This is the story line of Sonic Time, and how it goes. This will start at the very beginning of the game when you turn it on, and will not go in chronological order, for the space-time continuum is messed with a lot in the story. Thank you, and enjoy the story.

The Beginning

Station Square

City Bank

9:05 PM

Friday     April 13th, 2018

Dr. Eggman breaks into the city bank and steals the Blue Chaos Emerald! The alarm, luckily, was triggered as he was walking back to the Eggmobile (which was about a couple feet away from where he was standing). Eggman quickly flies out of there, and Sonic is called! Thus Sonic is called, and the first stage City Rush.

After catching up to Eggman, he claims that he wont give up that easily, and pulls out a Mech Suit entitled the E.G.G. Rhino, in which Sonic must evade attacks until Eggman charges, dodge out of the way, and have him hit a wall, then attack the backside five times. Sonic wins back the Chaos Emerald, and the city awards him by letting him keep it, calling him the "Protector of the Chaos Emerald".


Mystic Ruins

Tails' Workshop

10:30 AM

Saturday    April 14th, 2018

Tails has big news, and asks Sonic to come over as soon as he can, as fast as he can. Three seconds later, Sonic shows up, and asks about the problem. Tails says that his radar has picked up on another Chaos Emerald and, luckily, it's nearby! Tails says that he can show Sonic the way, and the stage Mystic Forest starts.

After completing the level and finding the Green Chaos Emerald, Sonic & Tails run into a new mysterious figure, who claims to be Nicco the Bat, and that the two has no need to look into his business. Then, after a couple of buttons are pressed on his watch, a portal opens that sucks our two heroes into it opens, and closes. Nicco takes the Emerald and flies off.

Vello The Porcupine
South Island

Green Hills

12:00 PM

Wednesday    May 8th, 1991

It's a nice, peaceful day at the Green Hills when suddenly, Robotnik attacks and puts the animals into robots! Thankfully, everyone's hero is there, Vello the Porcupine! He rushes into action, and starts the stage Green Hills.

After the stage (and destroying the E.G.G. Wrecking Ball), all the animals are freed! However, Robotnik reveals that he has sent a Metal Vello over to the mainland in Station Square to attack and destroy! Vello decides that Sonic's finally old enough to be a hero, tells him to never give up, and creates a wooden raft. He sets sail for the new world.

Atlantic Ocean

1:15 PM

Wednesday     May 8th, 1991

Vello is on his raft, heading for the mainland, when suddenly a mysterious character appears and attacks! He uses Chaos Control, and flies off. The raft suddenly crashes into... A skyscraper?!? Vello jumps onto the skyscraper, and looks back. His raft is gone. It was as if it was never there. The city is fludding, and Vello hears a roar. He looks over to see a reptilian liquid beast! He looks in the other direction and sees someone flying past, and they lock eyes. It's Sonic! But he's different. He's older, faster, gold instead of blue, AND CAN FLY!!!!! Sonic continues to fly towards the beast, engaged in the battle! But Vello looks up and sees the mysterious figure, who jumps off a rooftop and flies over to Sonic, attempting to land a blow! Vello quickly fights back, defending Sonic, and realizes that he is going to try again. Thus the stage Chaos Square begins.

Perfect Chaos & Nicco were both defeated, and Sonic returns to his normal state. Vello runs up and joins the group. Everyone but Sonic doesn't recognize him. However, Sonic claims that it's been eight years since the last time they met, but Vello could've sworn it's only been about eight hours. Through the power of the Master Emerald it is revealed to Tikal that Vello's not in his proper timeline. She gives Amy the Cyan Chaos Emerald, and tells her to keep hold of it until the future, where the could use the power of the Master Emerald to open up a time portal in the perfect spot for Vello to step further into the future and figure out what to do. Amy makes her promise.

Next Steps to the Future

Station Square


12:30 PM

Saturday     April 14th, 2018

Amy and Cream are relaxing at the beach, enjoying the ocean breeze and talking. Suddenly, a ball of light appears, and zooms into Amy's Chaos Emerald. Amy realizes that this was the sign given from Tikal, and leaves to go and find Knuckles. This starts stage five, Emerald Beach.

