This Is Only For Wii X


Sonic herd about a legand about a invinsable monster sonic did not belive. He went after 1-1 sonic was gaven calibard and he went of after 1-2 that beast was formed. Boss level then starts Boss: Meltca

the beast runs away & The Game Begins              Note: I dident mean to put in Levels!        No Comets I wIll not read

Playable Characters

Assist Characters


  • Moto Bug
  • Robot
  • Egg Robo
  • Dark Gaia Robo
  • Dark Doom Minion
  • Dark Doom Gaurd
  • Metalic Enimie
  • Egg Buzzer
  • Evil Knight
  • Meta Robo
  • Sourd Robot
  • Deadly Gaurd
  • Egg Gaurd
  • Gaia Gaurd
  • Meta Gaurd


  1. Lightning Lava Labrinth                                      Meltca
  2. Chaotic Path                                                    Chaos Creator
  3. Metalic Bace                                                   Mecha Sonic
  4. Knight Palace                                                  King Aurther
  5. Darkness City                                                  Evil Shadow
  6. Doomsday Castle                                             Black Doom
  7. Dangerios Highway                                           Danger Creator
  8. Pure Chaos                                                       Meltca 6
  9. Destroid Lava Lightnig Labrinth                           Perfect Meltca
  10. Extra: Lighness Stars                                         None

To Be Continued

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