Sonic Venom is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game in the Sonic series. It takes place in the Classic Era, directly after Sonic Triple Trouble.


Zing the Cobra, the Snake Overlord, takes over the Inner Kingdom, which is held under the crust of Little Planet. He captures the birds in this region and ships them off to Mobius, where Dr. Robotnik places them in robot shells.

Krujeemi the Komodo Dragon rebels against Zing for this, with the help of his sidekick Tornado the Vulture, but he is banished to Mobius and Tornado is captured.

Meanwhile, Sonic returns to South Island to relax for a while. He has recently proven that he could handle three enemies at once, so things are going really well for him... until Krujeemi lands on the island! Krujeemi introduces himself and explains what has happened in the Inner Kingdom, and the kingdom's location. Sonic, having visited the Little Planet before, and knowing who is behind the roboticization (Robotnik), is eager to assist him in stopping Zing, and gathers up Tails and Knuckles. Thus, the four of them head off to Little Planet defeat the Snake Overlord and Robotnik.


Image Name First Appearance Description
Sonic z classic sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) Sonic's back to the classics! (For once.) He is the fastest in the game, and can perform the Super Peel-Out.
Classic tails by mike9711-d55131d
Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic 2 (1992) The best pal of Sonic, Tails can soar through the clouds with his double tails. He can also use them for attacks.
Knuckles 47
Knuckles the Echidna Sonic 3 (1994) In the Classic Era, Knuckles is constantly tricked into opposing Sonic. But not this time! Knuckles can glide, climb walls, and destroy certain structures.
Question mark Krujeemi the Komodo Dragon Now A new character who was banished to Mobius by his nemesis Zing the Cobra. Krujeemi can lift large objects, but he is the slowest in the game.


Zone Name Description # of Acts Boss
Bayside Burst A tropical island filled with palm trees, loops, and corkscrews. 2 Dr. Robotnik (Mallet)
Magma Mine An underground tunnel leading to the Inner Kingdom. There is lava everywhere, and plenty of crystals as well. 2 Dr. Robotnik (Fireball)
Jubilant Jungle A colorful rainforest where reptilian enemies are introduced. Home of the toucans, this seemingly peaceful land is prone to tropical storms. 2 Zang the Alligator
Undersea Utopia An underwater metropolis where swans tend to live. However, it has been taken over by Robotnik's robots. 3 Dr. Robotnik (Submarine)
Heavenly Highlands A mountain village of vultures who guard the Venom Amethyst, the mystical gem that keeps Little Planet's crust from collapsing into the Inner Kingdom. After beating this level, you unlock Tornado the Vulture. 3 Zong the Boa Constrictor
Poker Palace A brightly-lit casino where most of the pidgeons reside. Some elements of Sonic Spinball are used in this stage, such as a huge pinball machine in the third act. 3 Dr. Robotnik (Spike)
Fearsome Freeze A frozen wasteland, home of the penguins. Some of Robotnik's devices here release cold gas that can freeze your character. 4 Zeng the Ice Dragon
Noiseless Nightmare A haunted town where the crows live. Ghosts are common in this realm, and there is a cave under the mansion where various insects creep and crawl. 4 Zung the Rattlesnake
Exciting Egg Dr. Robotnik's new headquarters in the Inner Kingdom. Players will have to keep track of where the teleporters send them, because things can get confusing quickly. 4 Dr. Robotnik (Walker)
Terrible Temple The final stage, only accessible if you have all seven Chaos Emeralds. Zing awaits in his tower, where he has a surprise waiting for your character... 5 Zing the Cobra
Cosmic Chase This zone is only accessible if you have all seven Chaos Emeralds and all five Peace Amethysts. Zing is preparing to blast Mobius into smithereens by sending Little Planet flying into it. He takes one last chance to destroy you by gaining power from the Venom Amethyst. 1 Zuper Zing