Sonic Television series is a new television series and a sequel to Sonic X, based on the Sonic the Hedgehog-games. One episode contains two stories of 10 minutes. The anime will be started on November 19 2011.






Season 1

  1. The start of a new adventure Part 1/The start of a new adventure Part 2
  2. Spinball Adventure/Triple Trouble
  3. Sonic Adventure Part 1/Sonic Adventure Part 2
  4. The rebuilt of Gamma/Rival fighting
  5. Sonic Heroes/Planet of Wisps
  6. Chaotix Undercover/What's Up with Violet Wisp?


  • United States: 4Kids TV, CW4Kids
  • Canada: YTV
  • United Kingdom: CITV
  • Latin America: Disney XD
  • France: France 3
  • Germany: Super RTL
  • Australia: ABC3
  • Singapore: Okto

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