This story takes place in the first SSRPG before PalmMan's appearance and after the events PalmMan 6: Hourglass of Mayhem.

PalmMan was fighting off a fragment of MineMan's army, and though the barriers were thick, he made it through. The leader was Galaxy Man, one of MineMan's administrating robots. After an intense battle, Galaxy Man retreated to his UFO. He then wondered if there would be another wave of enemies, and his hypothesis was correct. Soon later, he was blasted by a load of fire, sent by Magma Man's side of the army. It was so heavy that one of his palm fronds burned off. PalmMan turned around and saw Dragonman trying to fight him off, but his fire kept increasing the power of Magma Man (a reference to the Pokemon ability Flash Fire). PalmMan told Dragonman to retreat, and he did. After fighting some fire robots, PalmMan confronted Magma Man. After he was defeated, Magma Man was doused by Splash Woman, who was quickly eliminated. PalmMan soon became very tired. MineMan became angry and sent out a brain-corrupting pulse. PalmMan was running away from it when he arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom, and found some coconuts. In case he needed to be called upon, he engraved a message, however he made it highly unbelievable. It dealt with finding the coconuts and giving them to the princess of fire. Coincidentally, Blaze the Cat is the princess of fire. When she found all of the coconuts, PalmMan was summoned to fight Mecha Shadow, in which he assisted Mario, Sonic and others.

Before the battle with Mecha Shadow, PalmMan heard about the robot and decided to investigate. Along the way, he met 3.14. PalmMan explained all he knew about Mecha Shadow. 3.14 found it interesting. They decided to investigate more. Along the way, they learned how to play Flamenco music, but that was irrelevant to the real problem. 3.14 and PalmMan grew a bond, and 3.14 began to understand why PalmMan was in hiding. Soon, PalmMan heard that Eggman Nega was creating Mecha Shadow. After a long journey, they located Eggman Nega and followed him into his base. They also found a portal to go back in time, where they located a Chaos Emerald. They stayed and fought Nega for another Emerald, but they both ended up with the same Emeralds they came with. When 3.14 went to the normal time, PalmMan had run away to investigate more.

While PalmMan looked for more Emeralds, he met Wario, and they fought. Wario quit in the end, and gave PalmMan a fake Emerald. This gave PalmMan an idea. He decided to build a two-piece Wario (front and back) out of metal he located in his journey. When he went back to face Nega, he found Mecha Shadow, which he put in the fake Wario. Nega noticed him and said, "What are you doing here, you thing! Stop messing with my-oh, wait, that's a good idea. Hiding my ultimate creation like that! I like your style!" Later when Sonic and friends arrived, Blaze has the last coconut. Then, he was forced to come out of hiding and fight Mecha Shadow.

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