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This episode premiered on July 2, 2010. This is the first episode in the series and Season 1. It is written by Toln the Echidna (tbc).


Black screen. A door opens. A figure takes a basket from the ground. In the basket is a small blue Hedgehog. Black screen. Figure runs extremely fast by the screen. 7/2/10 is shown in large text.


(Chuck is sitting in recliner reading a paper and drinking coffee.There is a knock at the door. Chuck gets up and opens the door. There is a basket on the doorstep. In it is a baby hedgehog. Chuck picks it up and takes it inside.)

Theme Song plays

7 years later

(Sonic is now 8 years old. He is playing on the carpet when there is a knock at the door. Chuck gets it. Behind it is an egg-shaped young adult.)

Chuck: Robotnik my boy. I haven't seen you for a long time.

Robotnik: You too! Guess what!

Chuck: Just a guess (sarcasm), but you've invented something that does something.

Robotnik: That's vague, but you're right. I've invented a power source that get's it power from small animals. You just put a small animal inside and you have instant power for anything.

Chuck: Isn't that kind of cruel?

Robotnik: It doesn't hurt them!

Chuck: They still don't get to live out the rest of their lives as, well, animals! I think it's evil!

Robotnik: They're just animals! Besides, it's helpful!

(Sonic is eavesdropping)

Chuck: Leave!

Robotnik: What!?

Chuck: Get out of my house! Now!

Robotnik: Fine.

(Robotnik leaves. Sonic comes out of hiding.)

Sonic: Uncle Chuck, who was that?

Chuck: That was a friend. Or he used to be. We used to invent things together. I'm afraid I gave him the idea to build that power source. Before we moved on with our own lives, I told him we should start to work on a power source. I guess he did. We lost touch after that. You should go to bed. It's bedtime.

Sonic: Night!

Chuck: Night.

2 years later.

(Sonic is now 10. Chuck and Sonic have a chili dog stand set up outside. They are both eating chili dogs. Business is booming. Robotnik drives by on a strange vehicle.)

Chuck: Hey Sonic. Use your super speed to catch Robotnik. (Pulls out strange device) Attatch this to the vehicle.

Sonic: Okay.

(Runs and attatches device, vehicle stops)

Robotnik: I'll get you for this!!!

3 years later.

(Blur goes by screen)

Sonic (narration): I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. My adventure starts here.

Credits roll. Outro plays.

The adventure continues in next episode.

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