This episode premiered on July 6, 2010. It is the second episode in the series and in season 1. It is written by Toln the Echidna (tbc).


(Sonic is running through a field. He slows to a stop. He notices something moving in the distance.)

Sonic: What is that!?

(Object moves closer)
Sonic: It looks like some sort of large robotic beetle. That's the weirdest thing I've ever seen in Mobius! Although it's not the weirdest thing ever. That was what happenned on the visit to the United Federation. (shivers)

(Sonic inspects it closely. The beetle attacks. Sonic spin dashes it.)

Theme Song plays

Sonic: Woah! I just did that, didn't I!

(A squirrel runs from the wreckage)

Sonic: Oh no! He did it. I better go tell Uncle Chuck.

(Runs off. Black screen. Appears at Chuck's house. Chuck is reading newspaper. Sonic goes in.)

Sonic: He did it! Robotnik finally did it!

Chuck: He's using the power sources now?

Sonic: Yes. I was out at the field and I saw a large robotic beetle. It attacked me and I destroyed it when...

Chuck: You destroyed it!? How!?

Sonic: I curled myself into a ball and dashed at it really fast. Anyway inside was a...

Chuck: Cool!

Sonic: ...

Chuck: Sorry.

Sonic: Inside was a squirrel!

Chuck: Oh no. We have to stop him.

Sonic: What do you mean?

Chuck: We're going to stop him. I'll find a map. Our first stop should be Green Hill.

Sonic: But...

Chuck: No buts! Pack your bags. We're going on vacation.

Credits roll. Outro plays.

The adventure continues in the next episode.

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