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Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Universal Frontier is Coke Dimensions's version of Sonic Speedball RPG IV. It will be for the Wii and the S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5.


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Prologue: Time Warp

"Knuckles, please!" Tikal weeped. "I must, I am sorry...Tikal..." Knuckles answered. "No, I can't let you. It's too dangerous!" "I've done multiple things like this in the past; I can handle it." "We're back in the past! You did things like that in the future!" Then there was an explosion, and all the echidnas screamed. "What's that?" Knuckles asked, irritated. He ran towards it, and saw a black hole. Eggman Nega was in it. "Hahaha! I've created a wormhole that will let me steal the Master Emerald!" Nega laughed. "No, Nega, you'll never get away with this!" Knuckles yelled. "No, Knuckles!!" Tikal ran after Knuckles, and her, Nega, and Knuckles went through the wormhole. "Stop it, Nega! You're decaying the present time by destroying the past!" Knuckles shouted. "That's the plan." Nega chuckled.

Blaze and Silver felt a major earthquake. "We never get quakes around here!" said Silver. "You know what this means..." Blaze groaned. ""Time warp...ahh!" Blaze took out a Sol Emerald and they teleported to safety. "Where are we? I thought your emerald takes us to the past!" Silver yelled at Blaze. "It does...something's going on in the past-past!" Blaze figured. "Hey, look! It's...Nega!" Blaze followed up. "WHAT?" Silver responded. "Yeah, I'd say 'WHAT?' too." "This is no laughing matter, we have to ambush him!" "No, it's too risky!" "Fine..." Silver thought for a moment. "We just strike, out of the blue." "That's pretty much our only option." Just then, Nega disappeared through a time warp. Blaze and Silver followed, only to meet Knuckles and Tikal.

"How did you get here?" Silver asked. "And where's Nega?" he followed. "Look, we don't know, but I traced this to Planet Virta. We're going there." Knuckles responded. "Who are they, Knuckles?" Tikal asked. "Silver and Blaze, our friends from the future." Knuckles responded. "Oh." Just then, a sphere of dark magic appeared. A voice came out of it. "If you w-wish to s-s-save the p-p-present, and the p-past, go to the t-t-temple of Th-Thabes..." "Where is the temple of Thabes?" Knuckles asked. "And who are you?" Tikal asked. The sphere did nothing but vanish. "Where could that have come from?" Blaze asked. "And why was the voice so demonic?" Silver followed. "And crackly and raspy?" Tikal added. "Who knows? Just find a way out of there, now!" Knuckles said, sternly.

"Heh, heh..." Nega laughed. He was looking through a mirror, showing Tikal, Knuckles, Blaze, and Silver talking. "They're all dumbfounded by your message...Gharnef." "And they actually think they can save the present..." Gharnef said. "Now we must conquer Planet Virta to awaken him..." "Yes...or, a fragment. My comeback awaits!" Nega responded. "Ahem." Gharnef said. "Okay, our combeack. I resurrected you, so it's my comeback that started." "Oh, whatever. I suggest we deploy the rest of the Frontier Organization's bureaucrats to the areas with his parts to take over them...then we can find our home base." "Good idea, I suggest we start with Metal Sonic...and Silver. Call Silver in." "Fine...Silver, come in here!" "Whatever, when do I get paid?" Silver, the redheaded Pokemon Trainer from New Bark Town, walked in reluctantly. "You don't...Gharnef, fire!" Nega commanded. "Gaaah! What the-?" Silver shouted. "GAAAAAAAAAH!" "Stop, Gharnef!" Nega asked. "And the brainwashing is complete...heh, heh, heh...MWAHAHAHA!"

A few minutes later...

"Nega, what will we do about the Pokemon of Time?" Gharnef asked. "Oh, all we have to do is-WHAT? We're heading for Planet Virta....faster than Light Speed!"

"Kuh! This is light speed!" Knuckles shouted. "Faster than light speed!" Silver and Blaze shouted in unison. "Knuckles! Aaaah!" Tikal shouted. "No, Tikal! She's falling out of the time warp!" "AAAAH!" Tikal had vanished. "What happened?" Silver shouted at Knuckles. "I don't know, okay? COOL IT!" Knuckles yelled back. "Guys, just stop it! We have other things to deal with...AAAAH!" Blaze said. "We're landing on Virta!" "Oh, man! Bumpy landing!" Silver said.

Chapter I: Planet Virta

Chapter II: Johto

Chapter III: Nega's Castle

Chapter IV: The Temple of Thabes

Chapter V: Battle Frontier

Chapter VI: Dream World

Chapter VII: Golden Ocean

Chapter VIII: Hyrule

Chapter IX: Dark Space

Chapter X: Invisible Fortress

Epilogue: Center of the Universe


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