Sonic the Hedgehog: Back to the Origins
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Incorporated
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Megamer]
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 25px-Flag of USA June 23, 2016

25px-Flag of Europe June 26, 2016

Single-player, Mission Mode, Time Trial.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3-D Platformer-Racing Game
Media Included Megamer Cartridge
Sonic the Hedgehog: Back to the Origins (Sonic the Hedgehog: 25th Anniversary in Japan and Europe) is a game made and published by UniversalGaming Incorporated, the game has been made to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Sonic in June 2016. The game is exclusive to the Megamer.


Hero Story

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Dark Story

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Neutral Story

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The game works similar to Sonic Adventure 2. There are 3 stories to player chosses, the Hero story, the Evil story, and the newer Neutral story, each one have your part on the story, each character have your own style to play, for example, Sonic's gameplay is more focused in racing, while Tails' gameplay is more focused in exploration. The game have two unlockable modes, the Time Trial Mode and the Mission Mode, in the Time Trial Mode, the player needs complete the stage in a record time and in the Mission Mode, the player needs complete missions in every stage in the game.


Hero Story

Character Name Description Gameplay Style
Sonicbacktotheorigins Sonic the Hedgehog "The fastest thing alive is here to commemorate his 25th anniversary in a new adventure." More racing, less exploration.
Tailsbacktotheorigins Miles "Tails" Prower "Sonic's best friend is here to help him again (obviously) to defeat Eggman!... again. Less racing, more exploration.
Knucklesbacktotheorigins Knuckles the Echidna "Sometimes good, sometimes bad, Knuckles is here to help Sonic and Tails to defeat Eggman." Just exploration, not racing.
Amybacktotheorigins Amy Rose "The hedgehog girl who only wants Sonic's love is here to help him." Escape from Zero, just puzzles.
Blazebacktotheorigins Blaze the Cat "Blaze is here to recover the Chaos Emeralds, so she may prove herself to the others." Just Exploration, not racing.
Tikal Tikal the Echidna "Tikal is the ancient protector of the Emerald Shine, and she wants the emeralds back to stop Chaos." Racing against another characters.
Gamma Gamma "Gamma is a robot created by Eggman, rebuilt from his past death, and now he wants revenge." Shooting
Creambacktotheorigins Cream the Rabbit "Cream is here to help Sonic and save her mother again." Escape from E-105 Ezio.

Evil Story

Character Name Description Gameplay Style
Shadowbacktotheorigins Shadow the Hedgehog "Shadow is here to discover what happened in his past." Racing with Shooting.
Rougebacktotheorigins Rouge the Bat "Rouge is here to get the Emeralds and become rich selling them." Just Exploration.
Omegbacktotheorigins E-123 Omega "Omega is a robot created by Eggman, and he's here to help Shadow once more." Shooting
Eggmann Dr. Eggman "Eggman is a evil-genius who wants defeat Sonic once for all, yet somehow, he convinced Shadow to work with him once more." Exploration and Shooting
Chaosbacktotheorigins Chaos "The evil monster of Angel Island is back, now wants his revenge over Sonic and his friends." Exploration
(Space reserved to Mephiles the Dark). (Space reserved to Mephiles the Dark). (Space reserved to Mephiles the Dark). (Space reserved to Mephiles the Dark).


Character Name Description Gameplay Style
Bigthecat Big the Cat "Big is a giant cat who lives in a forest, he wants rescue his best friend, Froggy." Fishing
Espio Espio the Chameleon "Espio is the leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency, and he must use his skill to face a new threat." Racing
Vectorbacktotheorigins Vector the Crocodile "Vector is the boss of the Chaotix, and now he and his team is working for a unknown client." Exploration
Charmy Charmy the Bee "Charmy may be small, but he's ready to help his fellow Chaotix." Exploration
Emerl Emerl "Emerl is a robot created by an ancient civilization to become the ultimate warrior, but now he works for the Chaotix." Fighting
Silverbacktotheorigins Silver the Hedgehog "Silver is here to stop Mephiles once more and restore the future." Racing


Action Stages

This are stages only for action.

