This story shows how RPG the car gets brainwashed by Chaos in Sonic Speedball RPG II: The Coming of Chaos!.

RPG tried to turn around, but he was going very, very fast and ended up going out of control. Pikachu went to save him, but then Chaos appeared and ran after RPG. They both disappeared. RPG stopped right before he fell right off a cliff. Just then another car appeared, Ni Toade. Ni Toade was an old friend of McQueen Mario and RPG that used to race with them and he was quick to protect his friends. Ni Toade blocked RPG from Chaos but Chaos pushed him off a cliff. McQueen Mario could see what just happened and charged Chaos. He hit him and Chaos fell on RPG knocking him right off the cliff. McQueen Mario drove back to tell everyone. Chaos however had not fallen off the cliff but hung onto the edge. You will serve me now and your little friend McQueen Mario is next. RPG who was a good friend of McQueen Mario refused. So Chaos jumped RPG and put a bunch of watery goop from his hands inside RPG's gas tank confusing him. "I...I...feel...weird" said RPG before he passed out. Ni Toade had also not crashed at the bottom of the cliff but was trapped inside a cave at the bottom. At the bottom, Toad and Toadette who were exploring cave near Toad Town asked what happened to Ni Toade. "I must get back up to my friend, RPG" said Ni Toade. "Try the bouncy Mushrooms" suggested Toadette. Ni Toade jumped up on the Mushrooms to see that he was to late. RPG seemed controlled and attacked Ni Toade by ramming him. McQueen Mario, RPG, and Ni Toade seems to have a demolition derby. After it was over, McQueen Mario and Ni Toade were weakened. Chaos fully restored RPG's health and they both agreed to attack Pokemon Trainer and his friends. Toad and Toadette jumped up and restored McQueen Mario's health. But because they were out of Mushrooms, Ni Toade was rushed to the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital. After many hours, Ni Toade was fully repaired. "I wish I could go and save my friend from RPG by I know they are long gone. Thanks anyway!" The Toad nurse assured him that there will always be another adventure in the future. Meanwhile Pokemon Trainer was discussing with Kirby, Litle P and Pikachu about what to do if Chaos comes back. Then McQueen Mario came in and said, "Hey, I want in on this conversation!" Then suddenly Chaos and RPG came back, but with one minor difference: RPG was serving Chaos, as if he had been hypnotized.

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