Sonic Xdventure: Burst Limit is a Game That is based on DragonBall Z: UT as a fighting game. Published by SEGA, and created by SONIC TEAM, and Namco Banadi Games are it's creators. It is the first in a series of Sonic Fighting Games with a story mode based on Both on Sonic X and  the Sonic Games it is in full 3D. This game was intended to be a fighter or one with RPG like features also using the fighting engine from DBZ:UT.

Burst Limit's Story

In this game, it will be more like a RPG and a Fighter mixed into 1 with a Story Mode that follows the series. In Sonic Adventure Burst limit the story starts from the begining with the "Classic Saga" followed by th"New World Saga" from Sonic X then the Sonic Adventure or "The Chaos Saga" then Adventure 2 or the "Project Shadow Saga"  then the "Metarex Saga" from Sonic X then Shadow The Hedgehog or the "Black Doom Saga" then Sonic Rush or the "Sol Saga" then Sonic Next-Gen or the "Saga of Solaris" then Rush Adventure or the "Sol Dimension Saga" then Sonic RPG or the "Dark Brotherhood Saga, then  Sonic Unleashed or the "Saga of the Gaias". followed by the "Colors" and "Generations" Saga, and finally the "Burst Event" the final part of the Game's Story that is based on the OVA "Sonic Trio: The Burst Event".


Cosmo, Cream, Marine, and Elise will be the navis for the Mode Screens Shown Below

Cream's Screens

  1. Main Menu
  1. Options
  1. Sonic Libary
  1. Mini Games

Cosmo's Screens

  1. Plant Room
  1. Story Mode
  1. Another Time Mode

Marine's Screens

  1. Movie Room
  1. Audio Room
  1. Picture Room

Elise's Screens

  1. Super Sonic Tourament
  1. Extras
  1. Replay Room
  1. Items
  1. Chao Items

All Girl Screen

  1. Chao World
  1. Chao Kindergarden
  1. Chao First Grade
  1. Chao Middle School
  1. Chao High School
  1. Chao Cart Racing
  1. Chao Battle Zero!

Starting Characters

The defult charactes at thier base form (for characters that use different forms) from when the game is first started. As you complete more modes in the game, you will be able to add more characters and forms to the character select screen.

  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Rouge
  • Shadow
  • Espio
  • Charmy
  • Vector
  • Eggman
  • Silver
  • Shade
  • Metal Sonic
  • Blaze
  • Mephiles
  • Eggman Nega
  • Classic Metal Sonic
  • Classic Sonic
  • Dark Oak
  • Classic Tails
  • Custom Hero

Sagas and Bosses

The Main story of the Game starting from the Classic Saga and ending in the Generations Saga. In order to unlock a saga in story mode you must complete the main story in each saga in order. Some sagas like the Heroes and the Nocturns Saga are hidden and require special routes to reach them. In almost every Saga, there will be a Giant Enemy that will be used as a Boss.


For Story Mode, to progress to the next Saga you must complete the Storyline Acts of a Saga to progress to the next one. Most Acts will just be: "Defeat an Enemy" Where you must defeat the opponent to clear the Act, "Survival" where you must endure the enemy's attacks until the timer stops to then clear the Act, but for most sagas, there will be Missions that will just have you do things like beat up a Sandbag, Defeat Darkened Versions of Characters, etc.


  • Classic Saga
  • New World Saga
  • Chaos Emerald Saga
  • Chaos Saga
  • Shadow Saga
  • Eggmoon Saga
  • Emerl Saga
  • Homecomming Saga
  • Metarex Saga
  • Black Arms Saga
  • Saga of the Eggmen 
  • Saga of Solaris 
  • Rivals Saga 
  • Sol Dimension Saga
  • Dark Gaia Saga
  • Ifrit Saga
  • Colors Saga
  • Generations 
  • Burst Event

DLC Sagas

  • Movie Saga


Classic Saga
  1. Death Egg Robot
New World Saga
Chaos Emerald Saga
Chaos Saga
  1. Chaos 4
  2. Chaos 6
  3. Perfect Chaos
Shadow Saga
  1. Egg Golem
  2. Biolizard
  3. FinalHazard
Eggmoon Saga
Emerl Saga
Homecoming Saga
Metarex Saga
  1. Attack Metarex (Mobius)
  2. Ice Metarex
  3. Illusion Metarex
Black Arms Saga
  1. Black Bull
  2. Devil Doom
Saga of the Eggmen
Saga of Solaris
  1. Iblis (Phase 1)
  2. Iblis (Phase 2)
  3. Egg Cerberus
  4. Egg Wyvern
  5. Iblis (Phase 3)
  6. Solaris
Rivals Saga
Sol Dimension Saga
  1. Big Swell
  2. Egg Wizard
Saga of Two Gaias
  1. Egg Dragoon
  2. Dark Gaia
Ifrit Saga
  1. The Ifrit
Colors Saga
  1. Egg Nega Wisp
  2. Nega Mother Wisp
  1. Death Egg Robot
  2. Perfect Chaos
  3. Egg Dragoon
  4. Time Eater
Bust Event
  1. Temporal Guardian

Story Battles

Story Battles are often seen at cutscenes and interative battles, most are just regular battles though.