SA Angel Island 2
Angel Island

1:15 PM

Saturday     April 14th, 2018

Amy finally arrives at Angel Island. She looks around and sees all the obstacles in her way. But determined, she goes on, starting the stage Angel Island.

She finally reaches Knuckles at the Emerald Alter, and tells him that it's time. He uses the power of the Master Emerald to find the best place to open up the portal. It shows them the TechTop Tower in TechTown City. Getting the hint, they start their voyage there.

G.U.N. Mountain

6:30 AM

Saturday     April 14th, 2018

Shadow is standing at the top of a cliff, looking down at the surrounding area. Snow slowly drifts down from the sky.  Suddenly, a beeping sound comes from his watch. Shadow turns it off, and a bunch of robots appear, as if out of nowhere! Shadow responds by telling them that they wont stop him from completing his mission, and destroys them. He quickly gets a move on, and the level Blizzard Base starts.

By the end of the level, Shadow is officially "inside the base", where the G.U.N. Commander is waiting for him, and congratulates him for completing his training, then informs Shadow that he's now ready for the "real mission".  He informs Shadow of how Dr. Eggman has been missing since he was put into prison, and how they have found signs of Gamma Radiation out in the middle of the ocean. Shadow then assumes that he's to go out there and figure stuff out, and the Commander confirms this.


3:38 PM

Saturday     November 29th, 2008

Sonic and Tails fall out of a portal, and on to the roof of a building. After getting up, dusting themselves off, and looking around, they realize that not only are they in Spagonia again, but that they are in the past, more specifically during the time of Sonic Unleashed.  Tails' PAD shows that a Chaos Emerald was nearby, which was a good thing because the Chaos Emeralds of that time had no power. The two rush off to find it, and start the stage Rooftop Run.

Through-out the stage, it slowly transitions to night. By the time they finally get the Yellow Chaos Emerald, it's dark out. Tails wants to go back home and figure things out, but Sonic wants to see the future real quick. Tails agrees, and the two of them cause Chaos Control to open up a portal to the future. However, a mysterious figure decides to follow them in, so that he can see the future as well.

Station Square

8:00 AM

Saturday     July 27th, 2018

Sonic and Tails come out 245 years later, and find everything in ruin! Earth doesn't even exist anymore! Instead, everything is broken debris, floating off in space. Confused, Sonic and Tails rush off to find any survivors to find out what happened, starting the stage Disorted Future.

At the end of the level, they find Silver, as if he was waiting for them. Sonic asks what happened, and Silver says it was Sonic's fault. Before anyone else can say anything else, another voice interrupts, asking how this was possible. They turn around to see Werehog Sonic come out of the shadows. He says that there's no way it could be him, and that this must be an imposter! After a boss fight against a raged Werehog, he's out cold, and Silver says he knows how to fix it. Using Chaos Control, they step through another portal.

Saving the Future


TechTop Tower

12:18 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Knuckles and Amy reach TechTop Tower, and walk in. They see Eggman, along with a bunch of his robots, who admit they have taken over for reasons they wont say, other than "it will be my new base of operations!" Knuckles and Amy engage in combat, determined to r each the top, starting the stage TechTop Tower.

After getting to the top and defeating the E.G.G. Chameleon, Knuckles uses the Master Emerald to cause Chaos Control. Vello comes out, and Amy gives him the Cyan Chaos Emerald. Knuckles mentions on how somewhere nearby there's a lab, and how that might help Vello return to his time.

TechTown City

2:00 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Out walking in the streets, Vello, Amy, and Knuckles are asking around to find out where the lab is. Vello speaks to this one elderly person, and discovers where it is. Vello returns to the group and shares the new. The three take off and start TechTown Streets.

When they get to the lab, Amy hands her Chaos Emerald to Vello, and wishes him good luck. Knuckles tells Vello about the technological advancements in the lab, which should allow him to use Chaos Control with only one emerald. Knuckles tells him to try and use the computers to get back to the exact time he left. The two leave, and Vello hops on the computer and pulls up an electronic calendar. Finding the right time to jump back to, he opens a portal, and jumps through.


