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Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 2018 final gamecover
Developer(s) SonicTeam
Colin Entertainment Ltd logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Sega Logo
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Wii U
Genre(s) Platforming, action-adventure
Release Date(s)
Single-Player, Co-Op Multiplayer (2-4)
Age Rating(s)

Sonic The Hedgehog (known as Sonic or STH) is an upcoming 2018 platforming action-adventure video game developed by Sonic Team and Colin Entertainment Ltd. and published by SEGA and Fantendo, it was the reboot of 2006 video game of the same name with additional like characters, levels and bosses, it will going to be released on 12th Anniversary of the game itself.

Sonic The Hedgehog will be ported on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, NX and PC.


This synopsis is going to updated very soon.


Warning: Some of the story is may content spoilers.

In the beautiful Green Hill Zone where the main hero Sonic the Hedgehog is viewing the sun, until Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik arrive along with Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot to interrupt Sonic where he was going to make his new greatest plans at the town of Soleanna. Before when Sonic is attack him he was been fighting at the Badniks causing Eggman to escape with the Egg carrier, so Sonic will not let it happen at Soleanna so he have to get there before Eggman does.

At Soleanna is celebrate of Festival of the Sun where the ruler Princess Elise the Third is ready to begin, but it was interrupt by the Egg carrier where Dr. Eggman is greeting to the princess that he was about to kidnapped her for his plans. Until when Sonic arrived on time and fighting many Badniks off the path and saving Elise to escape from Eggman, but Metal Sonic is kidnap the princess and carrying to the Egg carrier directly to Wave Ocean until Elise throw the Chaos Emerald to Sonic where he will promise to recuse her.

In the day, Sonic seen Miles "Tails" Prower where he was with Knuckles and Amy that their were split up to find him about what Dr. Eggman plan's is up to and even saving the Princess, Sonic can use Tails to Wave Ocean to get the Egg carrier, but their were too late that the ship is going to the Dusty Desert. At the temple Sonic and Tails found Elise until Dr. Eggman arrived that he was start Metal Sonic to attack Sonic that he need the princess about "Flames of Disaster", after the battle Sonic will carry Elise throughout the desert while Tails can take care of the Badniks. After then Sonic and Elise got to the hills of Soleanna where he can tell her about the Flames of Disaster then Elise tells him here the sun god Solaris is want to destruction around was end of the world as we know, so Sonic will promise to protect Soleanna and Elise from Eggman.

In Soleanna Castle Town, Sonic walking with Elise to get back at the castle until when Silver attacked at Sonic to challenge him to the death when Sonic tell Elise get to the castle so she agreed, after when Sonic beaten Silver back to the town Sonic is been backfired and trapped by Silver's Psychokinesis until when Amy protect Sonic so he say thanks to her for saving his life, when Sonic get to Elise he was too late the princess is kidnapped by Eggman again.

Until when Sonic meets Tails that Knuckles is at Soleanna New City was the message for someone, when Sonic and Tails got there Knuckles gift to Sonic this letter that Dr. Eggman told him that he need the Chaos Emerald to return Elise, which Sonic is agreed where he was going with Tails and Knuckles to White Acropolis. When Sonic and others got to Eggman's base, Sonic is give the Chaos Emerald to the doctor but Eggman is tricked him to trade for Elise where it was a trap that Dr. Eggman have created his plan known as "Solaris prototype" where he sent Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to the future for testing which it was succeed, but his machines need to be completed that he will control time.

In the future at the ruins of Eggman's base, Sonic and the others had found Shadow and Rouge. But their need to get back to the present was two Chaos Emeralds to sent them back, until at the database room where Silver and Blaze is talking to Mephiles the Dark about the Iblis Trigger was Sonic, when three of them were left to the present Sonic haven't notice that Blaze was here until Tails was shocked that Elise is been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman but when the Egg carrier is malfunction and both died from 2 days after festival of the sun which their have to get back in time before it happen, so Tails got the signal of the Chaos Emerald was in the Flame Core until it was attacked by Iblis until the battle Sonic and Shadow is got back in the present time where Sonic read the newspaper about Eggman's train at the Radical Train.

