Sonic and the Beanstalk
Author 763492
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Fantasy
Chapter(s) 1
Series A Video Game Classic Tale

This a story of Sonic and the Beanstalk - A Video Game Classic Tale


A Jack and the Beanstalk story with Sonic the Hedgehog twist.


At nigthtime in the planet known as Mobius, a fast-running blue hedeghog Sonic who invited his friends, Tails the two-tailed fox and Knuckles the Echidna, over to his house for a movie night on his TV. "So guys," Sonic said, "since you two are here, what flick would we enjoy tonight?" "I would perfer watching 12 Angry Foxes" Tails said."Nah, Tails, who would wanna watch that boring dated film?" Knuckles said, "How about we'd watch Raiders of the Lost Choas Emerald instead? Because I love to watch something that has a action-packed stories." "Aww, come on, Knuck', not that!" Tails complained, "I can't stand that movie with violence and I don't care that is just a movie." "Okay, you two, enough," said Sonic avoiding his friends fighting over the film, "let's just enjoy what Knuckles suggested tonight." "OK, whatever," Tails hmphed, "I won't mind anyway."

So Sonic picked up a DVD case of Raiders of the Lost Choas Emerald and slided the DVD disc inside the DVDR. "Now since we're watching this," Sonic said as the movie started, "How about some chillidogs for my friends?" "Count us in, Sonic!" Tails and Knickles said. So as Sonic went to the ketchin, he opened the refrigerator to find that he's out of hot dogs and chilis. "Well shoot," he said, "it looks like we won't have any chilidogs at all. But hey, I would go to the store to buy some more without my firends knowing it, if the store still opened during the night."

So Sonic, as the speed of lighting, zooms off to the city heading off to the Mobius Grocery Center. But as he finally arrived, he discovered that the store is already closed for the night, in which he doesn’t understand why it had to be close since it was Friday and the store opened until 12:00 am, but now it was only 9:30 pm. And what’s bummer for the blue hedgehog was that it was the only grocery store that Mobius ever had and there’s no other places that Sonic would buy more dogs to make chilidogs for himself and his pals.

As Sonic was about to walk back home, a sound was suddenly caught his ears. “Pssssst!” “What? Who’s there?!” gasped Sonic looking around to find who’s making that noise, “Hello?” But no one answers until the noise was head again. “Psssssssst!” “Alright! I heard you the first time noise!” Sonic said if he was about fight, “Show yourself who you are! I dare you!” Sonic then turned to see a dark and strange looking figure stood there at the alley and stepped out from the shadow, walking toward Sonic, and stopped to revealing himself as a stranger with a suit coat and a malabar hat, and underneath were the glowing eyes peaked out staring at the blue hedgehog. “Who the heck are you?” demanded Sonic looking at the stranger, “Are you the strange looking character who made that hissing noise?” “None other, who do you expected? Mario?” said the stranger, “I was just watching you attempting to venture through that store which is close during 9:30 pm.” “Oh, a spy, huh? What did you want from me?” Sonic said. “I don’t want something from you, thank you,” the stranger said shook his head and waving his hands, “but I have something to give you.” The stranger reached from his pocket to present Sonic a small secret box wrapped up. “So, what’s in this box you reveled to me?” Sonic ask the stranger as he looked over the box, “Something special?” The stranger nodded his head. “You guessed it.” He said, “that’ll be five bucks please.” So Sonic give his $5.00 bills to the stranger before he was handing the box to the blue blur. “Enjoy your prize.” The stranger said. “Yeah, thanks,” Sonic said as he was walking away from him ready to leave home, but then stopped and thought about the box, “By the way, stranger, please tell me, that I almost forgot, what’s something special inside the b--?” As Sonic turned around, he was surprised to found that the stranger who gave him a small box was nowhere to be seen again. “How did you like that?” thought Sonic to himself, “that guy is out of sight some reason. Who was that guy anyway? Well, whoever and wherever he is, it seems that I will never get the chance to know what’s inside of this box. I wonder how special is in this. I assume that if this is some gold ring, or some kind of a Chaos Emerald to fill my power to help defeat evil (which includes Dr. Eggman). That could be very useful for me. Or if not, it could be chillidogs. Well, I don’t know for sure, but the only way to find out is take it home and show this to my buddies.”

