This is the story line of Sonic Time, and how it goes. This will start at the very beginning of the game when you turn it on, and will not go in chronological order, for the space-time continuum is messed with a lot in the story. Thank you, and enjoy the story.

The Beginning

Station Square

City Bank

9:05 PM

Thursday     November 24th, 2016

Dr. Eggman breaks into the city bank and steals the Blue Chaos Emerald! The alarm, luckily, was triggered as he was walking back to the Eggmobile (which was about a couple feet away from where he was standing). Eggman quickly flies out of there, and Sonic is called! Thus Sonic is called, and the first stage City Rush.

After catching up to Eggman, he claims that he wont give up that easily, and pulls out a Mech Suit entitled the E.G.G. Rhino, in which Sonic must evade attacks until Eggman charges, dodge out of the way, and have him hit a wall, then attack the backside five times. Sonic wins back the Chaos Emerald, and the city awards him by letting him keep it, calling him the "Protector of the Chaos Emerald".


Mystic Ruins

Tails' Workshop

10:30 AM

Friday     November 25th, 2016

Tails has big news, and asks Sonic to come over as soon as he can, as fast as he can. Three seconds later, Sonic shows up, and asks about the problem. Tails says that his radar has picked up on another Chaos Emerald and, luckily, it's nearby! Tails says that he can show Sonic the way, and the stage Mystic Forest starts.

After completing the level and finding the Green Chaos Emerald, Sonic & Tails run into a new mysterious figure, who claims to be Nicco the Bat, and that the two has no need to look into his business. Then, after a couple of buttons are pressed on his watch, a portal opens that sucks our two heroes into it opens, and closes. Nicco takes the Emerald and flies off.

South Island

Green Hills

12:00 PM

Wednesday    May 8th, 1991

It's a nice, peaceful day at the Green Hills when suddenly, Robotnik attacks and puts the animals into robots! Thankfully, everyone's hero is there, Vello the Porcupine! He rushes into action, and starts the stage Green Hills.

After the stage (and destroying the E.G.G. Wrecking Ball), all the animals are freed! However, Robotnik reveals that he has sent a Metal Vello over to the mainland in Station Square to attack and destroy! Vello decides that Sonic's finally old enough to be a hero, tells him to never give up, and creates a wooden raft. He sets sail for the new world.

Atlantic Ocean

1:15 PM

Wednesday     May 8th, 1991

Vello is on his raft, heading for the mainland, when suddenly a mysterious character appears and attacks! He uses Chaos Control, and flies off. The raft suddenly crashes into... A skyscraper?!? Vello jumps onto the skyscraper, and looks back. His raft is gone. It was as if it was never there. The city is fludding, and Vello hears a roar. He looks over to see a reptalian liquid beast! He looks in the other direction and sees someone flying past, and they lock eyes. It's Sonic! But he's different. He's older, faster, gold instead of blue, AND CAN FLY!!!!! Sonic continues to fly towards the beast, engaged in the battle! But Vello looks up and sees the mysterious figure, who jumps off a rooftop and flies over to Sonic, attempting to land a blow! Vello quickly fights back, defending Sonic, and realizes that he is going to try again. Thus the stage Chaos Square begins.

Perfect Chaos & Nicco were both defeated, and Sonic returns to his normal state. Vello runs up and joins the group. Everyone but Sonic doesn't recognize him. However, Sonic claims that it's been eight years since the last time they met, but Vello could've sworn it's only been about eight hours. Through the power of the Master Emerald it is revealed to Tikal that Vello's not in his proper timeline. She gives Amy the Cyan Chaos Emerald, and tells her to keep hold of it until the future, where the could use the power of the Master Emerald to open up a time portal in the perfect spot for Vello to step further into the future and figure out what to do. Amy makes her promise.

Next Steps to the Future

Amy Rose
Station Square

12:30 PM

Friday     November 25th, 2016

Amy and Cream are relaxing at the beach, enjoying the ocean breeze and talking. Suddenly, a ball of light appears, and zooms into Amy's Chaos Emerald. Amy realizes that this was the sign given from Tikal, and leaves to go and find Knuckles. This starts stage five, Emerald Beach.

SA Angel Island 2
Angel Island

1:15 PM

Friday     November 25th, 2016

Amy finally arrives at Angel Island. She looks around and sees all the obstacles in her way. But determined, she goes on.

She finally reaches Knuckles at the Emerald Alter, and tells him that it's time. He uses the power of the Master Emerald to find the best place to open up the portal. It shows them the TechTop Tower in TechTown City. Getting the hint, they start their voyage there.

G.U.N. Mountain

6:30 AM

Friday     November 25th, 2016

Shadow is standing at the top of a cliff, looking down at the surrounding area. Snow slowly drifts down from the sky.  Suddenly, a beeping sound comes from his watch. Shadow turns it off, and a bunch of robots appear, as if out of nowhere! Shadow responds by telling them that they wont stop him from completing his mission, and destroys them. He quickly gets a move on, and the level Blizzard Base starts.

By the end of the level, Shadow is officially "inside the base", where the G.U.N. Commander is waiting for him, and congratulates him for completing his training, then informs Shadow that he's now ready for the "real mission".  He informs Shadow of how Dr. Eggman has been missing since he was put into prison, and how they have found signs of Gamma Radiation out in the middle of the ocean. Shadow then assumes that he's to go out there and figure stuff out, and the Commander confirms this.


3:38 PM

Saturday     November 29th, 2008

Sonic and Tails fall out of a portal, and on to the roof of a building. After getting up, dusting themselves off, and looking around, they realize that not only are they in Spagonia again, but that they are in the past, more specifically during the time of Sonic Unleashed.  Tails' PAD shows that a Chaos Emerald was nearby, which was a good thing because the Chaos Emeralds of that time had no power. The two rush off to find it, and start the stage Rooftop Run.

Through-out the stage, it slowly transitions to night. By the time they finally get the Yellow Chaos Emerald, it's dark out. Tails wants to go back home and figure things out, but Sonic wants to see the future real quick. Tails agrees, and the two of them cause Chaos Control to open up a portal to the future. However, a mysterious figure decides to follow them in, so that he can see the future as well.

Station Square

8: AM

Wednesday     July 27th, 2253

Sonic and Tails come out 245 years later, and find everything in ruin! Earth doesn't even exist anymore! Instead, everything is broken debris, floating off in space. Confused, Sonic and Tails rush off to find any survivors to find out what happened, starting the stage Disorted Future.

To Be Continued!!!

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