sonic balls is a 2010 Wii game. it's basically sonic the hedgehog but they turned into bouncy balls by dr. eggman.


sonic was running around, defeating eggman, and stuff. but eggman got his ray and turned sonic and everybody into bouncy balls. then sonic tails, knuckles and amy teamed up to turn back to normal and kill eggman

sonic and co. meet shadow, who was also turned into ball. they try and defeat shadow, and they did. shadow becomes sonic's brot-- i mean friend, and they became allies, too.

the final boss is of course ggman, and sonic got turned back to normal and shreds eggman into half with his 2-D homing attack

sonic and amy got married the end


sonic ball (playable)

tails ball (playable)

knuckles ball (playable)

amy ball (playable)

shadow ball(playable)

eggman (not playable cuz he is evil)


sonic balls won 3 game of the year awards

10/10 - IGN

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