Stage Picture Name Level Order
Abadat Night Abadat Night
  • 5° (Hero)
  • 3° (Dark)
  • 1° (Neutral)
Angel Island Angel Island
  • 2° (Hero)
  • 1° (Dark)
  • 3° (Neutral)
Arid Gorge Arid Gorge
  • 7° (Hero)
  • 2° (Dark)
  • 9° (Neutral)
Blue Bay Blue Bay
  • 1° (Hero)
  • 4° (Dark)
  • 7° (Neutral)
Dragon Village Dragon Village
  • 4° (Hero)
  • 8° (Dark)
  • 2° (Neutral)
Eggscape Eggship
  • 2° (Hero)
  • 10° (Dark)
  • 5° (Neutral)
Hang Castle Hang Castle
  • 6° (Hero)
  • 5° (Dark)
  • 8° (Neutral)
Land on Sky Land on the Sky
  • 11° (Hero)
  • 9° (Dark)
  • 10° (Neutral)
Neo Green Hill Neo Green Hill
  • 9° (Hero)
  • 11° (Dark)
  • 6° (Neutral)
Seaside Hill Seaside Hill
  • 3° (Hero)
  • 7° (Dark)
  • 1° (Neutral)
Underwater Capital Underwater Capital
  • 7° (Hero)
  • 10° (Dark)
  • 11° (Neutral)
Burned City The Destroyed City
  • 12° (Hero, Dark and Neutral)

Adventure Stages

This are cities when the player can move to the next action stage, like in Sonic Adventure 1.

Stage Name Links to...
Alert Station Alert Station
  • Hang Castle
City Siege City Siege
  • Underwater Captial
  • Seaside Hill
  • Blue Bay
Mystic Ruins Mystic Ruins
  • Arid Gorge
  • Abadat Night
Selimiye Mosque II Selimiye Mosque II
  • Angel Island
  • Dragon Village
Sky Town Sky Town
  • Eggship
  • Land on the Sky
Solaris' Lair Solaris' Liar
  • Neo Green Hill
  • The Destroyed City.
Train Station Train Station
  • Any of previous Adventure Stages.

The Chaos Emeralds

Chaos Emeralds

In the game, the player needs catch 7 Chaos Emeralds in each story, making this unlock the Last Story and eventually the Last Stage.

Hero Story

  1. Green Emerald - Defeat E-101 Beta in 2 minutes.
  2. Light Blue Emerald - Defeat E-103 Delta in 2 minutes.
  3. Yellow Emerald - Defeat E-104 Epsilon in 2 minutes.
  4. Red Emerald - Defeat E-105 Ezio in 2 minutes.
  5. Blue Emerald - Defeat Egg-Robo in 2 minutes.
  6. Purple Emerald - Defeat Mecha Knuckles in 2 minutes.
  7. Grey Emerald - Defeat Alf-Layla-wa-Layla in 2 minutes.

Dark Story

  1. Green Emerald - Hidden in Angel Island.
  2. Light Blue Emerald - Hidden in Arid Gorge.
  3. Yellow Emerald - Hidden in Abadat Night.
  4. Red Emerald - Hidden in Blue Bay.
  5. Blue Emerald - Hidden in Hang Castle.
  6. Purple Emerald - Hidden in Land on the Sky.
  7. Grey Emerald - Hidden in Seaside Hill.

Neutral Story

  1. Green Emerald - Find the hidden letter in the Abadat Night.
  2. Light Blue Emerald - Find the hidden letter in the Dragon Village.
  3. Yellow Emerald - Find the hidden letter in the Angel Island.
  4. Red Emerald - Find the hidden letter in Seaside Hill.
  5. Blue Emerald - Find the hidden letter in Eggship.
  6. Purple Emerald - Find the hidden letter in Neo Green Hill.
  7. Grey Emerald - Find the hidden letter in Blue Bay.


Hero's Story

Boss Name Characters you can choose Stage
E-100 Zero E-100 Zero Sonic or Tails Eggship



  • Archie Comics: Completing missions, the player unlocks issues of the Sonic Archie Comics.
  • Sonic - Birth of a Icon: A 36-minute long video telling the beginning of the Sonic series, to unlock this, the player need complete the game once.
  • Sonic OVA: A special anime launched in DVD in 1994, to unlock this, the player need complete the Boss Rush with all Hero characters.
  • Back to the Origins: A 15-minute video telling the creation of this game, to unlock this, the player need complete the Boss Rush with all Dark characters.
  • Unlockable Games: The game have several classic and modern games to be unlocked.


  • In the Japanese and European version of the game, the Dark story is called the Evil story.