Sonic dashes way back to his home. As he finally made it just in time, he saw both Tails and Knuckles arguing each other. “Hey, hey, guys!” Sonic shouted the two, “What’s all the fighting about?” “Tails purposely scratched up my movie!” Knuckles angrily complained. “No I didn’t!” replied Tails, “Knuckles did it! After all is his DVD!” “No I didn’t, you liar!” Knuckles talked back to the fox, “You’re the one who done this, all because you want to see your favorite part of the movie while I was trying to stop you, right until my DVD is messed up thanks to you!” The two friends continued to argue until Sonic shouted “STOP ALREADY!!!!!” Finally, Tails and Knuckles stop and then looked at Sonic, who then said, “I’m getting tired of you two fighting like small kids (although Tails is a small kid). Now can you please just apologize to each other?” “Okay, ‘dad’,” Tails and Knuckles said rolling their eyes and then looked each other, “I’m sorry.” “Better,” Sonic said satisfied, “Anyways, I bought something while I was out in the city.” He showed Tails and Knuckles a same small box, “A wired stranger with a hat and coat just sold this little thing to me.” Sonic said. “Really?” Knuckles said feeling interested of Sonic’s gift, “Although you shouldn’t take presents from that stranger,” “What’s inside, Sonic?” Tails asked. “Well, let’s find out for ourselves,” replied Sonic, “It might be very special and useful.”

So Sonic opened a small box to revel himself and his friends on what kind of the mysterious item is inside. As he did, it turned out however was a three small piece of red object. “Hmm, this looks like to me a small baby hot dogs.” Sonic said as he and his gang stared at the three small things in the confusement. “Well, they’re more look like beans.” Tails said. “And so they are,” Knuckles said, “Why would you buy this useless junk like those beans, Sonic?” “I have no idea,” Sonic said, “Because that stranger won’t even tell me what’s inside this small box. That nerve! I spent all of my five bucks with this! Oooh! That scammer! If I would eventually meet him again, wherever he is, I’m going to give a piece my mind in order to get my refund!” So Sonic angrily threw the box of beans out through the window and into a mud puddle. “And you know something, guys?” Sonic said yawing, “I getting bushed here, are you too?” “Yeah we are,” said Tails and Knuckles also yawing. “Well, let’s hit the sack.” Sonic said as the trio went upstairs to sleep.

Few minutes later as they already sounded asleep, little did Sonic and friends know that the three beans, that Sonic threw to the mud puddle, was not just the regular beans, because they contained magic which they began to sprout into a vine, which grew bigger and higher, bigger and higher reaching up to the heaven, caused by the moon light. Then later, as the morning rose, the three friends woke up in amazement when the whole house was dark, thinking that if was nighttime, until in the investigation, they opened the door to find a giant green-reddish vine reached up to the sky. “Whoa! Amazing!” Sonic gasped, “This might be the beans I threw here I the puddle last night, that turned into that!” “This is actually a beanstalk!” Tails said looking up in amazement over the giant plant, “So this means the beans were magical! I wonder what takes us to climb up there?” “Well, let’s find out. Let’s go.” Sonic said.

The three climbed up to the beanstalk, through the clouds to reach up to the heaven, until finally they came to their stop at the top of the beanstalk and surprised to see a giant castle stood on the clouds. The three friends never saw that castle much big before. They walked to towards to castle and stopped at the front porch. “Whatta big door!” Knuckles said. Sonic tried to knock on the door to see if someone lived there, but no one answered at all. So they decided to sneak through the small hole on the door to investigate inside the castle. “Sure is a big room all the small folks to live, huh, Sonic?” Tails said as three of them tours around the castle. Then they went to the kitchen to see a table stacked with delicious foods, which caught the three’s eyes. “Now that’s what I call a big meal!” Sonic said, “though there’s not chillidogs.”

As Sonic and friends climbs up to the table to dine in by eating small pieces of foods to each one of them, they suddenly heard a mysterious cry that went, “Help us!” “What’s that?” Tails gasped by the sound. “That’s sounds like somebody needs a desperate help from us.” Knuckles answered. “Let’s go and check it out.” Sonic said. The three went to the other side of the table to discover two prisoners got locked up inside a large cage, a world’s giant golden hen and a giant magic harp. “Who are you three?” said the harp looked to see three heroes. “We come in piece,” Sonic said, “we’re just some local heroes to help you up. Me, Sonic the Hedgehog, and my friends Knuckles and Tails. But first, we want to know, what on earth happened to you two got ending up in captivity like this and who done this?” “We were captured by that evil giant.” The golden hen replied, “And you three shouldn’t be here because you’ll be end up like us. So we suggest you to get out of here before it’s too late!” “Oh, don’t worry,” Sonic said, “there’s no one around her right now. So it’ll be our perfect time for us to release you free in not time. But where’s the key?” “The only where you can find the key is that giant who has it,” replied the harp until the giant footsteps began to rumble the entire room, “Uh-oh, speaking of the giant, here he comes now! You three better get out of here now!” But Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles hides behind the giant bowl instead, just before the giant ugly faced bearded man appearing in the kitchen and was about force the harp and the hen to do their work for him as he unlocked the cage to take them out. “Now, listen my precious slaves,” the giant said, “now that I kidnapped you two to my lair, I’m forcing you to do anything I demanded or else it’ll be your heads! Now get to work! You, hen, lay golden eggs for me, and you harp, play a relaxing and smoothing tune for me while I’m counting!” So the hen and the harp did what the giant dared them, while Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles secretly looks on, which the giant was aware of.

