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Sonic and the Beanstalk
Author 763492
Age Rating(s)
Not rated
Genre(s) Fantasy
Chapter(s) TBA
Series A Video Game Classic Tale

This a story of Sonic and the Beanstalk - A Video Game Classic Tale


A Jack and the Beanstalk story with Sonic the Hedgehog twist.


At nigthtime in the planet known as Mobius, a fast-running blue hedeghog Sonic who invited his friends, Tails the two-tailed fox and Knuckles the Echidna, over to his house for a movie night on his TV. "So guys," Sonic said, "since you two are here, what flick would we enjoy tonight?" "I would perfer watching 12 Angry Foxes" Tails said."Nah, Tails, who would wanna watch that boring dated film?" Knuckles said, "How about we'd watch Raiders of the Lost Choas Emerald instead? Because I love to watch something that has a action-packed stories." "Aww, come on, Knuck', not that!" Tails complained, "I can't stand that movie with violence and I don't care that is just a movie." "Okay, you two, enough," said Sonic avoiding his friends fighting over the film, "let's just enjoy what Knuckles suggested tonight." "OK, whatever," Tails hmphed, "I won't mind anyway."

So Sonic picked up a DVD case of Raiders of the Lost Choas Emerald and slided the DVD disc inside the DVDR. "Now since we're watching this," Sonic said as the movie started, "How about some chillidogs for my friends?" "Count us in, Sonic!" Tails and Knickles said. So as Sonic went to the ketchin, he opened the refrigerator to find that he's out of hot dogs and chilis. "Well shoot," he said, "it looks like we won't have any chilidogs at all. But hey, I would go to the store to buy some more without my firends knowing it, if the store still opened during the night."


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