Alternate Universe


2:00 AM

Friday     November 14th, 2206

Sonic, Tails, and Silver come out into this alternate timeline. Silver says that they're their to get help. Iblis comes out, and attacks, starting the stage Crisis City.

After defeating Iblis, They find Silver, the one of that time. They convince him that they need his help. Tails reveals that his device has found a Chaos Emerald, and says it's of their time.

Alternate Universe

Soleanna Volcano

6:30 AM

Friday     November 14th, 2206

Reaching the volcano's summit, Tails' device starts buzzing. Looking at the alert, Tails tells the group that the volcano is getting ready to erupt, but his device has a map of the area. Now knowing exactly where the Chaos Emerald is, he says he'll lead the way through the next stage, Magma Core.

Upon reaching the White Chaos Emerald, Tails tells the group that the volcano is about to erupt! Sonic responds to this by saying it's the perfect time to Chaos Control out of there. They do so, and the volcano erupts.

Atlantic Ocean

1:15 PM

Saturday     April 14th, 2018

Shadow is in a helicopter, above the ocean, and is told by whom ever is controlling it that Eggman's Base should be right bellow. Shadow dives in, starting the stage, Aquatic Post.

After entering and searching the base, Shadow finds Eggman talking with newcomer, Nicco. Shadow confronts the two, and Nicco commands Eggman to take care of it. Eggman pulls out the E.G.G. Ray but, after having a battle with it, Shadow defeats it, and it drops a Chaos Emerald. Shadow dives down to reach it, while Nicco activates his watch to use Chaos Control on Shadow, but Shadow reaches it first, and counteracts Nicco's powers and sends himself to the first place he thinks of.

Things Go Wrong

Angel Island

9:00 AM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Tikal, through the Master Emerald, tells Knuckles that something has gone wrong. She reveals to him that Vello has ended up in another dimension, trapped. A portal opens, and Knuckles jumps through. Looking around, he realizes he's not in the same place Tikal showed him. Determined, he runs off to find Vello, starting the stage Boom Universe.

At the end of the stage, Knuckles is wandering around Lyric Facility. He hears an explosion around the corner, and runs to find where, and what, it was.


Alternate Universe

Lyric's Weapon Facility

2:45 AM

Saturday     November 27th, 1014

Vello comes out in this room, and realizes right away that he is not it the right place, or time. He looks over and sees a giant snake guy chasing after... Sonic?!? He's about to come over and help, but Sonic locks them in. Sonic runs off, and the snake guy turns around, and says that if he's stuck in there, he might as well have some fun with it. This starts of the boss fight in the stage Lyric Facility.

After the fight, Knuckles opens the door, and the two of them escape into another room, and lock up the unconscious Lyric. They find MAIA, who, after they explain their situation, opens up a portal to their right time.


Outer Space

Space Colony ARK

3:00 PM

Thursday     June 21st, 1951

Shadow appears on the floor. Realizing that he was thinking about Maria when he cause Chaos Control, that he was sent here. Hearing footsteps, Shadow quickly steps into the shadows, and is completely ignored when some government soldiers storm on past him. Shadow, realizing he has a chance to save Maria, sets out to find her, starting the stage Ancient ARK.

Shadow finds Maria, and tells her quickly that there's no time to talk, and that they need to move. She questions why, and Shadow tells her that G.U.N. is there to kill her, to which she simply responds with "I know." She explains to Shadow about how everyone must come to an end, and she already knows that she needs to give her final message to the Shadow of that time to inspire him to do good. Shadow, confused by how she knows he's from the future, wants to ask her some questions, but she simply tells him she needs to go, and runs off. Shadow then gets the feeling he needs to go and stop his past self from trying to kill all mankind.


1:00 PM

Monday     January 5th, 2004

Coming out of the portal at Final Fortress, Sonic, Tails, Silver, and Silver land on the lower decks of Final Fortress, or that's what Silver says. He also says there's something else important he needs to show Sonic, but they need to get to the upper decks first. The hedgehog runs off, starting the stage Final Fortress.

