Sonic Time is a Sonic Game being developed to celebrate Sonic's 25'th Birthday. It's similar to Sonic Colors or the Daytime Stages is Sonic Unleashed (gameplay wise), while the story has many similarities to the Sonic Adventure Series and Sonic Generations. It will be for the PC, Xbox One, PS4Nintendo Switch, and Glassbox.


The story is split into multiple. To see them all, see Sonic Time/Storyline. To see it all simplified, continue reading.

Dr. Eggman teams up with a new character, entitled Nicco the Bat, to collect all the Chaos Emeralds in order to create a machine that will hold on to the whole entire timeline for a few minuets, and change it to where they rule the universe! However, to stop Sonic and friends, along with newcomer Vello the Porcupine, they throw them randomly to different periods in time.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Abilities Theme
SonicSAY Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive, with a strong sense of justice, and an attitude. He's the main hero of the game (hence the tittle), and will do anything to save time and stop Nicco.
  • Speed Boost
  • Homing Attack
  • Ring Dash
It Doesn't Matter
TailsAdv3 Miles "Tails" Prower Miles "Tails" Prower is a genius young fox, that can fly with his two tails. He's pretty helpful, and handy when it comes to gadgets. He'll always trust and follow Sonic, which will lead to some pretty heroic rolls for him.
  • Can Fly
  • Tails Swipe
  • PAD Zapper
KnucklesEchidna Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles the Echidna is a strong powerhouse which usually spends his days protecting the Master Emerald on Angel Island. However, when time starts getting messed up, Knuckles jumps into action to help save time.
  • Can Glide
  • Climbs Walls
  • Digs Underground
AmyRoseA2 Amy Rose Amy Rose is Sonic's wanna be girlfriends. At least, that's what Amy thinks. She falls head over heals for Sonic, but is still ready to do anything to help save the future, along with the past and present.
  • Hammer Smash
  • Hammer Helicopter
  • Invisibility
FlashPorcupine Vello the Porcupine Vello the Porcupine is a character from the past, who helped raise Sonic after his parents passed away. He can run pretty close to Sonic's speed, but can still do some other amazing things. He's truly ready to save the universe.
  • Speed Boost
  • Air Walker
  • Thunder Walker
ShadowChannel Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog is the self proclaimed "Ultimate Lifeform" who can perform many chaotic abilities. Haunted by his past, he promised Maria that he would help protect mankind. He will continue to fulfill that promise now as he helps defeats Nicco.
  • Speed Boost
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Blast
All Hail Shadow
SilverHedgehog Silver the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog is a hedgehog from a destroyed future, and claims it was Sonic's fault. However, this time he tries to help Sonic fix his mistake instead of kill him. He will put his telekinetic skills to use in the fight for time and space.
  • Psychokinesis
  • Levitate
  • Teleport
Dreams of an Absolution


Image Name Description Theme
Eggmann Dr. Eggman The evil genius behind it all! He's been Sonic's main villain for years now! But alas, with help from a new friend, Eggman feels that he'll finally conquer the world and build the Eggman Empire up to the top!
NiccoBat Nicco the Bat Nicco's come from the Chaos Emeralds, and plans on using them for himself! He's using Eggman's technology to take over ALL over time, and erase one of his greatest foes.
Metal sonic chaos Metal Sonic Metal Sonic has been rebuilt and ready to go! He plans on leading Eggman's Robot Army to take over the city, and finally prove he's the REAL Sonic! What I'm Made Of


Stage Name Stage Description Boss? Playable Character
City Rush Eggman's stolen the Chaos Emerald! Rush through city trafic, buildings, and parking tickets to fight Eggman's robot and win back the jewl! E.G.G. Rhino SonicSAY
Mystic Forest Deep in the jungle, Tails' radar has detected a Chaos Emerald! Rush through the woodlands, swing across vines, cross rivers, climb over giant bolders, and more to reach it! TailsAdv3
Green Hills Robotnik has captured the animals again! Destroy the enemies to set them free in the lush green hills! This should be a peace of cake! E.G.G. Wrecking Ball FlashPorcupine
Chaos Square As Sonic is battling Perfect Chaos, Nicco is trying to defeat Sonic! Rush through the ruins of the chaotic city to stop Nicco from landing a blow on Sonic! Nicco the Bat FlashPorcupine
Emerald Beach Amy must reach Knuckles! Get past the waves of the tide, the robots, and a crazy orca to complete this tropical stage. AmyRoseA2
Angel Island Continuing to try and reach Knuckles, Amy must now brave the mystical dangers helping Knuckles guard the Master Emerald, along with other badniks that might be trying to get it for Eggman. AmyRoseA2
Blizzard Base Shadow must report for duty! He must get to the center of the G.U.N. Base at the top of the coldest mountain! Brave the storm! ShadowChannel
Rooftop Run Back to the stage from their world adventure, Sonic & Tails must search day and night for a Chaos Emerald to help them get back home! SonicSAY
Disorted Future The future seems different than we expected, kinda like it's just left over debris from the universe floating around in an empty void... Watch out, for gravity acts strangely here! Werehog SonicSAY
TechTop Tower Knuckles must get to the top of the tower! Beware of robots that try to attack, along with the electric cords, and the digital computer walkway! E.G.G. Chameleon KnucklesEchidna
TechTown Streets In the streets of this futuristic-esc Japan, evade traffic, wade through sewers, and eventually make it to the laboratory in the center of the city. FlashPorcupine
Crisis City A city destroyed by the monster known as Iblis. Fight it to ensure a safe path to the next level, and watch out for lava and falling buildings. Iblis SilverHedgehog
Magma Core In the heart of the volcano lies a Chaos Emerald! Dodge lava, molten rocks, and magm creatures to get to the center. TailsAdv3
Aquatic Post Eggman has a base under the depths of the ocean. Dive down under, and find a way in, then infultrate and look for the Chaos Emerald! E.G.G. Ray ShadowChannel
Boom Universe To save Vello (who darn messed up), race faster than the hedgehog of this dimension as you speed through traps set up by Lyric KnucklesEchidna
Lyric Facility Sent to the wrong time, Vello is now trapped in the same room as Lyric, the Last Ancient, both of which being locked up for a few thousand years! Lyric isn't happy... Lyric FlashPorcupine
Ancient ARK The military is there for... Shadow?!? Evade their attacks as you look for Maria in this galactic space colony. Watch out for Anti-Gravity! ShadowChannel

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