enemies threaten your existance here.  The third act is mechanical and actually has freezing water instead of lava! Volcano - 7 No

Scrap Brain

The last big zone of the game!  The first act has many pits to fall into and is based on a city mixed with factory elements.  The inside, in act 2, is much more like a factory, and flamethrowers and saws are much more common. City/Factory 6 8 Yes
Final The final showdown!  Stop Robotnik here and save the day! Factory 7 9 Yes


The second attack (besides the Egg Crushers boss) is an extra attack added in Extra Mode.

Boss Zone Attacks
Wrecking Ball Green Hill
  • Swing Ball
  • Ball Toss
Fireball Weapon Marble
  • Fireball Drop
  • Fire Rain
Spike Weapon Spring Yard
  • Floor Break
  • Fireball Drop
Flame Weapon Bone Desert
  • Fire Spit
  • Ram
Egg Retreat Labyrinth
  • Run Away
  • Ram
Mine Weapon Star Light
  • Mine Drop
  • Mine Storm
Icicle Weapon Vile Mountain
  • Icicle Drop
  • Floor Freeze
Gunner (extra mode) Scrap Brain
  • Fire Away
  • Missile Fire
Egg Crushers Final
  • Crush
  • Electric Balls


  • Green Hill
    • Act One
      • Collect 120 rings and finish the level.
      • Defeat 6 enemies.
    • Act Two
      • Finish the stage under one minute.
      • Race Metal Sonic to the end.
    • Act Three
      • Avoid damage and finish the level.
      • Defeat Dr. Robotnik without taking damage.
  • Marble Zone
    • Act One
      • Collect 80 rings and finish the level.
      • Defeat 8 enemies.
    • Act Two
      • Finish the stage under three minutes.
      • Race Metal Sonic to the end.
    • Act Three
      • Avoid the lava pits and finish the level.
      • Defeat Dr. Robotnik under 20 seconds.
  • Spring Yard
    • Act One
    • Act Two
    • Act Three
  • Bone Desert
    • Act One
    • Act Two
    • Act Three
  • Labyrinth
    • Act One
    • Act Two
    • Act Three
  • Star Light
    • Act One
    • Act Two
    • Act Three
  • Vile Mountain
    • Act One
    • Act Two
    • Act Three
  • Scrap Brain
    • Act One
    • Act Two
    • Act Three


  • Ring Box
    • It gives you ten rings at once.
  • Power Sneakers
    • They drastically increases your speed.
    • Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Invincibility
    • It lasts for 30 seconds.
    • It protects you from everything besides crushers and bottomless pits.
  • Shields
    • One is a normal shield.
      • It has no special powers.
    • Another is a water shield. (EXTRA)
      • It makes you bounce if you press "A" in the air.
      • It prevents you from drowning.
    • There is a lightning shield. (EXTRA)
      • It makes you double jump in the air.
      • It prevents you from taking damage from lightning attacks.
      • It attracts rings to you.
    • Finally, there is a fire shield. (EXTRA)
      • You can burst in the air.
      • It allows you to walk on lava.
      • It protects you from all forms of fire.
  • Extra Life
    • It gives you an extra life.
  • Robotnik (EXTRA)
    • It makes you lose rings, and if you have none, you lose a life.


  • This is the first time that Knuckles has officially appeared in "Sonic the Hedgehog".

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