This page is about the series of Zelda and the Sonic series. The games are awesome, but new ideas are being made. It is up to us to make these ideas and what they will end up being in the future.

Shadow is my favorite character in the sonic series. He is very independent, has more power than sonic and has a more awesome look. Sonic and Shadow are a great team, but I don't REALLY see how they look alike. They have the same body and spikes, but their colors and faces are different from each other.

Link-IdleLink, the Hero of Time and the only character who actually does anything in the games to help. Most of the zelda games have the master sword and fairies. But I don't see how they help, I have been playing zelda games all my life and I can tell that they have no real part in the story. They're just part of it. Sure they are characters in the series but are they really that important. Zelda is the only reason Link ever goes on those adventures, to rescue Zelda. They should call it something that mentions Link or even shows who Link is. Of course they put the covers on with Link as a background, but the title is called The Legend of ZELDA! not Link, ZELDA. But over all, Zelda plays a very important role in this, but I don't see how Navi or any other character like the fairies is needed. I've never wanted to use them, only when they came out on their own is when I used them in the games.

Princess Zelda

Sonic, the hero of Earth and Mobius. Everyone who's played the sonic games knows who he is. But not everyone knows who Shadow is. Shadow is the ultimate sonic character in my opinion. He can be very aggressive and independent, but also very kind and good hearted. He first made his appearance in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. That was the game he first appeared in. Then SEGA came out with Sonic The Hedgehog, or as many of you call it Sonic 06. That game had lots of bad reviews, but I didn't think it was such a bad game. They actually did quite alright. The only reason it got bad reviews, was the amount of time they used to search for bugs and glitches. There are a lot of glitches in that game. Then SEGA came out with Shadow the Hedgehog. Now from what I understand, most people say that Shadow the Hedgehog, was a bad game. The reason, guns and actual blood alien violence. That is a bad excuse for trying to say that Shadow the Hedgehog is a bad game. There is a difference when saying a game is bad and when you don't like it. Some people don't like Sonic Adventure because it's not their kind of game, that doesn't mean it's bad. Some people don't like a game because it has something they don't like, that doesn't make it bad. That is what I'm trying to say, most people don't understand that a game can be unliked, but it's not the same as being bad. I very much liked the game. It had a good story and very good graphic, the gamplay was very fun and I don't understand why people think it's a bad game.

Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic

My favorite out of all the sonic games is Sonic Generations. This game has the essence of the classic Sonic and the Modern. The game has levels from a variety of all the past Sonic games. I really like how they made this game. They have the best graphic and story I think. It makes so much sense on how they made this game.

Link Wind Waker 1
A really good game that I thought deserves some review, is Zelda Wind Waker. This had to be one of the best thought out Zelda games in the world. The graphics and story line was amazing. The gameplay had a different environment than any other.(To be honest most of the zelda games have a little difference in their gameplays so yeah). The animation was very good, they brought bak the story in a new fashion.(Like I said before, most of them bring it back in a different way). But Zelda Wind Waker was a really, really good game, and has to be one of my favorites in the series.

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