While Sonic save Elise, but then Silver arrived to kill Sonic again until when Eggman capture Elise again when Shadow the Hedgehog is here to help Sonic to escape from Silver. At the Soleanna Forest, Elise is never stay with Eggman that she will make a jump and safety got by Sonic which it cause Eggman to commanded Fiona Fox and Scourge the Hedgehog to destroy Sonic and capture Elise again, until Fiona and Scourge is failed by Sonic attacks so Sonic must take Elise to the Jungle to out of sight of Eggman. After when their escape Sonic take Elise to the most beautiful place of the flower tree which Elise tells Sonic that she will do where her late-father and mother is become strong queen who doesn't tears which Sonic make Elise smile so Sonic take Elise back to Soleanna Castle for safety.

Until when the Egg carrier where Dr. Eggman threaten Elise to enter the carrier or the town will be turned into ashes which Elise will not allow to come harm to her people so she will go. When Sonic is been notice from Amy Rose and Knuckles where Princess Elise is kidnapped by Eggman in the carrier which Sonic is must get to Kingdom Valley, until Silver and with Blaze that Silver is apologized for his behavior which he was going to save the princess so Sonic agreed for his help when Blaze remember Sonic that she was glad to see him again so their begin the chase at the Egg carrier. At the carrier Dr. Eggman told the princess that he will rule over time from the past all the way to the future that he had finally got the princess which he use the detected machine to search many Chaos Emeralds but then the carrier is been malfunctioned causing the ship crash landing. When Sonic is saw the carrier he was too late that the carrier is exploded killing both Eggman and Elise, when Silver realized that Sonic had the Chaos Emerald when Blaze got the emerald is been gifted from Big the Cat which Sonic can go back early in time to get the Egg carrier.

Sonic the Hedgehog is entered the Egg carrier in time and starting beating many Badniks when he got to save Elise until Eggman is begin to outrage where Dr. Eggman use his big machine known as the "Egg-Wyvern" along with Metal Sonic was to defeat Sonic, but the doctor lose again and he was been fly of his egg mobile with Orbot, Cubot and Metal Sonic to escape the falling carrier.

Sonic carry Elise to escape the carrier and their were land safety on the land that Elise is thanking him for save her life and stop Eggman, so Sonic will walk with her to get back to Soleanna Castle.

At White Acropolis, Shadow the Hedgehog is going the mission with the help of G.U.N. where his goal was find 3 mission soldiers including Rouge the Bat, after he save soldiers and Rouge where she asked him that Rouge got an object known as Scepter of Darkness until it was been battled of the Egg-Driller. After the battle Shadow takes her to the G.U.N. HQ that her mission was take with him to the Kingdom Valley.

At Kingdom Valley where Rouge and Shadow is their mission until when seen of Dr. Eggman that he need the Scepter of Darkness for making his creation but Shadow is refused for the offer where it been attacked by Badniks, unfortunately the Scepter of Darkness is smashed to the ground releasing Mephiles the Dark causing Eggman to fled, Mephiles thanking Shadow for release him for many years ago where he sent both Shadow and Rouge to the future, their in the city is been destroyed which Shadow and Rouge must find a database for more information which their discover that this day was the future until their heard someone is was here, which it was Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Where the heroes must find the Chaos Emeralds to get back to the present day, then Shadow and Rouge had found the Chaos Emerald until their saw E-123 Omega lay on the ground without moving an itch.

At the Flame Core waiting for Sonic and the others where their had use the Database that the Chaos Emerald was in there that Iblis had the emerald, after the battle Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge going back in the present but Shadow is been distracted by Mephiles when Shadow is chase after him across from Flame Core and Crisis City, when he finally got to him Mephiles told Shadow to join with him that humanity is fear of Shadow's power was to hunt him down but Shadow said it was false where Shadow will stop Mephiles from his destruction, after the fight E-123 Omega is arrived and aid Shadow's help to defeat Mephiles where Omega is sent by Rouge in the present but Mephiles escape to gone back from the present. When their arrived with Rouge, Shadow is left them and must tell Dr. Eggman of why he want Mephiles but the doctor is told him is to get Mephiles himself which he can give the hint to Shadow that he was appear in the Soleanna disaster "Solaris Project". Until he saw that Sonic is been attacked by Silver the Hedgehog where Shadow must fight him making Sonic leaving to save Elise, after the battle Silver use his Chaos Emerald to defeat him until their use the Chaos Control where Shadow tell Silver that Mephiles wasn't making the better future he was going to destroy the past so Shadow and Silver is going in 10 years ago of the Solaris Project.