After the level, on the upper decks, Sonic sees Metal Overlord battling Team Super Sonic. Silver reminds Sonic of the power of teamwork, but Sonic fails to see why he mentions this. Silver reveals how he's been stuck in an endless time-loop, constantly seeing Sonic make the same mistakes. Sonic looks over and sees Nicco bring back Metal Overlord right as soon as he's defeated, and Sonic rushes into action, and fights Metal Overlord for a boss fight. After that, Silver decides to infinite Team Sonic to try and remind Sonic of teamwork.

Eggman's Big Battle

Station Square skyline
Station Square

11:06 AM

Monday      April 16th, 2018

Amy and Cream are walking around the city, hanging out, talking, etc. when Amy sees Eggman walk around the corner. They follow and find a secret tunnel that leads into the ocean. He puts in a password, and enters in. Amy and Cream rush forward. but the door shuts, and asks for a password. Amy and Cream take a few guesses, but Amy eventually gets impatient, and smashes the control panel, opening the door. The two enter, starting the stage Turbine Underpass.

After the level, Amy and Cream are sneaking around Eggman's Base. They peak into a room where they see Eggman and Nicco talking about how they are to launch an attack on Station Square, while Nicco goes back in time to collect Wisp Energy. Amy and Cream realize they don't have much time, and need to warn Sonic.

South Island

Green Hills

4:50 PM

Tuesday     May 9th, 1991

Knuckles and Vello re-appear in Green Hill in Vello's proper time. They look around, and see Nicco, helping Robotnik conqure and robotcize the island! They jump into action, starting the stage, Mecha Hills.

After defeating Robotnik, Nicco jumps to the future, Knuckles chases after him. Vello, torn between what he should do (stay with Sonic) and what he should do (try to save the world) decides to go after Nicco with Knuckles, and jumps to the future. Sonic, however follows along, with Tails following him.


Station Square

2:30 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Sonic, Sonic, Tails, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, and Silver re-appear in Station Square, with Modern Sonic mentioning how it's good to be back. Suddenly, on the loud-speakers, Amy's voice appears, telling everyone that an attack is about to be launched by Eggman on the city, and announces where it will come from. The gang runs over to see Metal Sonic marching his troops out. Sonic jumps into action without thinking, starting the stage Station War.

After defeating Metal Sonic, they assumed that the troops would stop, but they just kept on coming. They noticed how Eggman's Fleet was close, and dropping more robots on the city. Tails then comes up with the brilliant plan on how he and Sonic can go grab the tornado and fly up to the fleet and stop it from the inside, while the Silvers and Team Sonic can stay in the city and defend the people. They agree, and everyone splits up.

Radical Highway

Central City

10:20 PM

Saturday     June 23rd, 2001

Shadow comes out of a portal from the future, and reminds himself that he needs to find and fix his past self without hurting members of G.U.N. A blurr goes past him and, assuming it was himself, Shadow gets up and runs after it, starting the stage  Radical Highway.

Shadow catches up to his past self, and tells him he's from the future. He tells him that Maria didn't want destruction, and actually died to show him her example. Not believing this, they both agree to go to the future to prove it. Shadow opens up a portal and jumps through, with the other one following. However, Nicco isn't too far behind, and mutters "that's what you get for messing up my Chaos Control."

Station Square

3:43 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Silver, Silver, and Team Sonic are still fighting an onslaught of robots. Silver (the one not from '06) suggests for a few of them to sneak in to Eggman's base and steal a Chaos Emerald, making things less tense. Sonic says the the Silvers should go, since they are the only ones who know what they're doing. They agree, and the Silvers run off, starting Secret Mission.

At the end of the level, the Silvers are walking around Eggman's base, and run into Amy. She reveals how she already has a Chaos Emerald, and stole it from the room that she was just in. She also reveals how Eggman and Nicco both just completely abandoned the place, leaving just the security system, which Silver destroys. Silver talks about how he knows that Nicco is going to try and take Wisps from Eggman's park to add more power to their machine. When Amy questions about what this machine is, Silver says he'll tell her later. He also talks on how he'll launch an attack on Blaze's world to try and get the Sol Emeralds. When Amy asks how he knows this, he tells her how he's stuck in an endless time loop, and he's the only one that already knows the outcome. They open up a portal, and all three jump in.

