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Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet
AmericanBoxart SFUM WiiU
The American Boxart of this game.

Made by Yoshifraga97 (tbc)

Developer(s) MetalChaosIncLogo
Publisher(s) Logo



Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Chaos Mega System

Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
ERating7RatingA CERO
Genre(s) Action
Series Sonic the Hedgehog Series

That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember

Mewshi the Dinocat Series

Media Included Wii U Disk

3DS Card

CMS Catridge

Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet (also known as Sonic the Hedgehog: 2 Universes Collide in Japan) is a 3D action platformer and an addition of the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Fantendo-related titles. The game will be developed by Metal Chaos Inc. and published by Fantendo, SEGA, and Metal Chaos Inc. The game will be released on the 3DS, Wii U, and Chaos Mega System.


It was a beautiful day in Green Hill Zone so, Sonic and Tails were being running through the hills. And then the dialog begins:

Tails: Pfff, ooh, you're... so ... speedy.... Aren't you tired or something?

Sonic: You know what they say: Sonic's the name, speed's my game!

Tails: Yeah, that's for sure. Hey Sonic!

Sonic: What's up?

Tails: I must be in my garage repairing my Tornado so if you want to come...

Sonic: Sorry, Tails, but I must help Silver for some things like... kick Eggman and the robots' butts. Silver said that Eggman is going to invade Mobius, again, and some other stuff.

Tails: OK Sonic! See you later and great race earlier!

Sonic thumbs up.

Later in Green Hill Zone, Sonic and Silver are defeating robots with help with Knuckles. After defeating them, Eggman jumps in his eggmobile and laughs evilly as he flew away. Sudden, Silver saw a purple bright thing on the sky.

Silver: Sonic! Look!

Knuckles: Whoa... What's that thing there? It's just like a portal to an another dimension.

Tails: It's not a portal! It's a COLLIDING SWIRL! It's says that some world is going to collide here in Mobius!

Sonic: Huh. What a surprise!

Silver: And look! The swirl goes faster and bigger! Is there a solution to stop this?!

Tails: Sorry, I don't think so. Did someone did that swirl?

Knuckles: It's probably Eggman that is after this!

Sonic: I think you're right Knuckles. We're gonna kick Eggman's bu-...

After Sonic's interruption, there was a strange and a strong earthquake. Sonic and his crew were standing on the ground consciously. After that, Sonic open his eyes and shocked, he saw a blue bear, a mysterious furry animal, a strong muscle brown horse and a Yoshi-looking cat. Sonic and his crew were shocked and then they meet each up.

Sonic: Who're you and why are you in our world?

Unten: I'm Unten. But, why're you in our world?

Tails: Oh no... This is bad!

Sonic: What is it Tails? Something's rumble you?

Tails: Mobius and Unten's world have matched up.

Knuckles: WHAT! What do we do know!? God... Eggman!

Sonic: You must better say 'Mr. Baldy Nosehair'.

Derby Dash: Who's this "Egg-thing"?

Silver: It's our villian to destroy and prevent him to transform Mobius into Eggman Land.

Mewshi: What an Egghead!

Unten: Hey...! I think that I saw your villain with my archnemesis named Nentu working together.

Tails: This is bad! This is really bad!

Sonic: I know how I can fix this. With my Chao-...

Sonic is shocked.

Derby Dash: What is it, blue hedgehog?

Sonic: My Chaos Emeralds disappeared!!!

Sonic's crew: WHAT!?

Derby Dash: What's a "Chaos Emerald"?

Knuckles: Hey you! Yes, you there, horse! There's no time to asking questions, ok?!

Derby Dash: Are you calling me a 'horse'!? I'm Derby Dash, you spikey redhead!

Knuckles: What did you say?! Asking for fight!?

Derby Dash: Bring it on!

Tails: Stop it, guys! It's no time to fighting each other!

Sonic: Tails is right! We must hurry before that Eggman and Unten's vil destroys the worlds!

Derby Dash: I'll help!

Mewshi: Count me in!

Unten: I gonna help too! You too, right Zerita?

Zerita: ...

Sonic: What's with him?

Unten: She doesn't talk too much, you know.

Knuckles: Is it a female!?

Unten: Yes... sorry!

Sonic: Ok... so let's speed up!..........

And then the adventure begins!

Playable Characters


The characters that you start off in your party.