In 10 years ago, The Duke of Soleanna with his workers is building the Solaris Project but it was been malfunctioned from the Solaris power until when Duke's young daughter Elise is arrived to see her farther but the machine is been exploded releasing both Iblis and the black shadow of Mephiles which Shadow got the Scepter of Darkness from Duke where Shadow have to seal Mephiles in the Scepter of Darkness where Mephiles will return from the future when he was released. When he got to Silver with young Elise where Iblis is finally been sealed and put Elise outside of the Kingdom Valley and Shadow put Scepter of Darkness down where he will know about the future so Shadow and Silver is sent them back to the present.

While Shadow is got back to Rouge she told that Omega E-123 is searching for Mephiles at Wave Ocean, until Mephiles is escape so Omega told Shadow about Mephiles where that everyone is been feared of Shadow's power which the world will become his enemy which was false that Shadow is always defend the world so Shadow and the others must seal Mephiles in the Scepter of Darkness to stop him at once, at Dusty Desert where Mephiles is getting the Chaos Emerald until it was been attacked by Egg-Cerberus where it was left in the desert, after the battle their have to get pass from the desert and the temple their found Mephiles the Dark but he got the Chaos Emerald where he was become very powerful to attack Shadow and the others.

After when Mephiles defeated, Shadow is ready to seal him but it was been destroyed by Mephiles when he use two Chaos Emeralds to sent more clones to fight against Shadow, Rouge and Omega.

Many years later, the world is been destroyed by the living flame known as Iblis, the survivors in the city were Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat to stop Iblis from rising but due to Silver's anger that Iblis will come back again until their meet with an mysterious figure name Mephiles the Dark who can help Silver and Blaze to eliminated who waken the living flame as "Iblis Trigger" that the one who was the responsible for it was Sonic so their agreed to complete the mission where Silver and Blaze is been split out in the present day from different locations before the disaster.

When Silver have found Sonic at Soleanna, but he miss the target when he was been hugged by Amy Rose which she will help him for searching Sonic. Meanwhile at Dusty Desert Amy and Silver is looking for Sonic when Silver is look around Soleanna that it was very beautiful so Silver can help her to find around the location, at end of the temple it was been attacked by the Antlion Mecha leaving Amy where Silver is trapped at the door later the door was opened so Amy and Silver is go back and to find Sonic.

In Soleanna Castle Town, Amy and Silver haven't found him when he saw Sonic walking with Elise Silver must defeat him to the death so Sonic tell Elise to get back the castle then she agreed and ran off then Silver chase Sonic at the highway. After when Silver finally trapped Sonic with his Psychokinesis until when Amy protect Sonic causing the blue hedgehog leaves and thanks to her for saving his life. Silver explains to Amy that Sonic is the one who destroy the future but Amy was not true that it was murderous and she angrily left Silver. Silver is sitting looking at the sun of Soleanna New City thinking about Sonic was or not the Iblis Trigger until Blaze arrived to Silver where she told him where that if it was right or wrong which Silver was been thinking that Sonic is innocent that he and Blaze saw Sonic and the others went to White Acropolis so their have to get there to learn something new, when their get there but it was too late until the Egg-Genesis is start the attack at Silver and Blaze, after the battle their had found the Chaos Emerald so their going back to Soleanna.

At Soleanna, Silver and Blaze saw Mephiles where he told him of why Sonic would destroy this world which Mephiles is told Silver if he cannot kill Sonic the future will remand the same of Iblis taking over and then Mephiles told them that Sonic is at Radical Train where he was going after so Silver told Blaze to stay there and protect Soleanna from any harm where he was going after the hedgehog. When Silver got to Sonic with Elise (until when she was been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman) but when Shadow tell Sonic to get Elise while he start to fight at Silver. After the battle Silver use his Chaos Emerald to defeat him until their use the Chaos Control where Shadow tell him that Mephiles wasn't making the better future he was going to destroy the past so Shadow and Silver is going in 10 years ago of the Solaris Project.

