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Sonic and The Robotic Pirates is the third in the story book series. It was being made by Sega, but they gave up on it and handed it to Phoniex Circle.


Sonic finds an old time machine, and some how goes fast enough for it to work again. However, becuase he didn't stop, two time periods clashed in, creating a new time period. Some of the engry broke loose, and crashed into some color vials. Sonic slips on them, making him no longer blue and causing him to trip. Sonic is sucked in.

He lands on a island and finds robotic pirates coming towards him. This is where the gameplay begins.

Later on, Charmy also gets sucked in as well, but not before he breaks more color vials.

Finally, Tails comes in, but the Time Machine is running out of engry. Using his tail, he manages to keep it going, but not before a paint vial and some loose engry hits him. He becomes Tails the Caterpillar.


The gameplay is basically like the old Sonic games. One button is for attacks and one button is for jumps. There's not much to it. Color vials are vital in the game, being a certain color will cause the robotic pirates not to see you, or let you in a door. Gold rings hold your health, and Bronze rings can buy chests with random items in them.


There are actaully two modes, Story and Playbox. Playbox allows you do basically anything you want, edit levels, make new levels, even creating new characters to play as. However to do most of this, you NEED a SD card.

Story mode is quite different. It uses an overmap system and characters you make will be implented at random points. Color vials can change your color, and collecting 20 silver rings will open a loophole in time that causes all enemies to get sucked in.

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