Another Time

Due to the constant distoration of Time and Space, a whole other reality was created with the same universes and dimensions as the one the heroes live in. This reality also had the same people in it, as well as the events that has happened in the past.

Our story begins after the events of the Burst Event in this New Reality. Nazo, the Being of Darkness was destroied for good, But somebody else finished what he had started to do, by distrupting the three universes eliminating most of the heroes. Only this time It succeded, and with most of them gone, the world in this Second Reality Spiraled into Chaos with no sign of Heroes. But a group of heroes lead by Silver the Hedgehog fights to protect the peace, when they lost thier latest battle, they looked for creating a Artifical Warrior just like Shadow was created...and thus....his/her adventure begins.

Unlockable Characters


  • Nazo - Unlocked by Completing Act 10 of Burst Even
  • Jet - Unlocked by Completing the Chao Kart Gold Cup
  • Storm - Unlocked by Completing the Chao Kart Silver Cup
  • Wave - Unlocked by Completing the Chao Kart Bronze Cup
  • Tikal - Unlocked by Completing Act 10 of Chaos Saga
  • Eggman Nega - Unlocked by Completing the Rush and Rivals Saga
  • Alternate Blaze - Unlocked by Completing the Hidden Act of the Saga of Solaris
  • Honey The Cat - Unlocked by Beating her in "Another Time"
  • Metal Knuckles - Unlocked by Beating him in "Another Time"
  • Shadow Android - Unlocked by Completing The Black Arms Saga
  • Tails Doll - Unlocked by Beating Him In "Another Time"

Unlockable Forms

Super Sonic God/ Chaos Sonic - Complete the  Ultimate Tournament


  • Event Movies
  • Tutorial
  • Sonic Trio: The Burst Event

Chao Room

  • Chao Palace
  • Chao Kindergarten
  • Chao First Grade
  • Chao Middle School
  • Chao High School
  • Chao Kart Racing

Plant Room

What is This Room:

The Plant Room is Run By Cosmo herself, what it is, it is a store where you can spend your rings for flowers to either decorate your Chao Garden, or to help you gain an item to equip to your Custam Character..

Voice Actors

The Game's Charcter's will have the New Genration Voice actors while in the Burst Limit Anime Series they will differ.

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Sonic Junichi Kanemaru
Shadow the Hedgehog Kouji Yusa
  • Chris Sabat
Tails, Miles Ryo Hirohashi
Knuckles Nobutoshi Kanna
Amy Rose, Rosy Taeko Kawata
Manic, Menace Ogata Megumi
Sonia, Sylvia Ayumi Hamasaki
Rouge Rumi Ochiai
Fang/Nack, Dominos Megumi Hayashibara
Conkula/Batula, Vamps Romi Park Chris Seavor
Uma-chan/Umana Megumi Hayashibara
  • Caren Manuel (Season 1 Edit Only)
  • Karen Strassman (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)
Eggman/Robotnik, Eggman Nega Chikao Otsuka Mike Pollock
Conker Romi Park Chris Seavor
Sleet, Slick Koichi Yamadera Maurice LaMarche
Dingo Tomohisa Asou Peter Wilds
Vip/Nic, Demona Rachel MacFarlene
Cream, Butter, Vanilla Sayaka Aoki
Ze Professor Etsuko Kozakura Chris Seavor
Sally, Alicia Junko Takeuchi Kath Soucie
Aleena, Anette Ayumi Hamasaki
Rodent, Squirts Megumi Urawa
Gregg Megumi Urawa Chris Seavor
Bartleby Ogata Megumi Phil Hayes
Cyrus Takuzou Kamiyama Ian James Corlett
Charmy Yoko Teppouzuka
Vector Kenta Miyake
Espio Yuki Masuda
Fiona, Sandy Fumiko Orikasa Mellisa Fahn
Lara-le Atori Shigematsu Tres MacNeille
Don Weazo
Julie-su, Cyberia Yuuko Mitzutani Kathy Segal
Remmington Yuuto Kazama Tom Kane
Bunnie, Buns Rica Matsumoto Nancy Cartwright
Panther King Isamu Tanonaka Chris Seavor
Mammoth Mogul Isamu Tanonaka Clancy Brown
Gruntilda Mika Doi Susan Silo
Tikal Kaori Asou
Mina, Siren Aya Hisakawa Janice Kawaye
Mighty Katsuji Mori Rob Paulsen
Mindy LaTour Emi Shinohara Steve Vallance
Big Takashi Nagasako Pete Zarustica
Chris Thorndyke Sanae Kobayashi Suzanne Goldfish
Jet Daisuke Kishio Michael Yurchak
Wave Chie Nakamura Kate Higgens
Storm Kenji Nomura Travis Willingham
Mephiles Takayuki Sakazume Dan Green
Berri KAORI Louise Ridgeway
Athair Ikkei Seta Maurice LaMarche
Oracle Tomohisa Asou Maurice LaMarche
Tediz Akira Kamiya Chris Seavor
Blaze Nao Takamori
  • Bella Hudson (Season 1 Edit Only)
  • Laura Bailey (Season 1 Redubs & 2 Onward)
Silver Daisuke Ono
Scratch Ryûsei Nakao Phil Hayes
Grounder Kenta Miyake Gary Chalk
Coconuts Tenji Umi Ian James Corlett
Dulcy Mayumi Tanaka Cree Summers

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