In 10 years ago, The Duke of Soleanna with his workers is building the Solaris Project but it was been malfunctioned from the Solaris power until when Duke's young daughter Elise is arrived to see her farther but the machine is been exploded releasing both Iblis and the black shadow of Mephiles which Shadow got the Scepter of Darkness from Duke where Shadow have to seal Mephiles. Silver is have to search around to find Iblis, while he found it to trap Iblis but it won't disappeared until the Duke with Elise told Silver that the living flame is distrusted that the world will be destroyed if Iblis take over so Duke will put Elise down with the Chaos Emerald to trap Iblis inside of Elise, but the Duke is almost dying where he tell Silver to take Elise at the safe place before he was gone he tells his daughter is to not cry then the Duke died when Silver is feeling guilty where he was about to murdered Sonic. While he meet Shadow, Silver put Elise outside of the castle and then Shadow put the Scepter of Darkness down where he knows what will happen in the future when Shadow going back the present Silver is gifted to Elise an Chaos Emerald before he going back to the present.

Silver is returned to the present where Blaze is did protect the city from any danger, which he tells her that Sonic wasn't the Iblis Trigger until their had realized that Princess Elise is kidnapped by Dr. Eggman so their have to get on Kingdom Valley before it's to late which their had meet Sonic to help him to recuse her. But their were to late that Dr. Eggman and Elise in the Egg carrier is been malfunction and crash landing killing both Elise and Eggman, which Silver told Sonic we can get back in early time to save Elise but Sonic can take care for himself, when Sonic is gone Silver and Blaze going back to the future with two Chaos Emeralds to finally defeat Iblis at Flame Core.

When Iblis is defeated, Silver will take Iblis to himself but it was rejected so Blaze have to take it to stop Iblis so Blaze will remembered Silver when he return to her very soon so Blaze is disappeared into the light and then the city is back in peace.

The plot is been under conduction.

When Shadow, Rouge and Omega fighting many clones of Mephiles, the real Mephiles is been send himself to the Soleanna Forest but he had lost of two Chaos Emeralds at the temple until he had found one of the Chaos Emerald which he was about to check on two heroes; Sonic recuse Elise from the Egg carrier accident and Silver with Blaze had defeated Iblis, Mephiles can't take it anymore where he was going to his final plan. At Sonic and Princess Elise walking from get to the castle until the Chaos Emerald is brighten them blindly when Mephiles is begin to sneak kill by stab at Sonic the Hedgehog and then the blue hedgehog died where Princess Elise is shocked and feeling upset of Sonic's death then she was cried in tears where it released Iblis. So Mephiles is finally completed his mission to rejoin him to return his true form of Solaris.

The plot is been under conduction.


The gameplay is been under conduction.



Name Description Stats Abilities
Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Speed: 6/6
  • Jump: 3/6
  • Skills: 3/6
  • Power: 2/6
SSBE Shadow
Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Speed: 5/6
  • Jump: 4/6
  • Skills: 4/6
  • Power: 3/6
Silver the Hedgehog
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Jump: 5/6
  • Skills: 4/6
  • Power: 5/6

Name Description Stats Abilities
Tails (Sonic Lost World)
Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
Knuckles the Echidna
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
Rouge the Bat
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
E-123 Omega Rio2016
E-123 Omega
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
Amy Srunners 1
Amy Rose
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
Blaze (Super Smash Bros Wii U)
Blaze the Cat
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
Big team rose 3 4 by nibroc rock-d9sqs45
Big the Cat
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
Cream and cheese team rose 2 4 by nibroc rock-d9sqrcu
Cream the Rabbit
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA
Marine the Raccoon
  • Speed: TBA
  • Jump: TBA
  • Skills: TBA
  • Power: TBA


Name Description
Princess Elise anthropomorphic form
Princess Elise the Third
Mephiles the Dark
Mephiles the Dark
Dr. Eggman (Sonic Lost World)
Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
363px-Metalsonic heroes
Metal Sonic
Orbot and Cubot
Orbot and Subot
Iblis sonic next gen by itshelias94-d4rnxn2
Fiona. 3D
Fiona Fox
Scourge the Hedgehog
Team Chaotix (Vector, Espio and Charmy Bee)


