This story takes place before Sonic Speedball RPG III: Nega's Empire.

Strafe, after saving the world, was now returning to his ways as a criminal. Unfortunately, the authorities now saw him as a hero and it wasn't stealing so much as people letting him have stuff. He had to face the facts; he was a good guy now. Or was he? His life had always been full of mystery, and 3.14's appearance long ago had changed his life forever.

Strafe no longer could be a criminal, but he still didn't want to be a hero. "Pfft. Things couldn't get any more complicated, could they?" he said to himself while standing in an alley, his two pistols pointing towards a nearby trashcan. He fired a shot, and somebody came running into the corridor. Strafe jumped up and grabbed onto a nearby brick wall, trying to hide in the shadows. "I'm not as dumb as these Hylians, you know, Strafe" the man said. Strafe dropped to the ground and aimed his gun. "No need to worry. I'm here to give you back your lost position" he said. He was a rather large man, with a big white mustache. Eggman Nega. "Meh, you aren't much of a threat." Strafe said and lowered his guns. "Oh, but I am" he said, and raised his hands. Immediately a large group of robots fell from the sky. "PREPARING-TO-TERMINATE." one said in it's robotic voice. "Now now Strafe, you have a choice; join me and regain that thrill of being a bad guy, or continue your good-goody life" Nega asked. "I'll pick choice A" Strafe said. "Excellent choice; robots, destroy him" Nega said.

The robots launched forwards, but Strafe pulled out a grenade, jumped up to a wall, pulled the pin, kicked off the wall and threw the grenade into the middle of them. One of them managed to dodge it, but the others exploded. Strafe kicked the robot into the air and shot it with his pistols. It fell to the ground, and as it was about to get up he placed his foot on it's head and pushed down. Sparks went flying as the head disconnected. "Good work" Nega said, clapping. "When do I start?" Strafe said, smiling.

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