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Sonic X-treme 64 (or simply , Sonic X-treme) is a 3D plataform game for the Nintendo 64 , and is the first Sonic game for a Nintendo plataform and also the first 3D Sonic not to be made by Sega , is made by Monolith Studios and Nintendo.


Eggman now takes revenge from Sonic after losing the racing championship (Sonic R) , so he transforms Green Hill Zone on Eggman Hill Zone! Now Sonic needs reverse the story.



Gameplay on Nintendo 64 Portable

The gameplay is a like a normal Sonic Adventure , Sonic can run , spin dash and can do the Super Peel-Out , during the gameplay you find flickes , this flickes have a specific color who levels up a Sonic's status :
  • Blue Flicky - Heal you HP
  • Red Flicky - Speed Up 3+
  • Green Flicky - Defense Up 3+
  • Pink Flicky - Attack Up 3+
  • Brown Flicky - Jump Up 3+
  • Gold Flicky (Rare) - All Stats Up 10+
  • White Flicky - Leaves you to the boss


  • Xtreme2

    A screenshot of Jade Gully Zone

    Jade Gully Zone (Easy) - Boss : Eggrobo
  • Red Sands Zone (Easy) - Boss : No have
  • Galatic Forces Zone (Medium) - Boss : Eggrobo 2.0
  • Metal Madness Zone (Medium) - Boss : Metal Sonic
  • Herb Forest Zone (Hard) - Boss : Nack the Weasel
  • IDemon Fortress Zone (Very Hard) - Boss : Eggman

Sonic-Xtreme running in Project64


The emulation of game running normal , but have some bugs :

  • The graphic can be a little buged
  • During the boss fights , the bosses can disappear
  • Sonic can't do the Spin Dash
  • When the player goes to Icy Fortress Zone , the emulator crashes.

But , have a patch to play the game without this bugs.


Jade Gully Zone

.The objective here is find the white flicky , go right , when you see a little cave enter in her , in this cave ,

A screenshot of Jade Gully Zone

Eggrobo will capture the Flicky , now chases her. When you go to a lake part , turn right and you will find the Gold Flicky. Now , Eggrobo will free the flicky , get her and prepares for a battle

Boss : Eggrobo

.Eggrobo is very simple , he say on air all time , the shoots a laser ball , charge the spin dash to reflect the laser ball , do this 2 more times and you win.

Red Sands Zone


Red Sands Zone running in IOS N64 emulator

.The objective is find the gold flicky (it's only stage if objective is find the gold flicky) , now go straight right and you find a minecart , now it's a minecart racing with two badniks , one of this have the gold flicky , defeat the right badnik and that's it , you find the gold flicky.

Galatic Forces Zone


Galatic Forces Zone

In this stage , you need quickly find the white flicky , because the stage is falling off , run , run , run , at the end you will find EggRobo 2.0.

Boss : Eggrobo 2.0

.It's not to easy this time , now Eggrobo is mad , he's stay on ground and shoot you every time , quickly hit her , he get confused and attack her with spin dash , do this 5 times , after you give the 6º hit , he goes to te air and starts shoot a giant laser ball , charge you spin dash and you win.

Metal Madness Zone

Metal bos

Playing on Nintendo Sixty Free (Boss : Metal Sonic)

.Belive or not , this level is a complete mass , in all time Metal Sonic is chasing you , you need hide from her and also find the white flicky , now , hide from Metal Sonic and go back , you will find her , but Metal Sonic captures her and sucks her power.

Boss : Metal Sonic

.It's the most difficult boss fight of game , now he have 3 forms

  • Normal Metal Sonic - Needs 3 hits to defeat her , you need attack him on air.
  • Giant Metal Sonic - Needs 8 hits to defeat her , he have 8 attacks :
  1. Metal Sonic charges your spin dash and attack
  2. Metal Sonic will stomp on you
  3. Metal Sonic will strike your beam
  4. Metal Sonic mix two attacks the first and the third
  5. Metal Sonic mix two attacks the two and the third
  6. Metal Sonic stomps on you 10 times
  7. Metal Sonic will strike your beam 5 times
  8. Metal Sonic will chase you and grab you and give a melee beam
  • You only need attack her after the 6° Attack
  • Mega Metal Sonic - Belive or not , is the most easy , you only need one attack.

Herb Forest Zone

IOS Sonic Nack

Vs. Nack the Weasel in IOS Version

.This is most easy stage on game , you need won 300 rings , and you find Nack the Weasel , but , you defeat 300 badniks you complete the stage very quickly. Also , this stage have a Gold Flicky , defeat the Motobug badnik after get the 250° ring.

Boss : Nack the Weasel

.Simple , only you need win a race , to win the race you only need get all rings.

Demon Castle Zone

Sonic-Xtreme's Demon Fortress Zone on Gameshow Arcade

Demon Castle Zone

.It's a very hard stage , the level is the same madness of Metal Madness Zone , but , Eggman will SHOT SHOT SHOT SHOT , NEVER FUCKING STOPS!

Boss : Eggman

.Impossible , some times Eggman will stop of Shotting but all time he shoting to you , in this break time Eggman's moment , attack her.


Now you win the game , and also unlock a "Time Trial Mode".

Time Trial Mode

Old tv game

Playing on a Old TV.

This is a time trial mode , in this stage , you need complete the stage in less time possible after beating this stage storage a ghost , to Ghost Mode , in this ghost mode , Metal Sonic is your rival and he's will do the same thing you after.


For a first official Sonic game to N64 , with the same company who mades Alien vs. Predator (Fighting Game) for SNES , the graphics for 64 is good but compared to Sonic World stage in Sonic Jam , the graphics are little oddy , the gameplay is good , the music is awesome like a normal Sonic game , see the IGN64 review :

  • Graphics : 7,5/10 , the graphic is good for N64 quality but compared to Sonic R or Sonic Jam , it's very simple game
  • Gameplay : 9/10 , it's very good gameplay compared to Sonic R and Sonic Jam , the gameplay is very good like old games.
  • Musics : 10/10 , the Musics are remixes of other games , specially my favorite one , the remix of the Green Hill stage of Sonic 2!
  • Fun : 8.5/10 , the player will be fun all time but because the graphics oddity and no have multiplayer modes , it's not make the game "perfect"
  • Final : 9.9/10 , simple enough , is the best Sonic game for a Nintendo plataform , but , in category of 3D Games , I put the game in the third place , in second Super Mario 64 and in the first Metal Gear Solid.

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