A New Hope

Sol Dimension

Southern Island

12:00 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Silver, Silver, and Amy come out and see Blaze's world under attack, just as he had predicted. Silver tells Silver and Amy to help the people in the battle, as he's going to go off and find Blaze, starting the level Eruption Island.

Silver finds Blaze atop the volcano, fighting a Metal Blaze, but before he can help, she kicks it into the volcano. Silver approaches and complements her, and asks if she still has the Sol Emeralds. She smiles and says yes, and then goes on to say how nice it is to see him again. Amy and Silver catch up and say that the village is good, for now. They wont hold up to another attack. Silver says the best plan of action would be to move the Sol Emeralds out of this dimension. Blaze agrees and, using Chaos Control, they go back to Sonic's dimension.


Station Square

7:58 PM

Thursday     November 7th, 2017

Shadow & Shadow come out, but the one from the present realizes this isn't the right time. Before he can do anything about it, Sonic comes up, and notices how there are two Shadows. However, he claims this doesn't scare him, and that the resistance will take him down. Confused, Shadow asks why Sonic's like this, but Sonic taunts him. Outraged, Sonic rushes into battle against him, starting the stage Sunset Hights.

With Sonic pinned down to the ground, a third Shadow comes out to punish this Shadow, but he grabs his fist and says "enough". The three stand there as Sonic gets up. The present Shadow tells SA2 Shadow, Forces Shadow, and Sonic how he knows there's a resistance going on right now, but there's something much bigger going on. Nicco flies out and asks the question "how many Shadows will it take to turn on the light bulb?" angered by this, all four (including Sonic) jump up, but Nicco simply teleports behind them. As Eggman and Infinite comes around the corner, Nicco blasts Infinite and takes the Phantom Ruby, leaving Infinite powerless. As he goes to warp away, Shadow, Shadow, Shadow, and Sonic follow.

711px-Tropical Resort - Screenshot - (1)

Eggman's Incredible Intersteller Amuesment Park

7:30 AM

Tuesday     November 16th, 2010

Amy, Silver, Silver, and Blaze appear. Wisps are flying around, and Orbot & Cubot are (failing at) capturing Wisps. Silver points out how there's no sign of Nicco yet, so the they decide to split up and look. As they all depart, Amy looks out and sees the wonderful sight of the planet bellow: Earth. She pondered on its beauty and what might happen to it if they can't stop Nicco. Someone behind her says only time can tell and, sure enough, it was Nicco. Amy pulled out her hammer and tried to smash him, but he teleports. He tells her she will have to try harder than that, bringing her to anger. She runs off to find him, starting the stage Tropical Resort.

After the stage, she's at the edge of the park with Nicco. He tells her there's nothing she can do to stop him. When she asks for proof, he asks her if Silver's mentioned being in a "time-loop." Remembering his words from earlier, she frowns at the truth that he's revealed. This is a never-ending cycle of Nicco winning and everyone else loosing. Nicco's the only one getting enjoyment out of this. Having collected the Wisps he needs, he's about to retreat when a fireball hits him. Modern Silver jumps on top of him, and they going falling down.


Eggman's Incredible Intersteller Amuesment Park

9:15 AM

Tuesday     November 16th, 2010

As Silver and Nicco are plummeting down, the Wisps are making it free. Nicco tells Silver he will pay and throw

s him onto the Space Elevator platform. As he tries to re-collect is lost Wisps, Silver levitates up to him and punches him in the face. After that, the two start going down the stage together, starting the boss in Terminal Velocity.

Having barely survived Nicco's attacks, Silver deals a finishing blow. The whole thing starts to crumble down, and Silver tries to save as much Wisps as possible. Right before he can get them to safety, Nicco punches him in the gut and re-collects them. He disappears into a portal, as Blaze and Amy reach out to grab him. Realizing that there's nothing left they can do, they use the Sol Emeralds to open back up a portal to the present.

