This episode was released in July, 2010. This is the third episode in the series and season 1. It is witten by Toln the Echidna (tbc).


(Sonic and Chuck are walking along in a grassy area.)

Chuck: So... Having fun?

Sonic: No.

Chuck: Of course you are! That was a silly question!

Sonic: ...

Chuck: Are you hungry?

Sonic: No.

Chuck: Of course you are! That was a silly question! What are you hungry for?

Sonic: I'm not!

Chuck: Oh...

Sonic: How long is this going to take!? (Silence) Uncle Chuck? Uncle Chuck? Oh no!

Theme song plays.

Sonic: Uncle Chuck!? Uncle Chuck!? I bet Robotnik did this. Now I have to stop him.

(Sonic runs. And runs. And runs.)

Sonic: Man! How far is it?

(Robots start appearing everywhere)

Sonic: Uh oh!

(Jumps and spin dashes several robots. Thay eventually overwhelm him and put him in a bag.)

Sonic: Help!

(Screen fades out)

(A female chipmunk is walking along and sees several robots carrying a strange bundle)

Unknown chipmunk: What is going on!? I'd better go check it out.

(The chipmunk follows the robots at a distance)

Chipmunk: I need a chance to grab whatever they're carrying.

(She grabs a stick. Sonic suddenly bursts out of the bag and attacks the robots and the chipmunk helps with the stick.)

Sonic: Just a few more!

(All robots are now destroyed)

Sonic: Thanks!

Chipmunk: Your welcome! I'm Sally!

Sonic: I'm Sonic. Would you mind helping me out?

Sally: With what?

Sonic: I'll tell you while we walk.

End of Episode

The adventure continues in the next episode.

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