“Why that big bully monster!” Tails whispered, “He can’t do that to those poor souls. We gotta do something.” But then, as the three watch over the giant counting the hen’s golden eggs 6 times while the harp was playing the relaxing music, they watch the giant had suddenly fell asleep by the harp’s music. Which meant that Sonic and friends had their chance to free the hen and the harp. They tip-toed quietly and slowly towards the sleeping giant to reach the two of his prisoners, in which they successfully did. “Now it’s time to get out of this joint before that big guy wakes up from his slumber” Sonic whispered to the gang and the two prisoners. They quietly tip-toed from the giant to reach the edge of the table, until suddenly they accidently knocked over the pepper shaker which caused the pepper dust to spray all over the heroes and the prisoners, and made them a loud sneeze. “AH-CHOO!!!” That loud sneeze caused the giant to wake up. So Sonic and the gang quickly made their run for it with the hen and the harp. They climb down from the table and runs outside to the door while the waken giant walked on the investigate. “Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum! I smell somebody stole my hen and harp from me!” roared the giant as went outside to find the corporate.

Little does he know that Sonic and friends with the hen and harp were hiding as they’re running in the grass escaping from the giant. Until they accidently ran over the dandelion, which caused the flying seeds to flew everywhere which made the heroes, again, to sneeze loudly (in which they allergic to dandelions). “AH-CHOO!!!” That loud sneezed was been heard by the giant, who then finally spotted the three animals with the harp and hen with them. “Come back with my prisoners, you thieves!” he bellowed angrily and the chase began. The giant successfully captured the three and as well as both the hen and the harp, laughed evilly and took them back to his castle, where the giant then threw Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to the spider web at his living room. “Now see if you three can manage to escape that web before stealing away my hen and harp!” laugh the evil giant and walked away with the helpless hen and harp. To make matters worse, Sonic and his friends were struggling to escape the web, but no luck, not even Sonic can use his spin move since the web was too strong. “We’re stuck now!” cried Tails. But all sudden, the trio looked around witness a huge, monstrous-looking hungry black widow spider appeared from the shadow crawling towards the three ready to devour. “Well, it seems that we’re done for now, you guys,” Sonic said sadly after three watched the spider still coming towards them, “this seems hopeless and no one is ever gonna help us now, unless…..” Then Sonic’s mind hatched up the solution and shouted out to Knuckles, “Yo, Knuckles! Did you bring the Choas Emeralds, all seven of them?”

Knuckles checked to his pockets to make sure if he had the Emerald as the spider was nearly close to the three animals. “Hurry, Knuckles, quit fooling around and remind us if you got the emeralds, or else we’ll be eaten!” Tails shouted as he watched the spider. Until Knuckles reached out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and just as lucky, 7 (no pun intended) Chaos Emeralds from his pockets. “Here they are, Sonic!” he said, “All seven Chaos Emeralds I collected just case for this situation, good thinking. Catch!” Knuckles threw all of the Chaos Emeralds to Sonic before he finally catched them just as the spider was finally close to the three and was about ready to eat. But before it did, the seven Chaos Emeralds began to glow and then, with the flash, transformed Sonic into Super Sonic, which finally caused himself to free from the web. Sonic battled the giant spider until he grabbed it by its leg and tossed it away towards the window out of sight. Then he freed all of his pals and use his spin move to cut the web and gently placed them to the ground, just before the power wore off from Sonic back to normal and seven of the Chaos Emeralds appeared back. “Now since it looks like we’re off the menu from that eight-legged freak,” Sonic said, “let’s go and finished our business, out BIG business that is.”

