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Sonic Tilt is a game that takes advantage of the gyroscope system on the 3DS.


One day, Sonic, Mario and Starfy were taking a walk together when all of a sudden, Dr. Eggman puts Tilt Collars on them! Later, Tails, Knuckles and everyone else were sitting around when Eggman put Tilt Collars on them! Then an explosion happened causing Mario, Starfy and everyone exept Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to go someplace random so Sonic and his friends must save them!


Green Hill Zone: The classic zone from Sonic The Hedgehog (16-bit).

Toy Time Zone: A zone with alot of toys.

Piano Bounce Zone: A musical zone that can bounce you really high!

Bridge Zone: The classic zone from Sonic The Hedgehog (8-Bit).

Big City Zone: A zone in a big city.

Airport Dock Zone: An airport zone to get to Eggman in the air.

Sky Chase Zone: The classic zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (16-Bit)

Air Castle Zone: A midieval castle high in the air.

Up Pipes Zone: You need to go up into space! Use the tubes to get up there!

Space Persuit Zone: You need to get to the Death Egg! Get ready for Sonic's last battle!

Death Egg Zone: Eggman has his Mega Ring Stealer Machine!

Space Escape Zone: Eggman has'nt given up yet! He still has one last trick!

Minigames and Stuff

Tilt Fall: Make it through the spike tube with 3 lives.

Tilt Challenge: Make it through the spike tube without touching the walls or the objects. (A harder version of Tilt Fall)

Treasure Collector: Collect treasure to get new stuff.

Egg Catcher: A game where you need to collect eggs for a Chicken Doll.

Tails Time: Go through Sonic The Hedgehog as Tails!

Portable Genesis: Play Sega Genesis and Sega CD games on your 3DS!

Photo Booth: Play through the game and at the end of every level you can get a picture!

No Save Game: Play through the game with no save stations.

Code Enter: Enter a code to unlock stuff.

Free Play: Choose a level and complete it in a fast time.

Gyroball: Choose a level and go through it in ball form.

Boss Blast: Beat every boss in a time limit!

Hard Mode: Beat the whole game with harder stuff.





Classic Sonic

Classic Tails






E-123 Omega






Clasic (For Classic Sonic)

CSTail (For Classic Tails)

Amyrse (For Amy)

CremTR (For Cream)

ShdwTH (For Shadow)

BazeTC (For Blaze)

SlvrTH (For Silver)

EOmega (For E-123 Omega)

Mushie (For Mario)

WiiMii (For Mii)

CPingn (For Penguin)

Prince (For Starfy)

SSonic (For 7 Chaos Emeralds)

Cstume (For Alternate Costumes)

Freply (For Free Play)

Coinup (For Uploading Coins To Your Club Penguin Account)

Bakrnd (To Get A Background For Your Club Penguin Account)

FrePin (To Get A Free Pin For Your Club Penguin Account)

BigPPL (For Big Characters)

LvlSel (For Level Select)

DbgMde (For Debug Mode)

Crdits (To Watch The Credits)

Specal (For Special Moves)

In other languages

In Spanish: inclinación de Sonic

In French: Tilt Sonic

In Japanese: ソニックチルト

In Korean: 소닉 틸트


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