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Sonic X-Treme
Sonic Xtreme Box
Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Sega Saturn


Release Date(s)
Saturn: Christmas 1996

Fandraxo: May 26, 2015


Online Multiplayer

Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Rating Pending

PEGI: 7+
USK: 6

Genre(s) 2D.5/3D Platformer
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Predecessor Sonic-16
Successor Sonic Mars

Sonic X-Treme is a 1996-2015 game by Expansion Corporations, Inc. and SEGA, released in 1996-1997 for Sega Saturn. In May 2015, it was re-released for the succesfull Fandraxo.


Prof. Gazebo Boobwoski and his daughter Tiara are the keepers of the Rings of Order. Gazebo fears that Robotnik is out to get 'em, so he calls Sonic to get the rings before Robotnik can. Later, during Sonic's date with Tiara, Robotnik sidetracks Sonic. While Sonic is busy saving Tiara from a virtual world and preventing the shattering of the Master Emerald and unleashing six deadly creatures, Robotnik creates a Doom Virus that Sonic must contact to find the cure. While Sonic is solving all of these problems, Robotnik, Fang the Sniper and Metal Sonic make a planet-sized Death Egg...


To further the traditional Sonic "go-anywhere-or-run-through" formula, every level was designed in a tube-like fashion; Sonic would be able to Spindash onto walls, thus changing the direction of gravity and the rotation of the level itself, much like the special stages in Knuckles' Chaotix. In addition, a fish-eye lens-styled camera was put into place so players could see more of their surroundings at any given time.

There are four playable characters. The characters are Knuckles the EchidnaTiara BoobowskiMiles "Tails" Prower and Sonic the Hedgehog. Each character also has occasional unique gameplay style. Knuckles and Tiara would have had traditional-style play, having top-down and side-scrolling views respectively. Sonic had the fish-eye style levels, and Tails would occasionally play in first-person flight mode, other times he plays like the other three characters.

There are eight Zones: Jade Gully ZoneCrystal Frost ZoneRed Sands Zone,Galaxy Fortress ZoneMetal BladeDeath Egg Zone and Blue Ocean (became a test level). Sonic himself is equipped with a large set of new moves, including a spin slash, a ring throwing ability , a ring powered shield, a sonic boom attack and a power ball. 


  1. Dr. Robotnik (1st time)
  2. Fang the Sniper
  3. Metal Sonic
  4. Doom Virus
  5. Virtual Madness
  6. Maze Master
  7. Six Deadly Creatures
  8. Dr. Robotnik (2nd time)
  9. Egg Submarine

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