Sonic and The Ten Mythicals
Developer(s) Clairebear165
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Adventure/Action/Racing

Sonic and The Ten Mythicals is a 3D fan game made by Clairebear165 (tbc). One of the main elements in the game is the inclusion of creatures called The Ten Mythicals. Each of them harbors and element, which include fire, water, earth, air, etc.


Dr. Eggman is at it yet again, but this time he plans to use The Ten Elementals to help with his goal of world domination. And once again, Sonic must stop his evil plan, with the help of his friends and a friendly eastern dragon named Nimbi.


Sonic and The Ten Mythicals plays like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, meaning that it to has the boosting feature. Other than that, the game plays like any other 3D sonic game.


Stage Act Boss Element
1 Alluring Forest Zone 5 Ginkgo Mammoth Nature
2 Windy Aether Zone 4 Egg Whirlwind Wind
3 Seaway Abyss Zone 5 Colossal Leviathan Water
4 Polar Rift Zone 4 Egg Wyvern Ice
5 Flaming Crevasse Zone 5 Inferno Phoenix Fire
6 Gravity Command Zone 4 Commander Egg Pawn Gravity
7 Mountainous Mesa Zone 5 Quaked Golem Earth
8 Thriving Hills Zone 5 Egg Viper Railways
9 Flashing Generator Zone 4 Phosphorescent Mothra Light
10 Mechanical Monarchy Zone 5 Egg Dragoon Mechanical
11 Endless Void Zone 2 Ultimate Mecha Elemental Darkness

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