This story takes place after the defeating of Chaos.

Kirby returned to Dreamland. Everything was normal. Dedede resided in his castle, Meta Knight resided in the Halberd, it was peaceful. Kirby decided to throw a party and invite all of his friends. He contacted all of the people that helped him defeat Chaos, like PalmMan, Knuckles, Mario, etc. Kirby strolled down to the market to get food and decor for the party. He threw the party at his place. As he approached his house to start decoration, Meta Knight was at his door. "Ah, there you are," he said. "I need to ask you a question. Come to the Halberd with me."

When they got on the Halberd, it suddenly took off. Meta Knight did not know what was going on. A voice came from the control room. "I HAVE YOUR SHIP. SURRENDER NOW. OR I'LL HAVE YOU DEAD OR SOMETHING WORSE!" Kirby started to quiver, but Meta Knight reassured him. Soon, they heard thunder approaching. Pikachu was coming. As he landed on the ship, Meta Knight said, "Everyone, come with me! Liberate the control room before we all DIE!" The three braved the blowing winds, and the missiles and the lasers and things of the sort. And Pikachu fell off of the Halberd. "GREAT! JUST GREAT! NOW WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Meta Knight said. This doesn't seem like Meta Knight at all... Kirby thought. After mulling it over, he ripped off Meta Knight's mask to reveal Strafe. "Dang, my cover is blown..." he muttered.

Soon, he attacked Kirby viciously. After Kirby was tired, Strafe did a few final strikes with a chain and took out a grenade. He blew up the Halberd with it. Kirby was crying and screaming as him and Strafe were falling. Strafe took out a teleportation device and teleported him and Kirby to an abandoned prison. "I saved your life," Strafe said. "Now, can you do something for me?" Kirby nodded. "Great. Heh, heh, heh... I've heard about you and your exploits. You're very strong. But you need to help me. And by that, I mean help me increase Eggman Nega's empire!"

Kirby jumped back. Strafe took out a device. Kirby, thinking that it was a weapon, sucked it up. But it wasn't a weapon. It was the device that put Mind Control on Kirby.

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