Sonic The Hedgehog (Australian Comic Series) is a on-going Australian comic created by John Paraley and published by Chrome Book And Print Australia under the Aussie Comics name. It is John Paraley's first comic series based on a franchise, and also his first overall comic since "Classic Comics", a comic series that is a homage to classic comic strips, which ended in 1990.

It is based on the Sonic The Hedgehog video game franchise and games. It is also inspired by Paraley's friend (Nigel Kitching)'s own Sonic comic book series, Sonic The Comic (STC), But also uses the canon of the original Japanese story (Most Notably Dr. Robotnik's Japanese name, Dr. Eggman, which was used around issues 1-15). The series started in June 1993 and ended in August 2002.


In early 1993, John Paraley went to Europe to meet his friend, Nigel Kitching and discuss comic book plans. When he heard that Kitching was making a comic book based on Sonic, Paraley realised that Australia didn't have any Sonic comic series made in Australia. Later, getting the rights from SEGA to create a Sonic comic book series, Paraley went to a trip to Japan to see the original creators of the game, where he realized the the story was different in both countries. In response to this, he decided to make the comic take place on Earth instead of Mobius, and changed Dr. Robotnik's name into the original Japanese name Dr. Eggman. He did use the Kintobor story from Stay Sonic for issue one, but instead used Eggman's name, removed the chaos emeralds and altered the story (see below).

Sonic himself was also altered a bit too. While Sonic The Comic portrayed him as bossy, cocky and arrogant, The Sonic in the Australian comic was "Everything BUT" (according to Paraley). He is a good-mannered hedgehog who help everyone get out of trouble. Although he does appreciate help, he won't risk his friends to get injured. this is best seen when sonic won't let Tails follow him into the death egg in fear of losing him. He also doesn't call him "Pixel brain", although a similar offence was heard when Tails tells his back-story (a bull called him "Digit brain").

The comic when it was released was considered "Odd" by fans. It didn't take place on Mobius, used Robotnik's name or use the story from the games. In response to this, the staff made a two part story where Eggman finds a planet habitable to contain life and builds a portal to go on it and conquer it himself, but is stopped by Sonic and the police. Eggman goes in the portal, and then it (the portal) stops working and turns off. The mechanics are able to fix it, and Sonic goes in. He tells them that he will return when the planet is freed from Eggman.


It begins in Christmas Island, a place full of smart talking creatures who live like humans although they know very little about the outside world. One of those creatures is Sonic, a hedgehog who was called that because he was the fastest in the family. He won many races against his friends and was the fastest hedgehog in the island, possibly the world.

The comic begins when Sonic, now older, challenging a race against the fastest rabbit, "Softlegs" Jimmy (a parody of Johnny Lightfoot, one of the freedom fighters in STC (Sonic The Comic)). Catching up, Sonic trips over a vine which sends him into a underground sewer. Sonic follows some strange voices which leads him into a laboratory. A strange, fat, mustached professor named Dr. Eggman greets him with joy (But calls him a [edit and insert hedgehog Latin name please] which annoys sonic) and tours him around his laboratory. Dr. Eggman then says that he noticed that sonic was the fastest hedgehog on the island and asks him to test his Gyro-Wheel, a hamster wheel-like machine that can record speed. Sonic pushes the limit on it when Eggman accidentally turns the speed on it into light-speed, and it goes so fast that it breaks.

Sonic wakes up looking at Eggman's surprised face. Sonic looks at himself astounded and surprised. He turned blue and all his spikes have merged into some big ones! Eggman sends sonic to a large blaster, whom Eggman claims that it can turn sonic back to normal, but Sonic sees the words "Big Destroyer" on it, and escapes at extreme speeds before Eggman fires it. Sonic is astounded at how fast he went, and, getting tired, goes home.

In issue 2, a penguin named Bob Beaky (who was later used in STC as a alias of sonic) was astounded at sonic's speed and gave him a part for his traveling circus. Other acts were:

  • Miles Prowler, The flying fox (who would later be sonic's sidekick)
  • Jecko The Gecko, Who can juggle 10 balls with his hands, tongue and tail
  • Dimmy The Dog, who can balance a tightrope 10 feet off the ground upside down
  • and Jerry Morry The Bear, Who can preform outstanding and impossible magic tricks.

(Also in the same issue, Sonic calls Miles "Tails", a nickname that would stick with the rest of the comic.)

Sonic stayed for three issues until issue 5, when a human traveler comes to the island to research on animals. Sonic amazes him by running around the entire island in a matter in seconds. The human calls his partners, and three days later, comes to the island in a big boat. Sonic says goodbye to his friends and sails away. more soon.

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