Artwork Name Description
300px-Sonic by Yardley HQ Sonic the Hedgehog The fastest thing alive is one of the main characters of the game (obviously). With his Spin Dash, Super Peel Out, Homing Attack, and Speed Boost he can beat the bad guys at the speed of sound!
Unten FRL Unten The main mascot of Fantendo is another main character of the game. With his powerful attacks, nothing can stop the Beorn!
300px-TailsArchiebySenSilv Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic's sidekick is a supporting character in the game. When he has the Spin Dash, Homing attack, and flying or swimming abilities he can kick some evil butt!
CommunityCharDKSORAEDIT Zerita Unten's mysterious sidekick is a supporting character in the game. With her fierce warrior skills, she'll show those villains!
Knucklesbacktotheorigins Knuckles the Echidna The guardian of the Master Emerald is a supporting character. His useful Spin Dash, punching abilities, Homing Attack, and gliding skills will help the good guys!
DerbyDashBrawlRing Derby Dash The brisk horse of Fantendo is a supporting character. Derby can jump, run quickly, kick, and punch to show the bad team what he can do!
Silverbacktotheorigins Silver the Hedgehog The hedgehog from the future is a supporting character. He can use his psychokinetic abilities, homing attack, and the spin dash to stop those villians!
Mewshi New 2 Mewshi the Dinocat The Dinocat is a supporting character. With Mewshi's scratch attacks, swallowing enemies, and Flutter Jump will be good for the quest!


The characters that join your party when you progress throughout the game. NOTE: each character listed are in order in the level that they are unlocked in, meaning that it's listed like the levels.

Artwork Name How to Unlock
BlazeRAdvance Blaze the Cat Complete Green Hill Zone.
Scourge full Scourge the Hedgehog Complete Speedtropolis.
TaBooki Happy PP TaBooki Complete Mystic Mansion.
7. Shadow The Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Complete City Escape
Waddlenote exited! Waddlenote Complete Waddlewing Autumnwoods.
Rubber Original Rubber Complete Lost Hex.
Lectro Lectro the Cyberhog Complete Peaceful Plains.
LOLer64 LOLer64 Complete Creepy Halls.
2DZap Zap Complete Flying Battery.
Amybacktotheorigins Amy Rose Complete Stardust Speedway.
Ujori Ujori Kasami Complete Metro Red Ba'al City
Mylan 2 Mylan Starlight Complete Road of "The Skies of Wonder".
ChristopherSword Christopher Complete Diamondopolis
RedPolarbearArtwork Red the Polarbear Complete Pengmonster's Fortress
288px-Scratch cat sk Scratch Kat Complete Marshmallow Island
Mightythearmadillo Mighty the Armadillo Complete Botanic Base
SuperSonicUnten Super Sonic/Super Unten Complete The EggBeorn Station Ark

Rival Battles

At some points throughout the game, other characters will have a 1-on-1 (or more) rival battle.

Image Name Description
KnucklesbacktotheoriginsDerbyDashBrawlRing Knuckles andDerby Dash Knuckles and Derby has been tricked by Eggman and Nentu! Knuckles will glide right at the player, jump at the player, or punch the player and Derby will kick, stomp, or punch the player. 8 hits will defeat Knuckles and Derby (separately). Only Sonic and/or Unten can fight in the rival battle.


Each zone has 10 levels and a boss at the end.

Image Name Levels
Neo Green Hill Green Hill Zone
  • Act 1: The Adventure Begins
  • Act 2: Dawn Dashing
  • Act 3: Night Festival
  • Act 4: Buzzbombers' Attack
  • Act 5: Rollin' Around the Loops
  • Act 6: Motobugs' Revenge
  • Act 7: Ring Paradise
  • Act 8: Repairing the Tornado
  • Act 9: Finding new Power-Ups
  • Act 10: Saving Animal Friends
  • Boss Act: Metal Sonic's Return


You fight these bosses after you beat all the 10 levels of the world. If you defeat the boss, you can proceed to the next world (except the Final Boss).

