Sonic Extreme Blast (written as Sonic X-treme Blast) is an animated television cartoon show first aired in 2009 by SEGA, Metal Chaos Films and DiC. Since then the TV series was a total hit and this show still keep adding all libraries of seasons.


Voice Actors

Seasons 1-2

Seasons 3-8

  • Roger Craig Smith - Sonic
  • Kate Higgins - Tails
  • Scott Dreier - Knuckles
  • Cindy Robinson - Amy and Sally
  • Jason Griffith - Shadow, Jet and Sonic the Werehog
  • Ryan Drummond - Metal Sonic
  • Laura Bailey - Omochao and Blaze
  • Phil Hayes - Orbot
  • Gary Paul Terry - Cubot
  • Pete Capella - Silver
  • Rebecca Honning - Cream and Vanilla
  • Oliver Wyman - Big
  • Troy Baker - Espio


  • Sonic - Sonic is slightly taller and skinnier, has longer spines, has lime-green irises, white leather gloves, and rockets at the end of his shoes.
  • Tails - Tails has longer bangs, slightly smaller ears, his fur color is now red-orange, and he has much more fluffier tuffs and tails.
  • Knuckles - Knuckles is slightly taller, has slightly shorter dreadlocks, knuckles are slightly bigger, has yellow-green socks, and has indigo irises.
  • Amy - Only her fur color is darker.
  • Shadow - Only slightly skinnier and taller.
  • Big - Only has purple socks with his sandals.
  • Eggman - Eggman is slightly fatter and taller, has his classic attire (except his goggles which is from his modern attire), and his eyes (which is black with red pupils) show whenever his glasses fall down to his nose.
  • Silver - Silver is slightly taller than Tails but shorter than Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles, has fluffier tuffs, and he has a lighter color of his fur.


  • Season 0 (Pilot) - Hedgehogs

Season 1

Episode 1 - Cracking like an Eggman Episode 2 - The fastest Fox alive? Episode 3 - Sonic, meet Sonic-- Metal Sonic

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