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles rushed to the kitchen where they found a giant was finished counting the hen’s golden eggs without the harp’s music so he would avoid getting sleepy from the music this time. “Ha, ha! All 99 million golden eggs!” laughed the giant to the chicken, “I’m proud of you! Now since I don’t need you anymore, I think I’m gonna turn you into my chicken meal!” Seeing the giant grabbed the helpless hen and was about get out from the stool to cook her, Sonic used his spin attack to saw one of two of the legs of the stool, causing it tilt over the giant and fell to the floor in the coma, just before Sonic grabbed the hen in safety from midair. “Oh, thank you, blue one,” sighed the hen in relief, “If this weren’t for you, I’d be a fried chicken.” “Yeah, more like dead meat as a chicken,” Sonic said, “Now let’s make our big escape from this big place, get it? Tails, grab the harp!” So Tails grabbed the harp and all of the small heroes rushed outside from the door and head towards the exit. But just then, the heroes heard the giant running footsteps, until they turned to saw a giant, woke from the coma, began to chase after them again. The heroes ran fast as all of their might, still grabbing on the harp and the hen, until finally they reached back to the beanstalk tip and quickly climbs down, down, down back to their home.

“Well, we’re finally safe from that ugly giant,” Sonic said happily in relief, “He’s ugly as Eggman I’m tell ya.” “I don’t think so, Sonic,” Tails said as looked up to the sky, “Because look who’s tracking us down!” Sonic looked up and surprised to see an evil furious giant climbing down the beanstalk. “What’re we gonna do now, Sonic? We don’t have an ax to chomp off this beanstalk” Knuckles said. Sonic thought for the moment and came up an idea. “Stand back, everybody!” he said. Then Sonic curled up himself into a ball, use his sharpy quills and spun to saw off the beanstalk like a chainsaw. And then the beanstalk began tilt down to the ground, but the giant quickly avoid himself from falling by jumping off the falling beanstalk and grabbed on to the edge and safely climbed back to his land. But, he wasn’t happy for his luck to catch Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and as well as the harp and the hen, after he looked the beanstalk tumble down to the ground. And since there’s no other way for him to go down, he started to throw his big tantrum by crying, as Sonic and his friends looked up. “Whatta big crybaby,” laughed Sonic, “Gladly he won’t able mess up with us again, and especially kidnapping somebody like you, hen and harp, since you two are safe.” “Sure did!” the harp said, “Thanks to you, we are free.” “Now you need to take us back to our owner.” The hen said to the three heroes. “Who is your owner?” Tails wondered. “That’ll be me.” The voice was heard, before Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, the hen, and the harp turned to see a familiar figure. “Hey, I know you!” Sonic said with his amazement, “You’re that same mysterious person, who gave me a small box of three magic beans last night.” “You got it, blue one.” The stranger said. “This is what I recall,” Sonic said, “And oh, yeah, this reminds me, I still want to know your secret identity, as I’m asking: who do you think you are? Please show yourself.”

As the stranger did what Sonic forced him by taking off his jacket and hat to revel himself as a young boy, sported his medieval-alike cloths, front of them. “Glad you asked, see me now, blue one and friends?” he said, “My name is Jack. And was about rescue my poor rarest giant harp and hen from that wicked giant, but the giant outsmarted me, since I’m slow and weak. So I know the only hope who can outsmart the giant in order to safe my hen and harp, who’s fast and strong, despite not be the same sized as the giant, who is you, the one and only Sonic Hedgehog himself. I know you’re the same guy who always outsmart the big ones during your adventures. And you are the only one who could stop the giant and save my friends.” “Trust me,” Sonic said, “I already did outsmart that no-good giant like you desperate. And now your big chicken and big harp are saved and yours again. And I can tell you that those two are sure look big and rare you have” “Yeah, the only ones we have since me and my family found them alone,” Jack said as Sonic handed over the giant hen and harp back to him, before the hen laid three golden eggs, “and since you and your sidekicks saved my hen and my harp, here’re the golden eggs for each of you, for the award of my gratitude. Thank you very much.”

So Jack awarded Sonic and friends three golden eggs and he and his hen and harp walked away back home. “Well, whatta BIG adventure we had.” Knuckles said. “You said it.” Tails said. “I agree,” Sonic said feeling proud, “since we did good favor for that kid, we finally got these golden eggs, which’re more variable than any regular money. More variable for us to buy everything we can find expansive, which includes chillidogs. Let’s go shopping, amigos!” And so Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles went off to the city to buy anything with their golden eggs.

The End.

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