Sonic SmackDown is a new Sonic fighting game made by DarkGaming Studios for the ShadowChrome 66. 




All-Star mode: Your simple single player mode.

SmackDown mode: Classic mode from Super Smash Bros series.

Story Mode: story system based on story system for Mortal Kombat 9, MK vs DCU, and Injustice. Only available after unlocking Chaos,Vector,Jet,Rouge,Zavok,Storm,Mecha Sonic,Omega,and Super Sonic. Dark has considered making it an interactive blog in the style of the new Trick event.


Image Character Attack Moves How to Unlock Affiliations
SONICYAYAY Sonic Starter Mobius Protectors
Project Universal Tails Tails Starter Mobius Protectors
Knuckles 27 Knuckles Starter Mobius Protectors
125px-Amy 22 Amy Rose Starter Mobius Protectors
250px-CG Shadow 11 Shadow Starter G.U.N. Forces
BlazeC Blaze Starter Mobius Protectors
Shadowth espio Espio Starter Team Chaotix
Sonic z metal sonic Metal Sonic Starter Eggman's Elite
Silver. Silver Starter Mobius Protectors
290px-CreamnCheese SH Cream Starter Mobius Protectors
Chaos 0, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Chaos Beat SmackDown mode with Sonic N/A
480px-Jet Sonic generations Jet Beat SmackDown mode with Tails Babylon Rogues
VectorWG Vector Beat SmackDown mode with Espio Team Chaotix
Zavok - Sonic Lost World Zavok Beat SmackDown mode with Silver N/A
Rare SEGA Rouge the Bat Lrg Rouge Beat SmackDown mode with Silver G.U.N. Forces
Mecha Sonic Mecha Sonic Beat SmackDown mode with Metal Sonic Eggman's Elite
Omegastatue Omega Beat SmackDown mode with Rouge G.U.N. Forces
Storm the Albatross Storm Beat SmackDown mode with Jet Babylon Rogues
520px-Super sonic final Super Sonic Beat SmackDown mode with all characters (except for Eggman)

Mobius Protectors

Dr.Eggman - Sonic Colors - (1) Eggman Beat Story Mode Eggman's Elite