Sonic Strike is a reboot of the Sonic franchise made by Dreams Inc. with new story, gameplay and characters, adding more fleshed out plots and lore as well as a more momentum-based 3D gameplay.


In the fictional planet of Mobius, millions of strange yet sentient intelligent creatures live together with humans in peace and harmony, this land is filled with not only futuristic technology, but also incredible mystical items, the most powerful of which hold control over the life of the entire planet and universe, the "Chaos Stones".

The "Chaos Emeralds" are filled with "Chaos Energy" as their name says, a powerful energy which comes from the life energy of every living thing, this energy can't be sensed unless one has been around Chaos Energy for long periods of time, has trained in how detect it, is using a machine, or is using another Chaos Emerald as a sort of radar, this makes them easy to blend into everyday life without no-one noticing, as they're scattered all over Mobius.

Harnessing the Chaos Energy of a Chaos Emerald is hard to do unless you have trained on how to use it, as it's unpredictable, the only thing that's fully known about it is that it comes in two forms, "Negative Energy" and "Positive Energy", and usually when one tries to harness its power without knowing how to control these individual energies is a victim to "Chaos Radiation", a bad side-effect caused by an unstable blend of Negative and Positive Energy. Chaos Radiation not only morphs and deteriorates a person's physical health, but their mental health as well.

However, if someone manages to collect all of the Chaos Emeralds, they will be able to harness their true power regardless of training, but only for a limited time.

And finally, controlling all of these Chaos Emeralds is the most powerful artifact in the universe, the "Master Emerald", which has been protected by Echidnas for centuries, however, now only one Echidna remains to protect it, as all other Echidnas had mysteriously died in a massive event many many years prior.

Mobius, holding all of these extremely powerful artifacts, is a planet that has been the subject of wars and invasions by other planets, however, for years Mobius has also been populated by heroes that have fought to protect it and the Chaos Emeralds from any threat.


Main Games

The main games have gameplay similar to the 3D games, however they involve a lot more momentum and revamp and return a lot of features from previous games to make it more momentum-based and give Sonic a number of moves in order to help mantain his speed.

The games follow a train of thought of making them simple to pick up and play at any time but if the player decides to delve deep and learn all of the techniques of the game they can master it, this was inspired by how Super Smash Bros. can be enjoyed casually but also competitively for those who take the time to master it.


  • Sonic Strike: Crescent Quills (main game) - The first game in the series, which takes place years after the events of Sonic 3 & Knuckles with Sonic disappearing after he forms a league of Freedom Fighters in order to keep Eggman at bay when all of the sudden a wave of peace strikes, keeping Sonic bored and causing him to disappear as he decides to explore the world looking for thrills, and he finally finds some once he stumbles upon an island known as "Acorn Island", which has been struck with a strange and terrible fog that's causing any and all methods of transportation that go in to disappear entirely, Sonic manages to get in during a day where the fog seemingly dissipates temporarily, plunging Sonic in an adventure where he must fight against an old enemy and save the monarchy of the island as he meets up with the Freedom Fighters once more.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: Team Dark (main game) - Coming out shortly after Crescent Quills, it focuses on a mysterious artifical hedgehog known as Shadow the Hedgehog and his trip throughout the world along with unlikely partners like Rouge, Espio and Omega in order to find Mephiles, a mysterious creature who grants wishes, in order to help cure his friend, Maria, from a terrible disease that seemingly has no cure.

Main Characters

Recurring Protagonists

Image Name Description Debut
StrikeSonic ??? ("Sonic") the Hedgehog "Sonic" the Hedgehog is one of the few hedgehogs found in Mobious, and a well-known one at that, as he has constantly protected Mobius' ecosystem from any threats, mainly Dr. Robotnik's of robotizing the landscape. Sonic really doesn't care about fame or glory, he just wants to be free and enjoy life, he's a bit snarky and determined whenever he sets his mind to something. Crescent Quills
Tails flying recreated pose upgraded by finnakira-d81luus Miles "Tails" Prower Miles "Tails" Prower is a rare case: a two-tailed fox! Miles used to be the victim of constant bullying due to his weird look and his fascination for technology, however, after meeting and joining Sonic, who taught him how to use his tails to help him out in combat, he has become a stronger person. Miles can be a bit shy but he'll jump into action if anyone needs his help! ???

Recurring Antagonists

Image Name Description Debut
RobotnikOlympic Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Dr. Eggman Dr. Ovi Kintobor was a scientist working for the government and researching Chaos Emeralds, but after a workplace accident which destroyed an entire building and his research was leaked online, the government shut down every operation regarding Chaos Emeralds at the time, leaving Kintobor with no job whatsoever and caused him to be hated by the public after the media misinterpreted his research as proof of a superweapon using Chaos Stones. Eventually, tired of being constantly stepped on and fueled by his rage against the government, he went insane and decided to rename himself "Ivo Robotnik" and go after the Chaos Emeralds on his own to build his own utopia. ???


  • The game can be seen as a rival to the Sonic Blur series by Zeta Lab, as both are Sonic reboots which feature heavy use of Archie comics characters and were both made around the same time. Dreams Inc. has yet to reveal if this was intentional or not but a crossover in the near future seems appropiate, doesn't it?

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