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Sonic Ultimate is a game for the Nintendo VR by Popple Co.


There are multiple stories for each main playable character: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Nack, Espio, and E-Mel.


Eggman is in his lab, tooling with a new robot, he summons his Robot Henchmen, H-Man and S-Lave. They present the final gear, and Eggman's newest creation is unraveled: E-Mel, a fully upgraded version of Emerl. But E-Mel escapes butis shot down and falls into Cream's backyard, she wakes up, sees him, and brings him to Tails' workshop.


Sonic is on the run on a busy road, when he sees Eggman's armada zooming overhead, he chases after it, only to be shot down by a tiny robot, who falls on Sonic, Sonic brings the robot to Tails, who repairs it, and makes it his assistant, the robot is named T-Top and begins to warm up to Tails. Sonic then ventures to Jittery Jungle to find more info.

Sonic is in Jittery Jungle when he sees Eggman building a giant robot, Eggman growls at Sonic and pilots Egg Crane. Afterr he is beaten, he drops a Chaos Emerald, Sonic picks it up and proclaims victory.










  • Sonic the Hedgehog - A quick footed hedgehog. His story involves him destroying enemies, getting rings, and fighting robots. The main villain of his story is Eggman.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - A building fox, he repairs robots and heals the hurt and sick in his story, most notably E-Mel, T-Top and Sonic. He also goes to fetch special tools and defeat Fockewulf's aircrafts. The main villain of his story is Fockewulf.
  • Knuckles the Echidna - A treasure hunting echidna, he has to recover the shards of the Master Emerald in his story. The main villain of his story is Metal Knuckles.
  • Amy Rose - An obsessive hedgehog, she has to beat up Mutated Vegatables in her story. The main villain of her story is Carrotia.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - A lone-wolf hedgehog, he has to annihilate all the incoming aliens to earth. The main villain of his story is Black Doom.
  • Nack the Weasel - A treasure-hunting weasel, he has to snatch all the Emeralds, and sell them in the flea market. The main villain of his story is Chomps The Alligator.
  • Espio the Chameleon - A ninja-detective chameleon, he has to stop Eggman Nega with his new plan. The main villain of his story is Eggman Nega.
  • E-Mel - A robot, he has to copy everyone's abilities and use them to defeat Eggman. Eggman is the main villain of his story.



  • Dr. Eggman - The main villain of Sonic and E-Mel's stories. He is trying to build Eggmanland and capture all the Mobians.
  • Fockewulf the Wolf - Tails' rival mechanic, he crafts large aircrafts that he uses to combat Tails' bots.
  • Metal Knuckles - Knuckles' robotic counterpart, he is determined to get the Master Emerald shards for Eggman.
  • Carrotia the Rabbit - A rabbit who wants to be the prettiest so she has the eliminate all the pretty girls (Amy).
  • Black Doom - The leader of an extraterristrial race and Shadow's biological father.
  • Chomps the Alligator - Nack's boss who wants All the emeralds for his own.
  • Eggman Nega - An eviller counterpart of Eggman.



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