City Escape

Central City

3:00 PM

Saturday     June 23rd, 2001

Coming out in the future, Knuckles and Vello prepare to face Nicco, who isn't there. Confused, the two start to look around at the city, which has been partially destroyed by something big and had chainsaws. Nicco says that this was the result of the cops trying to get their hands on the hedgehog. Both of them realize it was Sonic he was talking about, but Vello gets offended. But before he can do anything about it, Sonic and Tails run past them. Nicco decides it would be a nice idea to shove over a building and block the way, and this begins the stage Escape Aftermath.

When Vello and Knuckles catch up with Classic Sonic & Tails, a portal opens up. Out comes Zavok who grabs the two. Nicco comes, wishes the two farewell, and they enter into the portal. Vello & Knuckles jump in after them.


Lost Hex

9:00 PM

Thursday     October 24th, 2013

The two come out of the portal and look in every direction. After finding no trace of the two from earlier, they notice big Zavok-sized footprints. They say them leading through different sections of the Lost Hex, and the two decide to follow them. This starts the stage Hex Galaxy.

At the end of the road, they find Nicco, who sicks Zavok on them. After a boss fight, they get the two classics back, but Nicco has taken all the energy Eggman had drained from the planet at that time. Nicco throws a conch at Zavok, tells him he's free to do as he pleases, and Zavok gets back up for one more attack. Knuckles jumps up, super-punches him in the face, and he falls down. They use their Chaos Emeralds to open up a portal and leave to go for the present.

One Final Push


6:00 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

In a dark and stormy sky, Tails is flying the tornado through Eggman's armada. He says it's to dangerous for them to go through that way. Sonic, being the quick problem solver he is, instead of waiting for Tails, jumps off an jumps off to do his on thing and, on foot, look for Eggman's main ship. Thus starts the stage Eggman's Fleet.

After searching all across the sky, Sonic finds Eggman's main ship! However, it is extremely highly guarded, so it's no match for our hedgehog. Still, everything's in wack. Sonic tries to find a way inside, but simply can't


7:15 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Tails, having landed on the other side of Eggmn's Fleet, has found another way to get to the inside of Eggman's Main Ship, but can't go to much further. Sonic contacts Tails and updates him on the situation, and Tails says that he can't quite figure out what to do. Suddenly, Silver, Silver, Blaze, and Amy appear on the scene. Modern Silver smiles at Tails and can tell it was perfect timing. He comes up with the idea to shrink him and put him inside of the main programing and hack into the system to let Sonic in and fight Eggman. So Tails shrinks up and goes inside the main computer frame, activating the stage Digit Freeway.

After hacking his way through, Tails gets to the bottom of things and comes back out. Tails contacts Sonic and lets him know he's free to enter.

NiccoBat 3D

9:30 PM

Monday     April 16th, 2018

Sonic goes in to find Eggman, ready with his last robot to try and take him out: the E.G.G. King! As Sonic says things should be easy, Nicco says things should be interesting, as he comes in to watch the show. The stage Control Room starts, where Sonic soon discovers that all the power in Eggman's robot is coming from Nicco, and must attack him first.

After the fight, the Phantom Ruby shatters, and Nicco freaks out. Sonic says it's like almost any other day, and walks out of the room. He meets up with his friends on the deck outside, who are all there to meet him. Sonic declares victory, and everyone cheers! Then, to ensure that operations are cut, Sonic attacks what he thinks is the main engine. Right as Silver tells him not to however, Sonic destroys it, releasing tons of Hyper-Go-On Power into the air, causing a large reaction and, along the way, giving Nicco the power-surge that he needs. He uses this to gain more energy, and activates the meachine which, to Eggman's surprise, does not work out the way he though it would.

Center of the Universe


Monday???     ?????