Enemies or Bosses


  • Moto Bug
  • Buzz Bomber
  • Roller
  • Chopper
  • Crab Bot
  • Rhinotank
  • Eggrobo
  • Egg Gunner
  • Egg Guardian
  • Egg Solider
  • Egg Launcher
  • Iblis Biter
  • Golem
  • Iblis Taker
  • Iblis Worm
  • Iblis Hand
  • Iblis Hunter
  • Squash


Sonic Story

  1. Metal Sonic
  2. Silver the Hedgehog
  3. Iblis
  4. Fiona and Scourge
  5. Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Egg-Wyvern) and Metal Sonic

Shadow Story

  1. Egg-Driller
  2. Mephiles the Dark
  3. Silver the Hedgehog
  4. Egg-Cerberus
  5. Mephiles the Dark

Silver Story

  1. Iblis
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog
  3. Egg-Genesis
  4. Shadow the Hedgehog
  5. Iblis

Side Story

  1. ???
  2. ???
  3. ???
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???

Final Story

  1. ???
  2. ???
  3. ???


  • Hub-world
    • Green Hills
    • Soleanna Castle Town
    • Soleanna Forest
    • Soleanna New City
    • End of the World
  • Action levels
    1. Green Hill Zone
    2. Angel Island
    3. Wave Ocean
    4. Dusty Desert
    5. White Acropolis
    6. Kingdom Valley
    7. Tropical Jungle
    8. Radical Train
    9. Aquatic Base
    10. Crisis City
    11. Flame Core
    12. Egg Carrier
    13. End of the World


In early 2016, the owner of Colin Entertainment Ltd. Colin was about to planning to create Sonic the Hedgehog video game where he got the rights from SEGA and Sonic Team along with Fantendo.

Later SEGA have announce the game titled Sonic The Hedgehog, an reboot version of 2006 video game of the same name where Colin twitted that the game itself will have new characters, bosses, levels and story, until then Dan Green is accepted his reprise role as Mephiles the Dark. During in development, Colin Entertainment Ltd. is decide to change Princess Elise human appearance to an anthropomorphic hedgehog which SEGA is agreed to change her appearance.


Opening or Closing Credits

Official Soundtrack


Sonic The Hedgehog is rated for PG from mind animated violence and some coarse language.


Buttons Commands
PS4 Cross W.I.P.
PS4 Square W.I.P.
PS4 Triangle W.I.P.
PS4 Circle W.I.P.
PS4 Right Stick W.I.P.
PS4 Left Stick W.I.P.
PS4 R1 W.I.P.
PS4 L1 W.I.P.
PS4 R2 W.I.P.
PS4 L2 W.I.P.
PS4 Dpad W.I.P.

Buttons Commands
W.I.P. W.I.P.

Buttons Commands
Black WiiU A W.I.P.
Black WiiU B W.I.P.
Black WiiU Y W.I.P.
Black WiiU X W.I.P.
Black WiiU RightStick W.I.P.
Black WiiU LeftStick W.I.P.
Black WiiU R W.I.P.
Black WiiU L W.I.P.
Black WiiU ZR W.I.P.
Black WiiU ZL W.I.P.
Black WiiU DPad W.I.P.

Buttons Commands
W.I.P. W.I.P.

Buttons Commands
Z W.I.P.
X W.I.P.
C W.I.P.
V W.I.P.
Arrow keys W.I.P.
A W.I.P.
S W.I.P.
D W.I.P.
F W.I.P.
B W.I.P.

Controls are been under conduction.



  • The owner of Colin Entertainment Ltd. is told everyone was to remove the scene of Elise kissing to Sonic, with the response their agreed for this.
    • After in development, Princess Elise human appearance is changed to anthropomorphic hedgehog form.
  • In the 2006 version; Mephiles mouth cannot move while in the Shadow's Story ending scene that it can move, which in the 2018 version it featured to make his mouth moving including his eyes to move.
  • It feature a new story known as Side Story where you can play as side characters.

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