This episode was released in September, 2010. This is the fourth episode in the series and season 1. It is witten by Toln the Echidna (Talk).


(Sonic and Sally are walking along, while Sonic tells her the situation)

Sally: Wow! Robotnik is trying to take over Mobius!

Sonic: What?!

Sally: He's been captured several times, while trying to take over, but he's always escaped. Except this time he won't.

Sonic: Well his plan seems pretty elaborate...

Sally: We have to find him and stop him.

Theme Song plays

Sonic: So where to next?

Sally: Don't you have a map?!

Sonic: No... Uncle Chuck had it.

Sally: Okay then... We can find some of my dad's soldiers at the Bridge Zone and get a map. And maybe some help.

Sonic: Guards?

Sally: Oh yeah... My dad is King Acorn...

Sonic: No way!

Sally: Yes, but forget about that, we need to get to the Bridge Zone. I can get us there, I think...

Sonic: Okay then, let's get moving.

(They are walking along when suddenly, Robotnik appears in his Eggpod)

Robotnik: Hello there, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic: Uh oh!

Robotnik: Hehehehe...

(Lowers wrecking ball from bottom of Eggpod. Starts swinging)

(Sonic and Sally jump into action. They run, and jump their way to the top of the Eggpod and jump on top of it. This destroys the wrecking ball. Robotnik flies away)

Robotnik: I'll get you for this!

Sally: Don't count on it!

(Sonic and Sally high five)

Sonic: Whhoooo...!

Sally: Come on... We have lots of ground to cover.

Credits roll. Outro plays.

Venture to the Bridge Zone in the next episode!

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