Nicco gives off a big laugh and reveals his ture form. Surprised by his appearance, he decides to explain things. He is part of the Time Eater race. In his time, the people of Earth were stretching out to all different corners of the universe. The act as a guardian, Sonic's decendant, Silver, created a watch to contain all the Chaos Emeralds in them. While on adventures though, the watch fell into the wrong hands, which got it to him. Through the watch, he found the ultimate power, which was to contain all power and energy in one place. He gained intelegence, and decided to leave his brothers for what he believed was his: everything. When you can have everything so easily, why not act upon it? So he set off to look for more. Using his ability to shift time, he formed a new look for himself, along with his ability to not only travel through time, but to send others to whenever he want, which also means change the location of a portal created by Chaos Control as well. Sonic exclaims how he's beaten a time eater before, then he and his friends join in for attack. He laughs and wipes them out in one huge smack. He then not only reminds them of the extra amount of energy he has, but tells Sonic that the Time Eater he's thinking of had its powers tempered by Eggman. Tails then exclaims that the Chaos Emeralds are nearby and, if they were all to go after one, they cuold collect them in no time, and help Sonic transform into Super Sonic.Agreed, they all split up, starting the stage Crashing Time.

520px-Super sonic final

Afterwards, they all meet in back where they started, and Sonic transforms into his Super State! Sonic flies off to try and defeat Nicco, starting the stage Final End.

Through-out the fight, Sonic will continue to loose. Nicco has seemingly infinite health, and Sonic's ring count is running low. Nicco will continuously taunt Sonic, telling him to give up and that it's imposible to catch up with him. After recieving a game over, if the player chooses to continue, another cutscene will start where Tikal calls out to Sonic. As he comes to her, Sonic (and the others) see that she is joined by a bunch of others, including Maria (which Shadow is more than happy about). They tell Sonic about how at the beginning of time, the Master Emerald banished the Time Eaters to the only place where they could do no harm, out in the farthest reaches of the universe. Since then, the Master Emerald has chosen one hero to protect not only the universe, but also all of time and space. She talks about how the Master Emerald has chosen different people through-out time who, saddly, nver have a good end. But it is duty to save everyone else. Tikal then reveals that it has chosen Sonic, and that it can fill him with the infinite power needed to be able to propel a darkness like that. Sonic absorbs the power of the Master Emerald, remembering his past, and thinking of the future he wants to create. He opens his eyes, and he's still the same. Nicco takes a swing,
and Sonic goes flying. Silver then yells to Sonic to push aside his weakness, and the speedy hero inside of him. Sonic stops and, realising what Silver means, thinks back on his adventure, and how many things he made worse by rushing into things. Sonic realises that the answer is not to go faster, but instead, slower. Sonic then gets a quick glimpse of the whole universe, and transforms into Master Sonic, and can feel the infinite energy of the Master Emerald flowing within himself. Angry, Nicco takes another swing, which Sonic morphs through no problem. Even more angry, Nicco rushes in, and Sonic sends off a huge blast to his face. This starts off the second section of Final End.

When Sonic delivers the final blow, Nicco cries out in agony, and light comes pouring in. Everything reverts back to normal. Sonic high-fives Tails & Knuckles, and Amy gives him a big hug. Shadow somewhat pathetic "congrats", and Silver tells Shadow to be grateful. Sonic looks out, and sees Vello. He reverts back to normal, and approaches him. Sonic tells him "long time no see," and asks where he's been all these years. Not really knowing, he asks Sonic if he remembers him. After stopping to think of the right way to say it, Sonic says "no." Vello looks up at the sunrise, the first time anyone could see the sun since Eggman's huge attack on the city. Tikal approaches them and tells them that the universe is still in whack, and that everyone should return to their own time to have things restored to normal. Vello looks to Sonic, and asks if he'll remember him. Sonic smiles and promises that he will, when Tails brings up how all of their memories will be reset, but the universe will see Sonic as a lier (since he wont remember the promise he made), and will be deemed unworthy of making his transformation again (like what happened earlier when he couldn't transform). All Sonic does is smile and say, "I will always keep my promise." After that, everyone leaves back to their own time, and the credits roll.

South Island

3:38 PM

Tuesday     April 17th, 2018

Vello comes out of the house he made himself. He sits on a rocking chair outside, feeling like he's missing something. Someone (unseen by the camera other than his red shoe) comes in from behind him and says "Long time no see!" Vello turns around, and smiles, happy to see a blue hero, who is revealed to be Sonic. He asks if he can teach him some of his old tricks, who happily agrees. The two then continue to run off into the now-grown jungle in Green Hill, as the camera pans to the sun in the sky.