Sonic Team F.A.S.T is a new 2D Sonic game for the Wii U and based on critical reception is one of the best 2D Sonic games out there. It has no multiplayer mode, although it does have online multiplayer where you pick a Sonic character and bring him/her into action-packed races.


In the game, Sonic is enjoying a run in the Green Hill Zone when all of the sudden Dr. Eggman gets in the way. "I am looking to cause world domination!" He shouts, and then he flies off in his mecha to, "Eggman Castle". Sonic is very confused and decides to follow, although nobody seems to know what "Eggman Castle" is.

You must travel through a world map based on the world maps from the Mario games. Random things could happen while you are traveling in the map, such as an enemy showing up and triggering an enemy mini-game, such as Rogue's Pinball or Shadow's Obstacle Course. Given that most of these characters didn't have a big part, these mini-games brought back some not very well known Sonic characters so they could get known once again.

Most levels are obstacle courses that involve a lot of speed. You must use great speed to activate switches, make a quick getaway from "chase enemies", speed through walls and climb a steep hill.

There are different enemies in different levels. Some basic Egg-Bots will commonly show up. Most of them are disguised in many different shapes in sizes. Some enemies are just plain spheres with spikes on top, and most are spheres with a spike on top of their head, but they also have a nail for an eye and some quickly moving legs. There are also the "chase enemies". If a level is easy, a Chase Enemy could most likely be in it to raise the difficulty. Chase Enemies will chase you through a tough course, often filled with blocks (wood and stone) and such hazards as spikes and fire. Sometimes speed can even be an enemy, as if you go too fast and try to make a quick stop, Sonic could slide into an obstacle.


World One: Green Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone teaches you the basics of the game and although is easy in the first couple of levels, it quickly raises into difficulty gradually. This world features a total of 21 levels, the majority being tutorials. This is because the controls are so complex there needs to be a lot of tutorials, most of which feature Omochao!

World Two: Lava Mountain
Lava Mountain is one of the biggest difficulty dives in the history of fanon gaming! Featuring 20 lava-filled levels, Lava Mountain includes falling platforms, rising lava and lots of world mini-games featuring climbing to the highest point before getting covered in molten lava. There are few tutorials, with only two explaining the hazards of the world. By the end of Level 20 you'll get used to the high difficulty, so the next world may be a breeze.

World Three: Tails Land
This is a world featuring 26 levels that feature none other than Tails himself! Although you cannot play as Tails, he'll be really helpful along your adventure. Piloting his airplane, he'll drive in the spiky levels for you to hop on his airplane as not to hit the spikes and get a Game Over (see Super Mario World 2's Poochy levels to see what I mean).

World Four: Party Tower
Party Tower is based off of some of the villain levels from the video game "Shadow the Hedgehog". The levels have a party feel to them and include everything from disappearing neon platforms to strobe lights acting as lasers. The world has a total of 29 levels and

World Five: Eggman's Tower
Eggman's Tower features a total of four very long and painful levels. Why four? Well every level is, like I said, long and painful. Also, if you add four more levels, there will be a total of 100 levels in the game. These last few levels feature courses that test you on everything you have learned in the past. It all leads up to the final battle with Dr. Eggman in the last level. Also in the last level you'll find a bunch of robots directly after the final boss to defeat using speed - these were the final robots used for Eggman's world domination.

Sonic Team F.A.S.T speeds into stores and the Wii U eShop January 16th, 2014. Take everything you've learned from this page and use it in the real game (if it were to be real, that is!)

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