Chapter One: War of the Skies

At the beginning of the story, Sonic is hanging out at his old time favorite place, Green Hill Zone. Sonic's animal friends are gathered all around him, playing and having a good time while Sonic is simply laying back with his eyes closed. Then, the peace of this beautiful evening is interrupted when a storm starts to form above. The first sign was a jolt of lightning, followed by a clap of thunder. All of the animal friends fled, Sonic jumping up and looking around. Before he even gets the chance to find out what had just happened, rain starts pouring down everywhere, the thunder claps getting louder and tree leaves blowing violently, lightning bolts striking so far down it looked like they were hitting the ground. The worst part was, they only seemed to be getting closer. Not thinking twice, Sonic gets under a tree, only for a lightning bolt to strike right towards him. It all happened so fast, Sonic let out a small cry as the screen suddenly goes white, and you can hear a high-pitched ringing.

A few seconds later, the scene reopens on a female voice repeatedly saying stuff to try to wake Sonic up. Sonic groans, his eyesight still blurry as he looks up at the woman above him. Once she saw Sonic awake, she stopped talking and smiled. This woman was Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting. She looked beautiful, with white hair, pale skin, and royal-like apparel. Artemis explained to Sonic that she'd quickly saved him before Zeus struck him with lightning, and Sonic asks why. Arthemis explains the currently, the gods are at war because Reincarnation of Kronos was approaching. Then, she hands him a weapon called the Bow of Wisdom and tells Sonic that he must use it to stop Kronos from reincarnating and to stop the gods from fighting. First, they practice, and Sonic gets used to the sword pretty easily. But in the middle of training, Artemis' home town, Ephleos, is attacked. Sonic offers his help, and jumps right into battle.

Chapter Two: Hermes' Support

After Sonic defeated the intruders, him and Artemis talk more about what's going on. Hades, Hercules, and Ares have teamed up to restore pieces of Kronos's body, while Athena, Hermes, Iris, and Apollo are doing whatever they can to stop them. Sonic seems up to the challenge, the Artemis explains that he's no threat to the Gods at the state he's in. She suggests seeing Hermes in his shop for an upgrade on weapons, and so Sonic heads down to Iponum City right away.

Once Sonic reaches Iponum City, he meets Hermes, who Sonic automatically thinks resembles Tails, but reminds himself that he's not on Mobius. Hermes greets both Sonic and Artemis, but wonders why there is a mortal on Olympus. Artemis explains that Sonic is the destined hero to stop Kronos. Hermes believes Artemis, saying that he remembers "The Legend", and offers to upgrade Sonic's Bow of Wisdom. Afterwards, Hermes also gives Sonic a pair of flight shoes to help him reaches higher points in Mount Olympus. However, these shoes require the power of a God or Goddess to make them work, so Artemis offers some of her power. This power is limited and takes time to recharge, so Sonic is told to use the flight shoes well.

After putting on his new shoes, Sonic must now head out to find Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She's the leaders of the Gods and Goddess that are going to prevent Kronos from being restored, so Artemis says Sonic must meet Athena right away to prove he is the legendary hero. Thanking Hermes, Sonic and Artemis set off towards the skies, where the Olympian angels witness the first flying hedgehog ever.

Chapter 3: Zeus's Unwelcoming Storm

While flying through the skies of Olympus, dark grey and purple clouds start to form, blocking the sun and making everything dark. While Sonic is about to ask Arthemis what's going on, suddenly the clouds change to a raging storm, lightning striking down and the thunder roaring. Artemis takes over Sonic's flight directions, as she commands him to shoot the upcoming enemies. As time passes, the storm only seems to be getting worse, the rain weighing down on Sonic's shoe wings and causing him the fall closer towards the ground. Artemis explains that Zeus is probably having another fight with one of the gods, and when he does, these storms always happens.

As she is talking, a lightning bolt shoots out Sonic's left shoe wing, as he starts to loose his balance in the air. Artemis tells Sonic to close his eyes as there's a sudden increase in flight speed, Sonic hurdling closer towards the ground as Artemis' powers die out and the shoes stop working, causing Sonic to fall. At the last minute, a bubble forms around Sonic and slowly lowers him towards the ground. Artemis claims to have nothing to do with it, leaving Sonic to wonder who saved his life.

Artemis suggest that Sonic should run the rest of the way, as it is too dangerous to fly while the storm is going on. Sonic agrees, and after some running, Artemis recognizes the area they are in the Dark Forest. Various underworld creatures could be found running through the shadows of the trees, making the area seem spooky and deadly. While running, Sonic encounters a demigod named Thanatos, who claims to be the son of Hades. He has heard of Sonic's intention to stop his father from collecting the pieces to Kronos's body, and tries to stop him. Sonic takes that challenge, and duels Thanatos.

Chapter 4: A Lovable Goddess

After defeating Thanatos, Sonic runs off to the next section of Olympus, known as the Hidden Valleys. As he is running, Sonic and Artemis encounter a goddess that resembles Amy, but looks older and more mature. She introduces herself as Lady Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. She compliments Sonic as a very handsome and strong warrior, saying that she has been looking over Sonic, and saved him when he was about to fall to his death. Sonic thanks the goddess for what she did earlier, and ask if she knows where to find Athena. The goddess asks why Sonic doesn't stay a little while longer, to give them time to flirt. Artemis confronts her, where Aphrodite finally gives in, leading Sonic onto a secret passage that will get him straight to Athena and whoever she's with. Sonic thanks her again, and goes on his way.

While running, Sonic encounters yet another Demigod named Armina, who is the daughter of Hercules. Unlike Thanatos, she respected the blue hedgehog, but still did not approve of him trying to take down her father. She challenges Sonic, surprisingly having her own pair of flight shoes and going into the air, getting out a spear and shield. Sonic snickers, getting out his Bow of Wisdom and Artemis enabling his flight power. Sonic and Armina prepare for duel.

Chapter 5: Princess of the Gods

Once Sonic reaches the end of the secret passage, he comes across a huge orchard field filled with the freshest fruits, making the entire area look beautiful. In the center, there is a anthropomorphic woman sitting at a table in a clear area, talking to which seem to be another group of Gods and Goddesses. Sonic slowly and calmly walks over there, Artemis by his side. Somehow, the goddess heard him, turning her head around quickly. Immediately, Sonic recognized her as Blaze, but didn't bring it up because they didn't know about his friends down on Mobius. Artemis introduces Sonic, but Athena thinks this is some sort of joke, saying that the true legend cannot be a puny as Sonic. That's until Sonic offers to take on anyone or anything the goddess can throw at him. Athena thinks for a second, and then challenges Sonic herself. 

After the battle, Athena stood defeated, and nearly turned Sonic into a spider for embarressing her. Artemis quickly stops her, reminding Athena that they need Sonic to take down Kronos. The goddess of wisdom spares his life, and tells the other gods that they have to prepare to go to Mount Olympus, the biggest part of all of Olympus. Athena runs off, Sonic running right beside her and smiling. Athena rolls her eyes, but shows a smile as well.

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