Sonic Soundwave garbage

Original 2005 concept poster

Sonic Soundwave is a scrapped 2005 anime starring Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters from the Sonic series series, such as Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Cream the Rabbit, Blaze the Cat, Shadow the Hedgehog and more. The show was planned to run for 5 seasons, but not even the pilot saw the light of day, as many fans were more interested in Sonic X. It was planned to be renewed for a 2006 release after Sonic X ended, but alas, due to lack of interest in a new Sonic television series from Sonic Team and SEGA and fans panning the drastic changes from the source material, the animation studio who planned the show, Porcupine Entertainment Animation, pulled the plug on it for good. Because of this, not much info is known.


All that is known about the story is that it was meant to feature Sonic (who was a biker who changed his speed shoes for different kinds of footwear for all kinds of needs), Tails (who was 12 in this show and flew a fighter jet), Knuckles (who was planned to be the keeper of the Chaos Emeralds, rather than guardian of the Master Emerald), Cream (who was supposed to be a 12 year olds and Sonic's first friend along with Tails), Shadow (who was planned to be the main villain of the first season) and Blaze the Cat (who was planned to be just a rich girl instead of a princess, and Sonic's main love interest).


These were the only characters that were planned before Sonic Soundwave was scrapped for good:

Planned Episodes and Seasons

  • Season 1: The Hedgehog Hassle
    • Episode 0 (Pilot): Sound of Music
    • Episode 1: Terios
    • Episode 2: Love Burns
    • Episode 3: Chaos Collides Part 1
  • Season 2: The Shadow Reforms
  • Season 3: Many Things That Look Alike
  • Season 4: Planetary Puzzle
  • Season 5: The Red One Comes Home For Christmas

Other Info

  • The story that was planned for Season 4 sounds similar to the plot of Sonic Unleashed, but this show was planned back in 2005 and 2006, and Sonic Unleashed wouldn't be out until 2008, so this could be a coincidence.
  • The final season was supposedly supposed to take place in the future where Sonic and Blaze are married and have children, Tails and Cream are married with Cream being pregnant, Shadow a ghost living in the center of Mobius, and Knuckles gone on a trip across the universe.
  • Dr. Eggman was originally planned to be the main villain for Season 1 before Porcupine Entertainment Animation pulled the plug, but they chose Shadow instead because the CEO was a huge Shadow the Hedgehog fan.
  • The show would've been aimed for older audiences than the other Sonic television series. Porcupine Entertainment Animation stated once that in Blaze's debut, Episode 2: Love Burns, Blaze herself would've done a "beauty dance" that would've charmed Shadow's robots until their "love drives" were overloaded and their heads and torsos exploded. They also stated that Sonic was going to take a blow to the crotch from Shadow in Episode 1: Terios.
  • It turns out that Porcupine Entertainment Animation had planned to make Cream the Rabbit a bisexual who had crushes on both Tails and Blaze.
  • Three alternate Sonic shoes were confirmed before the show was canned. They were Hover Shoes, Cutter Shoes and Sports Shoes.


  • Rumor has it that a top secret episode is kept in the CEO's drawer at Porcupine Entertainment Animation. He gave away the plot recently, saying it was not canon to what the show was going to be. The plot was that Sonic would let Blaze take some time off and spend some time at the Holiday Resort, and days later, she comes back, but she's more seductive than she was before, and when she makes a seductive at Sonic, it hurts him. Sonic later finds out that it's one of Shadow's androids sent to put the real Blaze in a freeze chamber at Shadow's base and assasinate Sonic by seducing him until he was paralyzed and burn him. Many believe the CEO is telling a fib just for giggles, but some are intrigued.
  • It is believed by some that a piece of lost footage from the pilot was buried near the Porcupine Entertainment Animation building, but nobody has bothered to try and dig it up yet because nobody has gone near the building's perimeter. The building has now since been torn down, meaning that the footage is possibly lost forever.

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