Sonic 4 Prototype Picture


  •  Sonic The Hedgehog
  •  Dr . Ivo. Robotnik ( AKA Eggman )
  •  Metal Sonic
  •  Amy Rose
  •  Badniks
  •  Knuckles The Echidna
  •  Miles Tails Prower


  • Doomsday Zone ( Flash Back )
  • Green Forest Zone 
  • Splash Hill Zone
  • Launch Base Zone
  • Milky Way Zone / LS STATION
  • Moon Zone / X Zone
  • Death Egg Zone 
  • Steel Hill Zone
  • Ruined Castle Zone
  • Ruined Kingdom Zone ( Secret )
  • Ice Mountain Zone
  • Angel Island Zone
  • Crash Zone / Doom Zone 
  • Final Battle


On one day , Amy is walking in Splash Hill Zone. While she looked up to the sky , she noticed a blue lifeform flying trought the air , Amy ran to it. While she was running the lifeform grabbed her. When she could see who it was , she screamed , Metal Sonic.

Knuckles was guarding the Master Emerald. However , the Master Emerald was glowing. He just ignored it.

While Sonic and Tails where playing and running they saw a blue robot , Metal Sonic , carrying Amy Rose , While Sonic looked at it , schocked , Tails was grabbed , too.

Knuckles was still guarding the Master Emerald , while suddely , Robotnik shot a laser at the right side of The Floating Island , Knuckles first reaction was to block the path to the Master Emerald , which worked , for a few days. He attacked Robotnik after that , which , surprisingly , didn't had effect...

Sonic first followed Metal Sonic , who floated into Green Forest.

Knuckles is being pushed of Angel Island , while he still curses on Robotnik.

After a long walk , Sonic noticed a tiny , really tiny , bug. The bug teleported the whole forest into the sea , while Sonic doesn't get air , the bugs teleports him , again , Including Metal , Amy , and Miles. 

Knuckles falls , he lands on a base , a well-known. Launch Base. He saw that the Death Egg , is rebuild.

Sonic runs trought Splash Hill , and on the end he sees , Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic uses one spark-ball , and uses it like Sonic 1's Green Hill Boss , After being defeated , he goes away.

Knuckles just jumped into the Death Egg , which is , of course , rebuild. He saw a machine , he couldn't read the name thought. When suddenly , Robotnik jumps in and attacks Knuckles , he pressed the launch button.

Metal Sonic bumped into a gaint , metal object , the rebuild Death Egg. He holds himself and the others on it. Sonic quickly jumps into another , old , space capsule , The Doomsday Machine , he saw the flash-back , after that he goes into space. Afterwards he jumps into a secret door in the Death Egg.

Suddenly , Robotnik attacks Sonic , the collapse is massive. Sonic falls down , so does the Death Egg , Knuckles punches the Death Egg in two parts for safety , Sonic and Amy with Robotnik , Knuckles and Tails , with Metal Sonic.

Sonic falls on the moon , followed by Amy. Sonic can't move very fast here , but his sense feels there are emeralds , after he finds some , Robotnik wakes up , he turned his new creation on , again , and started to trow moon stones. After Sonic defeated Robotnik by blocking the stones , Robotnik goes back to the Death Egg , which is still falling.

Knuckles , Tails and Metal Sonic all safe land in space , on space station LS. Metal Sonic charged himself to fight and attack Tails with his , strong , blast powers , Knuckles can protect Tails thought and defeats Metal Sonic , who falls into a black hole , while his eyes are glowing red... Tails flies Knuckles back to the Death Egg.

Robotnik fires a gaint laser to Mobius using the moon stones , while Sonic and Knuckles , and thier friends , are also kidnapped. Sonic is punched into Earth.

While Sonic arrives , Splash Hill has changed , all birds are robots , badniks. Also , the grass is now steel , Sonic still uses all the power he got to go to the end , where a gaint bot attacks him , he defeats him with one emerald. He found a sword also , he didn't know why , but he keeped it.

He sees a gaint castle on the end of the road , where he meets , Egg Robo ( With Sword ) , he attacks him using a sword he found on the begin of Steel Hill. He now destroys both swords into the ground which goes all shaky , a earthquake , no , the Death Egg has problems , he first needed to get to a mountain to jump that high.

While he arrives on Ice m.t , he quickly glides trought the level until he met Ice Puncher , a mad hedgehog , he attacks with the chaos power , Ice does with Ice Power , but before the collapse , there is a flash , Sonic is on Angel Island , he uses the Master Emerald again to go to the Death Egg.

rest of the story is not finished yet.

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