Image Name Boss Battle
MetalSonicSonicChannel Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is the first boss and the boss of Green Hill Zone. Metal Sonic's attacks is jumping at the player, shoot laser balls, and will sometimes fly over the player while shooting laser balls at the player. The player must try to either jump at him or attack him and doge his attacks. Metal takes 8 hits to defeat.
CarltheFoxDerbyDash Carl the Fox Carl is the second boss and the boss of Speedtropolis. Carl will be on a floating platform the player can't reach. Carl will then throw bombs at the player. The player must try to grab the bomb and throw it at Carl before the bomb blows up, hurting the player. Carl takes 7 hits to defeat.
DarkAgeUnten Dark Age Unten Dark Age Unten is the third boss and the boss for Mystic Mansion. Unten gets possessed by a ghost in the mansion and turns to an evil, monster version of himself. D. A. Unten tries to charge at the player and sometimes crush the player by ground pounding him/her. The player must dodge D.A. Unten's charging, causing him to crash into a wall and get dizzy so the player can attack him. D.A. Unten takes 9 hits to defeat him and make him turn back to normal. As you can tell, Unten isn't playable for the boss battle.
Fang the sniper by terrarita-d4zk6uk Fang the Sniper Fang the Sniper is the fourth boss and the boss of City Escape. Fang is in his "Marvelous Queen" shooting his cork-gun at the player driving around the player repeatedly. At some points, he throws a bomb at the player. The player must grab the bomb and throw it at Fang when he stops to shoot at him/her with his cork-gun. At 5 hits, Fang jumps out of the Marvelous Queen as it exploded and became to nothing. Fang then goes in a 1-on-1 battle. His attacks is jumping at the player, bounce at the player with his tail, and shoot him/her with his cork-gun. After 4 hits, he's defeated.
ScratchSensing Mega Scratcher Mega Scratcher is the fifth boss and the boss of Waddlewing Autumnwoods. The Mega Scratcher charges at the player in any direction the player goes. The player must find a tree to wall-jump off and homing attack/ground pound the Mega Scratcher. 6 hits will cause the Mega Scratcher to shrink and turn to a normal Scratcher, as it flees away. But if the player is quick enough, they can stomp and defeat the Scratcher.
DeadlySixAnimated Deadly Six The Deadly Six is the sixth boss and the boss of Lost Hex. The Deadly Six don't do the same attacks at the same time, so it might be difficult for player that are new to the game. Zavok punches at the player, Zazz scratches at the player, Zeena does a spin to attack the player, Zor makes multiple black copies of himself, Master Zik trys to crush you by rolling on a giant apple, and Zomom ground pounds at the player or any other target (even the ground). The player must find an Shiny Bell and collect it. While invincible, the player must run at any member of the Deadly Six they can hit to decrease their health. When he/she loses the invincibility, the player must find another Shiny Bell in order to do the process again. Each member takes 6 hits to defeat.
MatrixSFUM Matrix Martix is the seventh boss and the boss of Peaceful Plains. Matrix rides a giant green bat-like robot while shooting missles from his blaster gun hand that approach to the player. This boss battle is in 2D, and when Matrix gets hit 4 times, he enters his pinch mode. Matrix combines himself with the robot dragon and peforms a spin attack. After he stops and get himself more energy, that is the chance when you can hit him. Repeat this process 4 times, and then he explodes, rising up to the sun and a sound from the sun came this: "Tsss"



Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Robotnik's Theme (JacksonPackz Remix 203:22

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Robotnik's Theme (JacksonPackz Remix 2.0) 2010

The Main and Title Screen theme

Super Mario Galaxy Rainbow Star Invincibility Music00:27

Super Mario Galaxy Rainbow Star Invincibility Music

The Character Selection theme

Sonic Lost World (Wii U 3DS) - Boss Theme 102:16

Sonic Lost World (Wii U 3DS) - Boss Theme 1

The Boss Battle Theme

Sonic Generations - The Time Eater ReIncarnation Remix 201204:08

Sonic Generations - The Time Eater ReIncarnation Remix 2012

The Final Boss theme

Ending - New Super Mario Bros01:07

Ending - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The Ending cutscene theme

Sonic The Hedgehog (Mega Drive Sega Genesis) - Credits Medley Orchestral Remix01:59

Sonic The Hedgehog (Mega Drive Sega Genesis) - Credits Medley Orchestral Remix

Credits theme

OC ReMix 2644 Mega Man 3 'Over and Out' Pass Word by Diggi Dis03:12

OC ReMix 2644 Mega Man 3 'Over and Out' Pass Word by Diggi Dis

Game Over theme

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